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Xeros Scoops Another Top UK Innovation Award for Near Waterless Laundry


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Another day, another award for the revolutionary washing machine manufacturer, Xeros to add to the mantelpiece. We’re pleased to announce that we have just won a Facilities Management 2016 award for being the UK’s Most Innovative Laundry System. 

Run by Build Magazine, the prestigious Facilities Management Awards are designed to recognise ‘hidden heroes’ in the facilities management world in terms of their excellence and dedication to their profession. The awards cover all aspects of facilities management services from construction and transport to hotels and laundry.

Xeros’ near-waterless laundry system picked up the gong in recognition for the innovative technology it uses to get clothing and linen cleaner, reducing carbon footprint and keeping energy bills down. 

Traditional machines use between 40% and 70% hot water, however, Xeros only uses 5%, on average. With less water to heat, more energy is saved and your bills are reduced. The Xeros system only uses half the chemicals per kilogram compared to a traditional aqueous machine. 

The Xeros 40kg washing machine is able to use less water and deliver a gentler wash thanks to the revolutionary polymer beads used in each wash. These gently remove soil and stains from fabrics, helping hotels save on average over two million litres of water each year. Xeros also just unveiled a 16kg capacity washer that is ideal for dry cleaners, smaller hotels, and spas where size and space is a consideration. 

In recent tests, the Xeros reclaim program achieved more than 70% linen recovery rate when compared with traditional processes. Traditional reclaim processes typically use harsh chemicals and aggressive washing whereas Xeros’ gentle polymer beads actually serve to prolong linen life. 

Suffolk spa hotel Stoke by Nayland is one of the establishments reaping the rewards after installing the Xeros system in 2016. 

Steve Miles, housekeeping manager, Stoke by Nayland Hotel Golf and Spa, said: “As soon as I found out the Xeros cleaning system used up to 80% less water and 50% less energy and detergent than conventional machines I was very interested. The Xeros cleaning system leaves my towels and linens looking like new after every wash.”

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