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Watford Launderers + Cleaners Ltd.

Watford Launderers + Cleaners, Ltd. has long been a forward-thinking commercial launderer. They were the first company to adopt the continuous-batch washing machine, which is the industry standard today. They were also among the first to trial the Xeros bead-based washing system, with results that went well beyond their initial expectations. After putting the Xeros machine to the test by running the dirtiest examples of laundry that they could find, including heavily-soiled chef’s jackets and maintenance worker’s uniforms, Mark Johnson, Watford’s Production Director, found that the Xeros machine cleaned these items with ease. Better yet, the improved fabric care of the Xeros machine over standard commercial laundry machines allowed Watford Launderers to re-introduce an extra-delicate napkin product. While traditional machines either destroyed the delicate fabric of these napkins or failed to get them clean, Xeros’ bead-based machine got the napkins clean without ruining the fabric.

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