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Escalating Water Rates Require a New Approach to Laundry

The water crisis is having profound effects across the globe including significant rises in the cost of water.  For example, starting on January 1, 2018, water and electricity bills in the UAE were subject to five percent VAT according to Gulf News.  In England and Wales, it is reported that the average water bill is set to rise by 2%, or £9, for the 2018/2019 year.  The city of Cape Town, South Africa has recently announced "the more you use, the more you pay" water prices in an effort to reduce water consumption during their historic drought.  Water rates in the United States have climbed more than 50 percent on average over the last several years, according to a survey of water rates in 30 large US cities.  Read More

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Four Sustainable Laundry Operations You Should Know About

It's an old, but oft-repeated myth in the world of business that you can't be both financially successful and environmentally conscious. Particularly in traditionally wasteful industries like hospitality.  But it simply isn't true. Today there are numerous companies with sustainable, environmentally-friendly laundry operations that can be a model to the rest of the industry.   Read More

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Hotels: Improve Guest Comfort While Cutting Operational Costs

Successfully managing a hotel has its challenges. Keeping guests happy and staff motivated is no easy feat.  And even if you are effective at both of those tasks, you must be able to measure and monitor expenses and take action to reduce hotel operations costs where appropriate.  But reducing costs can never be at the expense of quality and service.  Guest comfort and experience is paramount to every decision regarding costs.  Read More

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How Polymer Beads Save Water in Laundry Operations

In Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s famous poem, “Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” there’s a fairly well-known line that goes “Water, water, every where,/ Nor any drop to drink.” This highlights one of the great ironies of life on planet Earth; although roughly 70 percent of our planet is covered in water, only a small fraction of a percent of that water is readily available for human consumption.  Read More

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Green Technologies that Save Commercial Laundry Operations Money

Commercial laundry operations have many challenges that they need to overcome. From finding ways to control costs, to providing top-notch fabric care for customer laundry, to meeting increasingly strict environmental regulations, the challenges seem never-ending. At times, these goals may seem mutually exclusive. For example, a hotel’s on-premises laundry operation might ask guests to reuse towels and linens to reduce the amount of water, energy, and chemical used on their laundry operations at the cost of customer service/satisfaction. However, there is a way for commercial laundry operations to reduce their costs and impact on the environment without sacrificing their quality of service. New, green laundry technologies have emerged that are making commercial laundry operations more affordable and environmentally-friendly than ever before. What are some of these technologies, and how can you leverage them to reduce your laundry operation’s costs?  Read More

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What are Your Commercial Laundry Services Really Costing You?

For any business that processes laundry as a professional service, whether you have a hotel with an in-house laundry service are a commercial launderer, the cost of running your equipment can be one of your largest business expenses in a month. With a traditional laundry machine, even a so-called “high-efficiency” unit, 3 to 4 gallons of hot water are consumed with each pound of laundry washed. Because of this fact, high utility costs are often considered a given for commercial laundry services.  Read More

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Measuring Operational Efficiency in Commercial Laundry

A maxim in business is "You can only manage what you measure" and it's true. Improving performance in anything involves setting a baseline, experimenting and refining the process, and then measuring the outcome to indicate success. But with this truism comes a question - what should you measure?  Read More

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How to Move Beyond Traditional Commercial Laundry Machines

The commercial laundry world is changing, especially for businesses that operate in drought-stricken areas of the world. Every day, the need to become more resource efficient is getting emphasized more and more. In some areas, such as California, the water shortage became so severe that government officials have passed water use restrictions. With more potential water crises looming on the horizon, one thing is clear: it’s time to move past water-wasting traditional commercial laundry machines. How can you do this? Here’s how:  Read More

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Sbeadycare: One Stop Service for Commercial Laundry Operations

It’s true in any business - investing in new equipment or technology can dramatically increase efficiency and cut costs. So what sometimes holds some businesses back from taking this step?  In a word - time.  A large investment in new technology has a number of potential issues that can sink any business, including unexpected cost increases, unforeseen complexity, and a steep learning curve. Further, coordinating with multiple vendors can make things complicated and cloud whom to contact if things go wrong.  Read More

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Setting Green Goals for Commercial Laundry Operations

It’s been proven that going green is more than just good marketing, it also makes for good business sense as well. With 2015 still in the early stages, it’s important to think about green goals for your commercial laundry operations. Some important components to consider as you draw up your plan:  Read More

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