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Controlling Laundry Operational Costs in Hotels, Drycleaners, and Industrial Laundries

For any business, controlling costs is an important issue. Being able to regulate spending to create steady, predictable expenses helps business owners establish their total cost of doing business and makes financial planning easier. However, regulating costs can be particularly difficult for commercial laundry operations, especially for variables such as detergent and other consumables. The amount of capital you spend on consumables is usually difficult to predict, as the amount of chemical you use changes depending on the soil level of the items you wash and the number of loads of laundry you process in a month.  Read More

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Differentiate Your Designer Duds Washing Process with Xeros

Among the wealthiest clients, quality of service is paramount. When the rich and famous bring their best $1,500-plus designer duds to their dry cleaners in Beverly Hills or other exclusive locations, they want the best clean that money can buy, and are willing to pay for quality that’s a cut above the rest. When money’s not an object for your clients, how can you differentiate your business to attract these ultra-wealthy clients? One way is to offer the absolute best fabric care for your clients’ clothes and providing a top-notch clean.  Read More

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