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Help your customers and your business.

You can do both by joining the Xeros Channel Partner Program. When you become a member of our exclusive group, you’ll be able to offer your customers the opportunity to go green with Xeros’ water- and energy-saving laundry technology. At the same time, you’ll be expanding your business by selling our innovative solution, and keeping it growing by providing the repeatable services that are an integral part of our laundry system.

Our revolutionary laundry system practically sells itself.

Xeros is the only company that offers customers everything they need—a patented, award-winning system that’s comprised of a 60-pound washing machine, thousands of Xeros polymer beads, proprietary detergents, and a host of valuable programs. The fact that it’s a complete system makes it completely easy to sell. And our Channel Partner Program allows you to get in on the ground floor of this exciting and rewarding selling opportunity.

Our Sbeadycare program is another great selling point.

As a Certified Xeros Partner you not only get to profit from selling and servicing our revolutionary laundry system, but you also get to reap the ever-flowing rewards that come from enrolling customers into the Sbeadycare program, which allows for ongoing purchases of Xeros consumables.

Sbeadycare—the only laundry management program of its type—is a fully integrated, all-inclusive program that provides a worry-free solution to virtually any laundry operation. Depending on the particular program, customers receive the machine, installation, financing, chemicals, polymer beads, service/support, training, and warranties.

The Xeros Channel Partner Program.

We can always use a few forward-thinking people to install, sell, and service our revolutionary laundry system. Which is precisely why we developed the Xeros Channel Partner Program. It’s structured so there’s a level for everyone interested in becoming a Certified Xeros Partner.  Each level has an increasing commission and service rate that you can earn, so as you grow so does your bottom-line.

If you are interested in the possibility of becoming a Xeros partner in forging the future of sustainable laundry initiatives, and other applications for Xeros polymer bead technology, please fill out the form and we will be in touch.

Select from 4 levels of certification

Xeros_Channel_Logo_Blue BLUE The Blue level is ideal for laundry consultants, suppliers, and new distributors wishing to sell into the laundry industry. There’s no service component to this level, so to be compensated, partners only need to obtain signed contracts from customers. Minimal training is all that’s required to become a Blue Level Certified Xeros Partner.
Xeros_Channel_Logo_Silver SILVER The Silver Level is suitable for service providers interested in handling both sales and service, and for distributors wishing to just sell or service the Xeros system. Training for this level requires the successful completion of a 37-step course that helps service providers and distributors learn a number of simple maintenance and repair techniques.
Xeros_Channel_Logo_Gold GOLD The Gold Level is created for individuals who would like to both sell and service the Xeros system. Becoming a Gold Level Certified Partner requires receiving training on how to perform installations, repairs, maintenance, and site assessments. It also entails obtaining the qualifications necessary to support Sbeadycare and Sbeadycare CONNECT.
Xeros_Channel_Logo_Black BLACK Once partners successfully reach the Gold Level, they are eligible to move up to Black. This top echelon is reserved for sales and service professionals with the skills and experience to sell, and provide full service and support to customers. To get to and remain at this level, individuals must meet an annual sales quota. In return, Xeros supplies Black Level Certified Partners with leads to their exclusive, protected territories, marketing, co-op advertising and lead management support, a Sales Force license, Xeros clothing for strong brand recognition, and tech and sales site help. Black Level Certified Partners receive advanced service training to perform troubleshooting, overall maintenance, and site assessments. Training also enables them to obtain the qualifications necessary to install and support Sbeadycare and Sbeadycare CONNECT.