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home laundryFor more than six decades, there has been little innovation in home laundry. From year to year, there have been, at best, marginal increases in the efficiency of laundry systems. However, traditional laundry machines still operate on the basic principle of dousing fabrics in hot water and detergent, soaking them for long periods of time, and then dropping and slopping them around with an aggressive mechanical action.

In that same time, humanity has developed technology to:

  • Land a man on the moon (1969).
  • Turn what was once a weeks or months-long transatlantic sea voyage (by boat) into a three or four hour flight for passengers on supersonic jets.
  • Create an infrastructure for the near-instantaneous transmission of information to nearly anywhere on the planet, which includes this website.

How is it that so many other technologies evolve so quickly, but the way people wash their clothes in their laundry rooms has hardly changed since the 1950’s? Thankfully, after 60 years of waiting, there is finally a revolutionary new method of getting the wash done, one that reduces water, energy, and chemical use significantly.


Laundry machines for the future

The Xeros bead cleaning system represents the single largest revolution in laundry cleaning technology in over 60 years. In this system, the water used in traditional washing machines is replaced with millions of tiny, stain-absorbing polymer beads. These beads get fabrics cleaner than traditional washing machines while using only a fraction of the amount of water.

Already, Xeros’ new bead-based system is making a difference for commercial laundry businesses, reducing their carbon footprint and saving them time and money by lessening the need to pre-spot and sort laundry loads. These businesses also save on chemicals because the Xeros system uses half as much detergent as a standard washing machine.

Keeping fabrics looking like new

garment lifeAnother benefit of the Xeros bead-cleaning system is that it keeps fabrics looking new for longer. The hot water and heavy amounts of chemical used by traditional washing machines is hard on fabrics, inflicting excess wear and tear on delicate clothes and causing once-vibrant colours to fade after multiple washes. A Xeros machine gets fabrics even cleaner than a traditional washing machine using lower-temperature water and much less detergent, sparing sensitive fabrics from wear and tear.

The beads provide a gentle tumbling action in the wash as they lift the soil from fabrics. This action puts less stress on the fabric than the prolonged soaking and agitation of traditional washing machines. This means that fabrics washed in a Xeros machine have a longer useful life than those washed with a traditional washing machine.

Bringing the future of laundry to the home

Xeros dryer dialSoon, Xeros will be bringing the benefits of polymer bead technology to the home laundry sector as well. Our research and development teams are working tirelessly to create a domestic version of the Xeros machine that has performed so well for the commercial laundry sector. Xeros’ R&D engineers are constantly brainstorming new design concepts, building prototypes, and rigorously testing their designs to provide you with a truly innovative and effective solution for your laundry washing needs in your laundry room.