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Extend the Life of Your Pool and Beach Towels


activity-beauty-blue-61129With family vacation season right around the corner, it’s time to think about your pool and beach towels. Hotels can go through hundreds of pools towels a day and it is important to keep an appropriate level of linens in stock.

When a hotel does not have enough towels on hand to keep customers comfortably supplied at the pool, several things can happen, including:

  • Negative Reviews on travel sites like TripAdvisor - If there are not enough towels on hand, there is the very real risk of guests posting negative reviews on travel sites.
  • Increased Labor Costs for Laundry. When there are not enough towels to go around, your hotel’s in-house laundry staff will have to process soiled loads as quickly as possible so that they can be returned to circulation. This leads to more labor dedicated to turning around laundry ASAP, increasing costs.
  • Faster Wear and Tear of Linens. Another consequence of having too few towels for your hotel is that the frequent rewashing of linens can lead to them wearing out faster. This shortens the useful life of your linens, leading to a need to replace them much faster than you would have to otherwise.

How many linens is enough to avoid the above problems? According to the American Resort Development Association, “Recommended inventory levels should be at 2.5 to 3 par.” In other words, that’s one set of linens for use, one for storage, and one that can be in the wash for each room. This way, there’s less pressure on your laundry operation to work longer hours in case linens are dirtied in the off-hours.

The way towels are laundered play a big role in the life of the towels. Mechanical action, chemical action and excessive heat cause most fabric degradation. Traditional washing methods wear out fabrics as hot water, chemicals, and rough mechanical action stress the material.

Here are the benefits of washing towels in a polymer washing system.

  • Gentler Cleaning – Linens washed with Xeros are not subjected to excessive mechanical action which stress linen fibers and reduce their lifetime. Xeros XOrbs gently roll over the cloth and loosens the soil.
  • Absorbs Stray Dyes – XOrbs are composed of a special polymer that expands when introduced to a damp environment, creating microscopic cavities in its structure that can absorb water and soluble soils and dyes. This greatly reduces the risk of dye transfer when washing mixed colors. Lowered risk of color bleed means less time spent trying to separate different-colored garments before loading the wash, improving the efficiency of your washing process and saving you time.
  • Stained Linen Recovery – In recent tests, the Xeros reclaim program achieved more than 25% linen recovery rate when compared with traditional processes. Traditional reclaim processes typically use harsh chemicals and aggressive washing. Xeros offers the gentlest yet most powerful reclaim process available by combining next-generation polymer, sophisticated digital programming, and targeted chemistry to remove the widest possible range of stains. Xeros removes tough stains more effectively and at a significantly higher success rate while still being gentle on the linens.
  • Wash in Lower Temperatures - Xeros get fabrics clean at lower temperatures, reducing the need to heat the water. This means reduced shrinkage and less wear and tear on your towels.

Hilton LA Laundry Case Study



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