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The Attraction of Staying at Eco-friendly Hotels

Earth Day (April 22nd) reminds us of the importance of being good stewards of our environment, including water conservation. With that in mind, we wanted to share these tips on how hotels can reduce their water consumption. It’s no secret that hotels use a lot of water.  Eco-friendly travel has been around for decades, but as consumer’s interest in sustainability has grown so has green tourism. Today’s tourists prefer destinations that take initiatives to protect and preserve the environment. According to Booking.com, 68% percent of tourists prefer to book an eco-friendly accommodation. A Washington Post article reported a study by market research firm Mandala Research found that 60% of U.S. travelers have taken a “sustainable” trip in the last three years and that these travelers spend on average $600 per trip, and stay three days longer than the average guest.  Read More

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Why Towels Matter to Environmentally Conscious Travelers

According to the Guardian article by Richard Hammond, “Why sustainable tourism is the travel industry’s duty”, it’s well established fact that the travel industry as a whole is not particularly kind to the environment, to say the least. Airlines, hotels and their associated suppliers generate huge amounts of waste and pollution, accounting for 5% of global emissions.  Read More

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