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DoubleTree by Hilton Sonoma Saves $68,500 per Year by Moving to In-House Laundry Solution


DoubletreeLogoThe DoubleTree by Hilton Sonoma is located in one of the most beautiful regions of Northern California – wine country.  After outsourcing towels for many years, the hotel decided to take back control. The 250 room hotel’s rural location led to high processing costs and inflexible turnaround times.  The property also became frustrated with having to replace towels and robes damaged by the harsh chemicals used in the mass cleaning process. 

Quality and Control Improvement with 47% Cost Savings 

Switching to a Xeros on-premise laundry has delivered cleaner, fluffier, and brighter towels as well as substantially reduced costs.  Xeros’ gentler fabric care has also prolonged the lives of towels and robes resulting in less money sent replacing damaged stock. 

The Hotel found the transition to a Xeros on-premise solution 47% less expensive per year than the previous outsourcing solution calculated as a 23% reduction on Cost per Occupied Room (CPOR).  The new solution delivered a  less than one year Return on Investment (ROI) 

DoubleTree by Hilton’s management and housekeeping teams are both delighted with the Xeros system.  The managers enjoy adding thousands of dollars to the bottom line and the housekeepers admire that the systems removes event the toughest of stains the first time. 

“The quality of our linens has increased drastically since bringing laundry back in-house with Xeros.  We have taken back control of the quality for guests as well as control of the inventory all while reducing overhead costs significantly,” said Steve Jung, General Manager, DoubleTree by Hilton.   

Water Saving Polymer Cleaning

The Xeros Commercial Laundry System replaces up to 80% of the water used in traditional washing machines with polymer XOrbs™ which gently massage textiles to provide superior cleaning results as compared to conventional aqueous washing methods. By combining the molecular structure of the XOrbs with a proprietary detergent solution, dirt from soiled items is attracted and absorbed by the XOrbs, producing cleaner results in ambient water.

The reusable XOrbs have a lifespan of hundreds of washes before being collected and recycled. The patented, award-winning system uses 80% less water, up to 50% less energy, and approximately 50% less detergent than traditional machines.


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