beads_013At long last, the first true innovation in washing machine technology in over 60 years is here. The revolutionary polymer bead cleaning technology from Xeros is set to dramatically change the way laundry is done.

The trouble with traditional laundry technology

Xeros Pie ChartTraditional washing machines rely heavily on large amounts of hot water, vigorous mechanical action, and chemicals to remove stains and sanitise fabrics. While using lots of hot water and detergent can get clothes clean, this “brute force” method for getting soil and stains out of fabrics uses water as if it were an infinite resource. This involves wasting precious energy and pouring unnecessary chemical effluent down the drain.

Taking laundry to the next level

The founders of Xeros saw glaring opportunities to improve the washing process. We looked at the waste produced by the commercial washing machines on the market and asked ourselves: “What if we could harness the brilliant properties of polymer in a system that is fundamentally different from traditional washing machines, one that is more efficient and cost-effective?”


That’s where Xeros’ polymer beads come in. These beads replace water as the primary cleaning agent, drastically reducing the amount of water needed to get fabric clean. The polymer beads can act to remove oil and grease even more effectively than water, and each bead traps stains within its structure as it is carried away from the fabric.

Saving more than just water

Xeros_Industrial_Machine_0043Not only is the total amount of water used significantly reduced, the cleaning cycle can be run at lower temperatures as well, reducing energy costs. While detergent is still a part of the process, only half as much needs to be used for the Xeros process as compared to standard commercial washing machines.

The beads can be used hundreds of times in a Xeros machine and are then 100 percent recyclable, meaning that they have virtually no impact on the environment.

Building the future of our world – today

Though Xeros has managed to accomplish much with its unique bead cleaning system, this is only the beginning of the possibilities for polymer beads. Our research and development teams are continuously striving to further improve the beads to extend their capabilities and are working on specific new and exciting applications for this technology.

Your business will save money, time, and the environment with Xeros’ game-changing technology.