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Top 5 Questions Asked About Xeros Ultra-Low Water Laundry System

Our polymer bead laundry system is the first innovation in laundry in more than 60 years.  It really is a radically different innovation than what has been found in the industry, and as such we get a lot of questions about what it is and how it works.  Read More

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Q&A with the Developers of Polymer Beads Laundry Systems

How do polymer beads clean your laundry? Laundry has been cleaned the same way for over 60 years, with a lot of hot water, detergent, and agitation, so new technology is often met with skepticism. But our polymer beads are the product of years of painstaking research and development. Each aspect of the design of the beads, from their chemical composition, to their shape and size, to the amount of beads to be used in each wash cycle has been carefully optimized to ensure a gentle, but thorough, wash. The polymer material reacts with moisture in a manner similar to a sponge and activates the beads to trap dirt and stains from the laundry.  Read More

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The Benefits of Polymer Beads: Absorbing Stray Colors

Sometimes, inventors and scientists can make remarkable innovations in one field while trying to create a solution to a completely different problem. Such was the case with the creation of the stain-eating polymer beads used in Xeros’ near-waterless commercial laundry system. These beads, which are now used to soak up soils from fabrics, were originally formulated as part of a project designed to find new ways to apply dyes to fabric. It was during this research that the University of Leeds School of Textiles researchers asked “if we can anchor dye onto fabric, can the process be reversed?”  Read More

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California Incentives to Help Dry Cleaners Move from Perc

The state of California has always been a leader in protecting the environment. And they continued that proud heritage recently with the creation of an incentive program to assist dry cleaners in phasing out the use of perchloroethylene (also known as “perc”). The solvent and likely human carcinogen, is widely used for dry-cleaning fabrics but is being barred for use for all dry cleaners by the year 2023. To aid dry cleaners in the transition, the Air Resources Board of California will provide a $10,000 grant incentive to dry cleaners who remove their perc machine and replace it with alternative non-toxic and non-smog forming technologies such as water-based and CO2 cleaning systems.  Read More

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Oh Canada! Sustainable Xeros Polymer Bead Laundry System Now Available

Any visitor to Canada will tell you - it’s a country blessed with both beauty and natural resources.  Read More

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How Polymer Beads Make Commercial Laundry Sustainable

Water is one of the most precious resources on planet Earth. Without water, humanity cannot exist. Water is so integral to our bodies that, according to the USGS water science school, “In adult men, about 60% of their bodies are water.” That’s right, most of your body weight is water. Just to survive and be healthy, you need to drink about 2 – 3 liters of water every day. This makes clean drinking water a critical resource for human survival. Yet, as reported by water.org, roughly “750 million people lack access to clean water” and “more than 840,000 people die each year from a water related disease.”  Read More

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Pier Cleaners Saves the Day with Reclaim – the Magic is in the Beads

If there’s one thing Larry Fish of Pier Cleaners knows, it’s the laundry business. Owning his operation for the past 15 years, the company itself has been around since 1956 and the long-term employees have a combined experience knowledge of over 212 years. He refers to them with some pride as his “miracle workers.”  This lengthy experience explains why, in addition to providing standard commercial laundry services, the company is entrusted with cleaning the performing costumes of internationally known superstars appearing at nearby Foxwoods Casino. Recent customers, who usually need their custom outfits done thoroughly and quickly, include Kanye West, Christina Aguilera, and Usher.  Read More

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How Polymer Bead Laundry Systems Provide Superior Cleaning

For commercial laundry operations, the quality of the clean is paramount. Customer satisfaction and the business’ reputation rest on getting fabrics put the wash impeccably clean. With a traditional wash process, this can be problematic. The high wash temperatures, copious use of chemicals, and rough mechanical action cause extra wear and tear on fabrics in the wash, and many times, removing soils takes multiple wash cycles. Worse yet, the soils and dyes that do get extracted from fabrics are left to float free in the wash water, where they can be re-deposited onto the fabrics in the wash, causing said fabrics to become dirty all over again. Thankfully, there’s a better way to get fabrics clean, one that does less damage to fabrics and keeps soils and dyes from depositing on fabrics in the wash.  Read More

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Grow Your Existing Coin-Op Laundry with Premium Wash, Dry & Fold using Xeros

It's true that many of the biggest business successes were never part of the original business plan. To survive and thrive, business owners need to be able to spot and seize opportunity when it presents itself. And that's exactly what happened to one coin-op laundromat, 4 Minute Laundry in Marietta, Georgia, when they purchased and installed a Xeros washing machine and put it on display near the front window. Originally designed to highlight the company's environmentally friendly business practices, the ultra-low water machine was such a hit with passerby it led to an expansion of business offerings including commercial and residential laundry, pickup and delivery services, as well as a premium wash, dry and fold service for customers. Business is booming with the environmentally friendly message.  Read More

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So, how do the Polymer Beads Wash Clothes?

It all seems so straight forward - put clothes in washing machine, add water and detergent and voila! Clean clothes. But in fact this simple machine masks what is actually a complex process. How exactly do conventional washing machines pull dirt off clothes and rinse it away? The science is more interesting than you might think.  Read More

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