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Ensure Your Rental Linens Are Ready for the Spring Wedding and Event Season


party linens.jpegThe spring wedding, graduation and gala season is almost upon us. Each of these special events requires turning venues, sometimes very dull rooms, into the bride, graduate or event planner’s fantasy.  Linens play a pivotal role as they can quickly transform a venue from barren to a truly magical space. 

The Party Supply Rental market is a $5 billion market and is expected to grow by 3.7% in the next 12-18 months. These numbers included everything from tables, chairs, tents, linens, decorations and other miscellaneous supplies. Consumers are expected to expand their party budgets as incomes improve, spurring demand for party supply rentals.   

Ensuring your linens are ready for the busy season is critical. And a cleaning process that can efficiently remove common linen stains such as food, wine, and lipstick is a must.  Otherwise, these costly items will be out of circulation.

Solution for Superior Clean Linens

An innovative near-waterless laundry system from Xeros provides a perfect solution for industrial and commercial laundries looking to guarantee they deliver the cleanest laundry possible.  

This revolutionary new laundry system replaces water with polymer spheres, called XOrbs, dramatically cut the amount of water used to clean laundry. By combining the XOrb’s molecular structure with a proprietary detergent solution, dirt from soiled linens is attracted and absorbed by the XOrbs, producing superior clean results in ambient water. The reusable XOrbs have a lifespan of hundreds of washes before being collected and recycled. The patented, award-winning system uses 80% less water, up to 50% less energy, and approximately 50% less detergent than traditional machines.

Tough on Stains

Linens crease less in the Xeros wash, lower detergent chemistry is spread evenly which also helps extend linen life. The XOrbs massage the linens like a million hands, gently removing dirt and stains. The patented Xeros technology is proven to remove tough stains including make-up, food, and wine in just one wash. Xeros’ customers have reported whiter linens and crisper tablecloths after switching from conventional washing.

Linens Stay New for Longer 

Heat, detergent and mechanical action can all lead to linens losing their “new look” color and even wearing out quickly. Because the Xeros system washes in ambient water rather than hot water, and it has a gentler cleaning action, linens cleaned with Xeros stay new for longer, keeping your linens in circulation longer and saving on replacement costs.

Laundering the Un-launderable with Xeros

An industrial laundering service that provides cleaning services to some of London’s finest hotels as well as other local businesses found that the Xeros machine is capable of laundering items that were previously believed to be unrecoverable.

The company decided to do a trial run of their specialized napkin product, many of which they had previously pulled out of circulation because traditional washing machines either could not lift the stains or, with the higher water temperature and detergency levels required, they destroyed the fragile fabric, rendering them impossible to wash and unusable. A Xeros machine’s gentler tumbling action, and the interaction with Xeros’ spheres, provides superior fabric care compared to traditional machines, and the napkins that were once considered impossible to clean were re-introduced back into the product line.

A constant danger in commercial laundry lies in color bleed. Sometimes red napkins end up in a load of white tablecloths and the entire load turns pink or a pen inadvertently is mixed in the load and stains the entire load. Reclaiming these damaged clothes involves pre-treating the fabrics for hours, depending on the severity, and running them through the wash cycle again. Even after doing this, it’s often found that some 10-15% of the items are non-recoverable. The entire process adds hours to the work and is a source of considerable aggravation for both clients and commercial laundries.

This is exactly the situation one of our customers was in when a pen was not caught in a laundry load. The client, a nearby country club, is responsible for ensuring that pens and other items are not submitted with their laundry. Unfortunately, they missed a pen and it ending up staining one third of their tablecloths and napkins during the initial wash. The club was due to host a large golf tournament and our customer told the client it would take a week to fix the situation. 

Fortunately, a Xeros technician was onsite and suggested they try the pre-programmed reclaim cycle on the Xeros washer without pre-treatments. The stains came out on the first try.

Xeros Linen Recovery Report


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