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New Sbeadycare ASSURE: Wash Laundry in Cold Water with Confidence

Today we announced Xeros Sbeadycare ASSURE, a new add-on service to the Sbeadycare program that provides periodic laundry hygiene monitoring and government compliance assistance to ensure that laundry operations meet all regulations. Like Sbeadycare XTEND announced early this year, Sbeadycare ASSURE is another first in the industry.  Together they provide customers with a “worry free” approach to managing their laundry operation.  Read More

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Q&A with the Developers of Polymer Beads Laundry Systems

How do polymer beads clean your laundry? Laundry has been cleaned the same way for over 60 years, with a lot of hot water, detergent, and agitation, so new technology is often met with skepticism. But our polymer beads are the product of years of painstaking research and development. Each aspect of the design of the beads, from their chemical composition, to their shape and size, to the amount of beads to be used in each wash cycle has been carefully optimized to ensure a gentle, but thorough, wash. The polymer material reacts with moisture in a manner similar to a sponge and activates the beads to trap dirt and stains from the laundry.  Read More

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The Proof: It is Possible to Disinfect Laundry With Cold Water and Less Detergent

Professional laundries use hot water and detergent because it's the only way to get clothes clean and rid them of potentially harmful bacteria. But is that entirely true? Is it possible to wash clothes in ambient water and get them completely bacteria-free? Part of the promise of using the Xeros bead system is it lowers the need for hot water and detergent - reducing a commercial laundries water use by up to 80%, energy use by 50% and detergents by 50%. We've known using our system is effective and delivers a superior wash but, scientist that we are, we wanted conclusive scientific proof that Xeros gets clothes as clean and bacteria-free as conventional washing.  Read More

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Nature as an R&D Lab: 5 Amazing Examples of Biomimicry

For more than three billion years, life has been evolving, surviving and thriving on planet Earth, giving scientists access to a natural research and development laboratory to drive innovation. Leonardo da Vinci is credited as being one of the very first people to use so called ‘biomimicry’ in the 16th century when he studied birds in order to try and enable human flight. Since then, biomimicry has exploded as a concept, with scientists and engineers working together to create some amazing and inspirational inventions, five of which we’ve outlined here.  Read More

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Hospitality Locations Increase Eco-Friendly Initiatives

All over the world, hospitality locations are looking to reduce their costs and be more efficient with their resources. In short, they’re looking to “go green.” While many hoteliers go to extremes to be more eco-friendly, such as asking customers to reuse towels and linens instead of having them washed, others are adopting a revolutionary new laundry technology: the Xeros polymer bead-based washing system. Why?  Read More

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