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Saving money with Xeros

laundry beads valueThe Xeros polymer bead cleaning system is, by design, vastly superior to traditional commercial washing machines in terms of efficiency and performance. However, what does this superior efficiency mean for you? Just how much would you save by using Xeros’ proprietary systems?

Given the sheer variety of traditional washing machines that are used in commercial laundry, it’s difficult to give an exact answer. This is why Xeros has launched what we call the “Affirmation Program” for our customers. In this program, we measure the utility consumption and other related costs of the current washing machines and compare that to the performance of our own Xeros bead cleaning system.

In the interests of customer privacy, we have to keep customer-specific data confidential. However, we are able to provide some information about the water and energy saved by our customers on average, in this case, in the USA. Savings vary depending on location and the cost of water and energy which applies.

Typical savings possible with Xeros

Utility Xeros  
Water up to 80%
Energy up to 50%
Detergents  up to 50%

Positive results

Two of our field trial partners have agreed to share their results with the world at large. These partners were using an earlier prototype system from 2011. Here are their videos:

jeeves of belgravia  watford cleaners

If these companies were able to see such incredible improvements in their laundry operations, consider how Xeros’ now more advanced machine could offer dramatic benefits to your own business.

Indirect savings

While the Xeros system is designed significantly to reduce your water, energy, and chemical costs, these are not the only benefits that our proprietary bead cleaning technology has to offer. As our Affirmation Program continues to gather data, we have identified other, more indirect ways that our washing system provides savings to users:

Superior Cleaning

Linen recovery

Speaking of making fabrics last longer, the rising cost of linen makes the chance to avoid losing linens worth noting. The superior results provided by Xeros’ bead cleaning can save linens with difficult, washed-in stains that traditional washing machines may not have been able to clean.

laundry sustainability

Less pre-treatment chemistry and time

The power of Xeros bead cleaning systems gave our trial customers the ability to reduce the extent of pre-treatment of fabrics without sacrificing the quality of their cleaning. The impact of the Xeros system was especially noteworthy on greasy collar and cuff stains.

xeros beads benefits

Less sorting of the wash

By using low-temperature cleaning in addition to the polymer beads, the Xeros machine greatly reduces the need to sort mixed colors in the wash. This makes the sorting process simpler, saving valuable time.

Garment Care

Fabrics last longer

Abuse from heat stress combined with harsh chemical reactions and aggressive spin cycles can cause even the toughest fabrics to lose their color and become worn. Xeros beads get fabrics clean with lower water temperatures, less harsh chemicals, and a gentler cleaning action. This allows the fabrics that you wash to look like new for longer, reducing the need to constantly buy new fabrics.