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Q&A with the Developers of Polymer Beads Laundry Systems

How do polymer beads clean your laundry? Laundry has been cleaned the same way for over 60 years, with a lot of hot water, detergent, and agitation, so new technology is often met with skepticism. But our polymer beads are the product of years of painstaking research and development. Each aspect of the design of the beads, from their chemical composition, to their shape and size, to the amount of beads to be used in each wash cycle has been carefully optimized to ensure a gentle, but thorough, wash. The polymer material reacts with moisture in a manner similar to a sponge and activates the beads to trap dirt and stains from the laundry.  Read More

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Xeros FAQs: How are Xeros Beads Removed from the Wash?

The Xeros laundry system represents the first true innovation in the laundry process in 60 years. As such, many people have questions about the Xeros system, such as how it works and what the benefits of polymer bead-based laundry are. One question that we hear all the time from commercial laundry owners is: “How do you get the beads out of the laundry?”  Read More

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