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Xeros becomes... Hydrofinity

We are incredibly excited to announce that on July 10th 2018, Xeros Cleaning Technologies will become... Hydrofinity Read More

How Does Xeros’ Hygiene Control Compares with Conventional High Temperature Washing?

Unlike a traditional commercial laundry machine, the Xeros laundry systems gets fabrics clean with ambient temperature wash cycles. However, the use of ambient temperature water in the Xeros system has many wondering: “just how well does Xeros sanitize fabrics compared to traditional hot water processes?” Read More

Enduring Droughts Plague the United States

Although it might not currently be making the daily headlines, over a quarter of the United States is still suffering from drought. Read More

DoubleTree by Hilton Sonoma Saves $68,500 per Year by Moving to In-House Laundry Solution

The DoubleTree by Hilton Sonoma is located in one of the most beautiful regions of Northern California – wine country.  After outsourcing towels for many years, the hotel decided to take back control. The 250 room hotel’s rural location led to high processing costs and inflexible turnaround times.  The property also became frustrated with having to replace towels and robes damaged by the harsh chemicals used in the mass cleaning process.  Read More

Extend the Life of Your Pool and Beach Towels

With family vacation season right around the corner, it’s time to think about your pool and beach towels. Hotels can go through hundreds of pools towels a day and it is important to keep an appropriate level of linens in stock. Read More

Six Ways for Hotels to Take a Leadership Role in Water Conservation

It is no secret that hotels use a lot of water.  For example, according to the U.S.’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), hotels and other lodging businesses account for 15% of water used commercially in the United States.  Read More

Xeros Partners with Richard Jay, Australia’s Top Laundry Specialist

As residents of Cape Town, South Africa prepare for Day Zero, the day they run out of water, Australians can empathize as it wasn’t so long ago that they were in a similar position. The Millennium Drought, which lasted for fourteen years starting in 1997, left cities including Melbourne with only approximately a year’s supply of water in its dams. Read More

The Attraction of Staying at Eco-friendly Hotels

Earth Day (April 22nd) reminds us of the importance of being good stewards of our environment, including water conservation. With that in mind, we wanted to share these tips on how hotels can reduce their water consumption. It’s no secret that hotels use a lot of water.  Read More

Five Things You Need to Know About CleanEx 2018

LCT CleanEx is the only UK exhibition entirely dedicated to the laundry, dry cleaning  and textile care industries, this event attracts visitors from the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. LCT CleanEx is being held at the Ascot Racecourse on April 22nd & 23rd, 2018. Xeros is exhibiting at Stand #38. Read More

Does Your Hotel Laundry Qualify for Utility Incentives?

Energy efficiency and water conservation are top-of-mind for all businesses today.  The hospitality industry has stepped up its sustainability efforts with new and innovative corporate programs. Simultaneously, hotels are coping with escalating water costs and energy costs that have a significant impact on their bottom line. Research from McKinsey has shown that becoming more sustainable is good for the planet and is good for your bottom line. Read More

Escalating Water Rates Require a New Approach to Laundry

The water crisis is having profound effects across the globe including significant rises in the cost of water.  For example, starting on January 1, 2018, water and electricity bills in the UAE were subject to five percent VAT according to Gulf News.  In England and Wales, it is reported that the average water bill is set to rise by 2%, or £9, for the 2018/2019 year.  The city of Cape Town, South Africa has recently announced "the more you use, the more you pay" water prices in an effort to reduce water consumption during their historic drought.  Water rates in the United States have climbed more than 50 percent on average over the last several years, according to a survey of water rates in 30 large US cities. Read More

World Water Day 2018: Nature for Water

World Water Day, on 22 March every year, is about focusing attention on the importance of water. The theme for World Water Day 2018 is ‘Nature for Water’ – exploring nature-based solutions to the water challenges, we face in the 21st century.  Damaged ecosystems affect the quantity and quality of water available for human consumption. Today, 1.9 billion people live without safe drinking water at home; affecting their health, education and livelihoods.  Read More

Hotels Step Up Their Sustainability Initiatives

The hospitality industry leads the way in sustainability initiatives. Hoteliers have long recognized the importance of sustainability, including the environmental, economic and social impact as well as integrating sustainable development into every facet of the business.  Let’s take a look at some of the newest initiatives in this market. Read More

Hard Water – Textile’s Gray Problem

Hard water which is found in countries around the globe damages laundry machines and turns bright linens dingy and gray.  Let’s take a look at this laundry challenge. Read More

New Customer Care Helpline in the UK!

For all of our customers, Xeros Polymer Cleaning represents a critical piece of their laundry operations. So obviously, when operational issues arise, a quick resolution is very important. We are pleased to announce that we have launched a new, dedicated customer support line in the UK.  The new number is:  + 44 (0)333 210 3000 You can call this line to: Create new support cases Check on the status of existing cases, and update those with additional information For all other inquires in the UK: + 44 (0)114 2699 656 The customer support line for North America is +1-877-393-8447. For all other inquiries in the US, please call +1-844-207-1099. Read More

‘Day Zero’: What More Can Hotels Do to Combat the Drought Crisis in Cape Town?

The global water crisis has been well publicised for many years now. Never before has it been reported that a major international city was on the brink of running out of water.  Read More

Ensure Your Rental Linens Are Ready for the Spring Wedding and Event Season

The spring wedding, graduation and gala season is almost upon us. Each of these special events requires turning venues, sometimes very dull rooms, into the bride, graduate or event planner’s fantasy.  Linens play a pivotal role as they can quickly transform a venue from barren to a truly magical space.  Read More

Four Sustainable Laundry Operations You Should Know About

It's an old, but oft-repeated myth in the world of business that you can't be both financially successful and environmentally conscious. Particularly in traditionally wasteful industries like hospitality.  But it simply isn't true. Today there are numerous companies with sustainable, environmentally-friendly laundry operations that can be a model to the rest of the industry.  Read More

4 Reasons You Should Resolve to Conserve Water at Your Hotel This Year

It’s no secret that water is one of the most precious resources we have on our earth, yet we continue to use it like there’s no tomorrow. In the midst of a global water crisis, hotels use an estimated 25 gallons of water to do laundry for each hotel room every day in the United States. On average, that’s around 2.4 billion gallons of water used per month just for laundry. Along with landscaping, pools, bathrooms, housekeeping, and the kitchen? That’s a lot of water. Read More

Xeros Secures Second Symphony Project Agreement

Xeros is thrilled to confirm it has signed its second Symphony Project agreement. The project was first launched in April 2017 to provide manufacturers of conventional commercial washing machines with ‘open source’ access to Xeros’ revolutionary polymer technology.  Read More

Xeros' Mission to Make Laundry Sustainable: What You Want to Know

Laundry as we know it is experiencing a wave of change—a nearly waterless wave. In the modern world, we associate cleanliness with success. Showing up to a job interview with a coffee spill from yesterday on your shirt isn’t acceptable. Clean hotel linens are essential to a quality guest experience. And so on.  Yet cleaning fabrics comes with a cost. We are throwing millions of gallons of water and detergent down the drain. Because laundry will always be a staple of society in one form or another, it's our responsibility as global citizens to revolutionize this traditionally wasteful process.  That's where Xeros comes in. Read More

Why Laundry Utility Savings Should be a Priority for Your Hotel

Do you feel like it's difficult to project and plan for the utility costs at your hotel? It's not just you—utilities are one of the least stable expenses on any hotel's profit-and-loss sheet because there are so many factors that impact the cost of things like water and energy. Read More

Xeros Honored Among Best of CES for Transformational Sustainable Home Washing Machine

We are so proud to be recognized by two respected publications - TWICE Picks Awards and Residential Systems - in their best products at CES 2018 Awards program for our new technologies that are redefining the future of home laundry.  Read More

Al Jazzera TechKnow Talks to Xeros About Near Waterless Laundry

In the documentary The Science of Water Sustainability, TechKnow explores three solutions for water scarcity that do not involve waiting for rain: fog-catching nets, intelligent watering and water-efficient washing machines. TechKnow met up with Steve Jenkins, the chief technology officer of Xeros to learn more about polymer cleaning and Xeros’ near-waterless laundry system. Read More

Near-Waterless Laundry System Now Offered in Australia As Drought Concerns Continue

Water scarcity – some of us think it is an issue just in the developing world – but that is not the case.  Even Australia has experienced water issues, most notably the Millennium drought which occurred between 1997 and 2009. It affected chiefly southern Australia and devastated communities, industries and the environment.  It is reported that in Melbourne, a city of 4.3 million people located in southeastern Australia, water levels dropped to an all-time low capacity of 25.6 percent before the drought eased.  Read More

Xeros Transforms Home Laundry Forever with Today’s Announcements

Today we announced three new technologies for home laundry that work seamlessly together to produce amazing washing results at the lowest cost to both the consumer and the environment while extending garment and fabric life. Read More

Xeros CEO on CapeTalk Radio to publicise South Africa launch of Near-Waterless Laundry

It was time to talk water on CapeTalk Radio this morning, with Xeros' CEO Mark Nichols a guest on Kieno Kammies' popular Cape Town Breakfast Show  Read More

Happy Holidays and Xeros Year in Review

The new year is a time for celebration, reflection, and resolution. Xeros has had an exceptional 2017, filled to the brim with innovations, progress, and triumphs in sustainability that speak to the larger green laundry movement. Read More

Water-Saving Technology You Should Care About

Did you know 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, but only 1% of that is available for humans to use? Read More

Xeros is Unveiling Technologies that Will Change Home Laundry Forever

Xeros has invented a completely new, simple, transformational approach to home laundry and we are excited to share it with you. Read More

Xeros Named Finalist in Gulf Sustainability and CSR Awards

 Xeros is proud to announce that it’s Polymer Cleaning System has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Gulf Sustainability and CSR Awards Innovation in the Sustainable Technologies category.   The Awards recognize companies and individuals implementing outstanding Sustainability and CSR initiatives that inspire positive change across the Gulf region. Read More

Million Gallon Club: Two Hotels Have Each Saved Nearly Five Million Gallons of Water with Xeros

Our Million Gallon Club members continue to reach momentous milestones. The Hyatt Regency Reston and Hilton LA Universal City each have three Xeros near-waterless laundry systems installed and have now individually saved nearly an incredible five million gallons of water. Read More

Xeros’ Dubai Run of Shows and Conferences Continues

Xeros first launched to the UAE hotel market in September at the Hotel Show Dubai, where it showcased its near-waterless system with proven market-leading cleaning results.  Read More

What Women Travelers Want When Choosing a Hotel

The female business traveler represents one of the fastest growing segments in travel. Virtually ignored in travel advertising and branding, research has found that the females make 85% of all travel-related purchases in both business as well as at home. Read More

Xeros Announces New Partner in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Xeros is pleased to announce a partnership with Consolidated International Corporation (CIC) Middle East to distribute and service its award-winning commercial laundry system in the UAE. Read More

Xeros Heads Back to Dubai for The Executive Housekeepers Conference 2017

After successfully launching its unique washing system in the UAE earlier this year, Xeros is heading back to Dubai on November 27, 2017 for the third Executive Housekeepers Conference at The Conrad Hotel in Dubai.   Read More

Xeros Innovation in the Spotlight at the Gulf Laundrex Linen Care Expo

The revolutionary polymer laundry system from Xeros received a great deal of attention at this year’s Gulf Laundrex Linen Care Expo; one of the premier trade shows dedicated to the laundry and dry cleaning industry in the Middle East.   Read More

4 Hotels Save Water With Sustainable Laundry Operations

Within the hotel industry, there exists a tendency to cling to the systems that you know work. Implementing change can potentially disrupt the flow of the entire operation.  But what if we told you that your hotel can be more environmentally friendly, save water, and save money by making one simple change? You would want proof, right? Well, that’s exactly what we have. Read More

Why Switch to On-Premise Laundry?

At a time when the hotel industry is most concerned with new competition and ever-increasing guest expectations, bringing your laundry in-house—whether you're bringing it back in-house or starting a new operation—probably sounds like more trouble than it's worth. The problem with that logic is that on-premise laundry is worth quite a lot. Particularly if you consider cost savings and customer loyalty good indicators of the worth of an investment for your hotel. Read More

The Pitfalls of Traditional Industrial Laundry Machines

Thanks to advances in technology, efficiency standards, and increased environmental awareness, traditional commercial laundry machines have come a long way. However, there are still common pitfalls that can drastically affect the businesses utilizing these machines.  Read More

3 Ways to Control Hotel Operating Costs

There are many different factors that contribute to high operating costs in a hotel, so it can be difficult to identify areas where savings are possible.  Read More

4 Ways to Achieve Laundry Utility Savings

Laundry has traditionally used a lot of water and energy. Ever since the invention of the electric washing machine, we've washed our fabrics in a whole lot of hot water and soap.  It was an incredible technological advance for a world that had been beating laundry with rocks and furiously scrubbing it against washboards, but in today's world, that water and energy usage is expensive.  Read More

Xeros’ 16kg Laundry Machine a ‘Hit’ at the Independent Hotel Show

The Xeros team is back and feeling invigorated after the Independent Hotel Show at London Olympia, which was held from October 16-17, 2017.  Read More

Hotels in Drought Stricken UAE Can Now Get Near Waterless Laundry

The UAE has been leading the expansion of the growing hospitality market in the Middle East.  As the UEA diversifies its economy away from petroleum, the country’s hospitality and leisure industries have swiftly expanded. An article in Gulf News Tourism, reported that last year the hotel market saw the addition of 8,000 rooms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi which brings the total available rooms to more than 100,000.  Furthermore, the Hotel Dubai Show noted “2018 is expected be hugely eventful for the UAE’s hospitality industry – with no less than 83 new hotels set to open.”  Read More

Countdown Begins to the Gulf Laundrex Linen Care Expo

We are just coming off a very successful introduction of Xeros' near waterless laundry system at The Hotel Show in Dubai last month. Preparations are well underway for the third Gulf Laundrex Linen Care Expo – one of the premier trade shows dedicated to the Middle East’s laundry and dry cleaning industry.  Read More

Xeros Symphony Project Awarded for Sustainability Product of the Year

Xeros continues to rake in the accolades!  We are proud to announce that Xeros’ Symphony Project, the planet’s first sustainable collaborative laundry project, has been named Sustainability Product of the Year in the 2017 Sustainability Awards program by the Business Intelligence Group.   Read More

Are Your Party and Linen Rentals Ready for a Busy Season?

It is a busy time of year for parties and special events. September and October are two of the most popular months for weddings. Holiday parties start in early November. Are your rental linens ready to go? Read More

How to Make Your Hotel Laundry Service Sustainable

On average, U.S. hotels use 25 gallons of water per occupied room per day for laundry alone. When you see statistics like that, “sustainable” probably isn't a word you would use to describe hotel laundry service as a whole. But that doesn't have to be the case for your hotel. With today’s travelers prioritizing the environment more and more, it's time to turn the dream of sustainability into a reality. Read More

Xeros Partners with Hitachi Capital America to Expand Financing Options for Near Waterless Laundry System

Xeros is pleased to announce that it has collaborated with Hitachi Capital America to offer multiple financing packages for the company’s near waterless laundry systems. New and flexible packages will help customers conserve cash, make low monthly payments, attain rapid ROI, and protect them from equipment obsolescence, as well as allow for upgrades or additional equipment as needed. Read More

On-Premise Laundry vs. Outsourcing: A Cost Comparison

There aren't many areas where hotels can outsource. At its core, the value of a hotel rides on the level of attentiveness, service, and convenience it can provide guests—and it is remarkably difficult to provide convenient service when the service is not, in fact, on the premises.  That may be why so many properties latch on to laundry outsourcing. In theory, outsourcing your laundry saves your property time, effort, and most importantly, money. But how much are you really saving in the long run? Read More

Near-Waterless Laundry Now Available in the Middle East

The Xeros team has just returned from the Hotel Show Dubai, the largest, most prestigious hospitality event in the region, where it showcased its near-waterless laundry system with proven market-leading cleaning results.  Read More

One Month Countdown to the Independent Hotel Show

The revolutionary near-waterless Xeros system is the one-stop-shop solution for all your hotel laundry needs. So, if you are planning to attend the Independent Hotel Show this year between October 17 and 18 2017, make sure you come to stand SPA13 to see the revolutionary Xeros system in action.  Read More

Minimizing Color Bleed Improves Laundry Operations

Sinking into fresh clean linens and sparkling plush towels are the luxuries of a premier hotel experience. But ensuring that guests have these amenities available can be challenging for hoteliers. With the fast pace of guests checking in and out, event set up and dinning services the clock is always ticking for laundry operators. Read More

3 Myths About Environmentally-Friendly Technology in Hotels

Some of the most popular myths about implementing environmentally-friendly technology and processes in hotels are actually some of the easiest to disprove when you look at actual data and industry trends. Here we've pulled together three of those myths, with the facts you can use to inform decisions at your own properties.  Read More

How One Hotel Saved on Operating Costs With New Washing Machines

  Saving money by buying new things might seem a little crazy, but when it comes to your hotel's operational costs, your old equipment could actually be costing you thousands of dollars. Read More

Sbeadycare Delivers Everything Needed For Worry-Free Laundry

Concerns over incurring costly repair bills, expensive parts and unreliable service technicians make some companies reluctant to bring commercial laundry in-house.  With Sbeadycare, Xeros has alleviated all those worries.  Sbeadycare is a unique fully-integrated, all-inclusive laundry management program that provides a stress-free solution to laundry. Read More

Cancun Hotels Solve Hard Water Laundry Problems Using Xeros

Julian Ramirez, owner of four hotels in Cancun, one in Florida, and one in Spain claims that the main problem with laundry in Cancun is that there is too much calcium in the water. It makes it difficult to do a good wash and it is expensive. Too Much Calcium =  Hard Water Read More

Luxury Without Waste: How to Achieve Hotel Laundry Sustainability

"Luxury" is a word that seems fundamentally at odds with the environmental movement. For many, "luxury" means excess. It means opulence. It means...waste. Read More

Avalon Hotel Extends Linen Life by Six Months Using Xeros

The Avalon is one of Santa Catalina Island’s premier hotels. With an environment of understated elegance, luxurious bedding, unique artwork and hand-crafted hardwoods and tile, the hotel has consistently earned rave reviews from its guests on forums such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Expedia. Read More

Common Causes of High Hotel Operating Costs

Some of the biggest operating costs for hotels are labor, utilities, customer acquisition and marketing, as well as overall property management and maintenance. All of these are essential to running a successful hotel, yet can seriously impact a property's bottom line. Read More

Learn About Near-Waterless Laundry - Visit Xeros at The Hotel Show Dubai

Xeros is excited to be showcasing our near-waterless laundry system with proven market-leading cleaning results at The Hotel Show Dubai which is being held September 18 -20, 2017 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.   Read More

How Hotel Laundry Impacts the Environment and What You Can Do to Change That

When it comes to enacting change for the benefit of the environment, there's a problem called the "attitude-behavior gap." Basically, it's the difference between thinking something is a good idea and volunteering to do it yourself. It's the reason we see studies with results that tell us 63% of people in the U.S. are concerned about climate change, but only 47% think the government should do anything about it.  Read More

Xeros 16kg Near-Waterless Laundry System Rolls Out in U.K.

A laundry in the Cotswolds with quality at its heart has become the first in the UK to install the revolutionary 16kg Xeros near-waterless laundry system.  Read More

Where Do the Recyclable Polymer Beads Go During the Wash Process?

Xeros Polymer Cleaning System with its near-waterless technology has revolutionized the laundry industry.  As with all radical technological advancements people have questions.  At Xeros we are often asked “where do the beads go during and after the wash process?”  Read More

Innovative Ways to Improve Your Commercial Laundry Services

No industry is immune to changing trends and consumer expectations—not even commercial laundry. From so-called boutique laundromats to dry cleaning operations expanding into uniform laundering and other services, the laundry trend of today can be summed up in a single word: more. Read More

Puerto Rico Ramps up Adoption of Xeros Near-Waterless Laundry System

Businesses in Puerto Rico continue to adopt Xeros polymer cleaning near-waterless laundry system which has enabled them to reduce water consumption, extend the life of their linens and deliver a superior clean product to their customers. Hotels, industrial launders, and drycleaners around this island including Specialty Quality Cleaners, Caribbean Linen and IHP Hospitality are all benefiting from the Xeros system which uses 80 percent less water than a traditional industrial washer, up to 50 percent less energy and approximately 50 percent less detergent. Read More

Tips for Running a Successful Laundry Business

To the outside observer, running a laundry business might seem fairly simple: take in dirty laundry, turn out clean laundry. It's a simple enough concept, but the reality is that commercial launderers have to do much more than just clean laundry to be really successful. Read More

Laundry Sustainability: What It Means and How to Get There

How do we define laundry sustainability? Let's start with what it isn't. Sustainable laundry is not simply using cold water in wash cycles or low heat when drying. It isn't hotels asking guests to re-use towels. It isn't commercial launderers switching to a more eco-friendly detergent type. Read More

Can Industrial Washing Machines Be Effective and Eco-Friendly?

A high-quality clean is the bread and butter of industrial laundry businesses. While things like turnaround time, pick-up and delivery, and customer service certainly impact a customer's overall perception of a launderer, it's the effectiveness and caliber of their cleaning that really sets a business apart. Read More

How to Prevent Potentially Deadly Laundry Room Fires

Running a commercial laundry business is stressful enough with factors such as profitability, customer service and energy costs all potentially causing a headache. But whilst none of these issues are deadly, laundry room fires are a very real threat that looms over any laundry company, despite the fact they are very rare.   According to a recent article in LCN, currently the UK laundry and rental sector loses one or two laundries a year through fire. One of the main causes of these fires appears to be due to the presence of essential oils in towels and robes used at spas. If these oils are not washed out properly, the residue remains on the wet towels when they go from washer to dryer.   Read More

Utility Incentive Programs Your Hotel Should Take Advantage Of

Saving on utilities isn't just good for your bottom line, it's good for the planet—which, as it turns out, is also good for your hotel's bottom line. Read More

Are Hotels Missing a Branding Opportunity?

Changing consumer behaviors are transforming the travel industry at a rapid rate. Travelers want a more authentic experience, connecting with their surroundings and the people at their destination. As a result, travelers are looking to book alternative lodging. With the rise of Airbnb and VRBO, the rental and sharing sectors are colliding with the hotel sector and they are now competing for the same customers. Read More

How Xeros Low-Water Washing Machines Make a Permanent Difference to Drought-Plagued Businesses

The historic drought that plagued California from 2012 to early 2017 has finally ended, but that doesn't mean life in the sun-drenched state is just going to return to the way it was before.  When California Governor Jerry Brown announced the end of the state's emergency drought requirements in April, he noted that the next drought "could be around the corner." Water conservation, he said, needs to be "a way of life." Read More

Idaho Hotels Reduce Water Consumption by 80% with Near-Waterless Laundry

Although not as well publicized as the water crisis in Califoronia, Idaho has also been experiencing severe drought conditions.  Forward thinking businesses in Idaho are looking at water saving technologies to reduce water consumption and operating costs.  Read More

Hotel Laundry Machine Service Plans: What to Look For

  Service plans—or extended warranties—can be a really valuable part of your hotel laundry operation. The right service plan ensures that you're prepared for maintenance and repairs to your laundry equipment, saving you both time and money. However, not all service plans are created equally. So how do you strike that balance between planning ahead and not overpaying for a service that isn't worth the cost?  Read More

Xeros Near Waterless Laundry Systems Saves Over 100 Million Gallons of Water

We all know how precious water is to our society.  Although it covers about 70% of the Earth’s surface, less than 1% is available for human use, making it a finite resource and a valued commodity.  Water scarcity affects every continent and more than 1.2 billion people lack access to clean drinking water.   Read More

How to Tell if Your Hotel Laundry Equipment Should be Replaced

When faced with a piece of broken or aging laundry equipment, every hotel manager is presented with the same question: Repair or replace?  Read More

Xeros WinsTop Product of the Year Award for Cleaning Firefighter Turnout Gear from Environmental Leader

We are thrilled to announce that the Xeros NFPA Compliant System for Firefighter PPE was named Environmental Leader Top Product of the Year last night at the Environmental Leader 2017 Conference in Denver, Co. Read More

World Environment Day:The Role Hotel Laundry Plays in Supporting a Circular Economy

June 5 is World Environment Day; a chance for all industries, including hotels, to reflect on the impact humans are having on the environment.  Read More

The Benefits of Bringing Your Hotel Laundry In-House

In today's competitive hospitality market, guests are looking for hotels to provide more than just a place to sleep. Hotels are adding services, investing in on-premise dining and entertainment, and generally offering more for guests in-house. Read More

The Rise of the UK Staycation: What Does it Mean For Hotels?

As the aftermath of Brexit brings a fall in the value of the British pound, there’s evidence Brits are increasingly opting to stay in the UK for their holidays instead.  Read More

Visit Xeros in Las Vegas at the Clean Show 2017!

The Clean Show 2017, the premier conference for dry-cleaning, laundry and textile care professionals, is almost upon us.  The show which runs every other year and rotates in locations among several U.S. cities will be held in Las Vegas on June 5 -8.  Read More

The Water-Saving Technology Your Hotel Should Be Using

The hotel industry uses a lot of water. We mean a lot of water. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), approximately 15% of the total water used by commercial and institutional facilities in the U.S. is used by hotels and other lodging businesses. Read More

Xeros Blog Named Top Laundry Blog

We are excited and proud to announce that Xeros has been named a top blog on Feedspot’s Top 75 Laundry Blogs . The top five positions are consumer-oriented blogs and the Xeros blog is the first on the list targeted at the laundry industry. This list represents the most comprehensive listing of the best laundry blogs on the internet and we are honored to be named one of the top blogs!   Read More

4 Reasons Your Hotel Should Switch to Low-Water Washing Machines

Major updates to essential hotel operations are almost always a bit of a struggle. From cost analysis and budget approvals to process changes and equipment installations, updating something like hotel laundry equipment isn't a decision hoteliers take lightly. Read More

Fire and Water: The Surprising Things That Wear Out Your Turnout Gear

Properly cared for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a firefighter's best line of defense against any number of hazards. In order to give your turnout gear the care it deserves, it helps to know which environmental factors cause the most harm to PPE and how to mitigate their effect.  Read More

The Dangers of Contaminated Turnout Gear

The tools and technologies used every day to fight fires have evolved over the past 60 years, so that firefighting efforts today are much more effective than they were decades ago. This evolution includes significant improvements to turnout gear also known as Personal Protective Ensembles (PPE) that have incorporated new technologies to provide improved protection. However, despite the rapid evolution of firefighting technology itself, the way turnout gear is cleaned has lagged behind. This means most firefighters rely on essentially the same cleaning methods as those used in the 1960s. Read More

3 Signs Your Hotel Laundry Service Needs an Upgrade

In order to maintain high-quality hotel laundry service for your guests, you really can't wait until something breaks to upgrade your equipment. You need to be proactive, and recognize the signs of aging in your machines before it can impact your guests. Read More

Can UK Hotels Really Save Money and Reduce Water Waste?

In the grand scheme of things, energy costs might make up a small percentage of turnover in hotels.  Carbon Trust says reducing them can directly increase the business’ revenue without the need to increase sales. Your establishment can be more competitive because all the money you have saved on energy goes straight towards your bottom line.   Read More

Transform Any Commercial Washer into Polymer Bead Cleaning System

Last week we announced the Symphony Project, which provides manufacturers of conventional commercial washing machines with 'open source' access to Xeros' innovative polymer technology. Read More

6 Hotels That Are Saving Money With Xeros Low-Water Washing Machines

The hotel industry is incredibly competitive, and hoteliers are constantly looking for ways to increase their property's competitive advantage. However, jumping on the bandwagon of an exciting, but unproven product or technology is risky, so how do you know which hospitality innovations are ready to be implemented at your hotel?  Read More

Earth Day 2017 - Water Conservation in Laundry and Textile Processing

This year, the theme for Earth Day 2017’s Campaign is Environmental & Climate Literacy. Education is the foundation for progress. We need to build a global citizenry fluent in the concepts of climate change and aware of its unprecedented threat to our planet. We need to empower everyone with the knowledge to inspire action in defense of environmental protection. Read More

Introducing the Planet’s First Sustainable Collaborative Laundry Project

Today we are excited to share the news that we have launched our Symphony Project! It is an innovative technology collaborative with a mission to improve the sustainability of the world’s laundry rooms.   Read More

MarKen Delivers a Superior Clean for Firefighter Turnout Gear

MarKen, an Independent Service Provider (ISP) for the fire industry, specializes in the inspection, cleaning, and repair of firefighter turnout gear. The UL ISO 9001:2008 (10012885 QM08) registered, Nevada–based organization prides itself on always utilizing the latest technology to ensure it’s providing its firefighting customers the best possible service available. Read More

How to Disinfect Laundry Without Wearing Out Your Linens

One of the constant struggles of managing a hotel is ensuring that towels and linens are disinfected between guest stays, without washing them in a way that leaves them threadbare after just a few months. Read More

Xeros Goes Down Under with Near Waterless Laundry

Xeros is pleased to announce that the firm’s near waterless laundry systems are now available in Australia. Xeros has signed Richard Jay Pty Ltd, Australia's largest distributor of commercial and industrial laundry machinery to install and service Xeros' cleaning solutions into the Australian states where severe drought conditions are driving demand for ecologically sustainable solutions. Read More

Have You Seen Xeros’ Innovative Near Waterless Laundry System in Action?

   No? Well come on by and see our near waterless laundry system at these upcoming events!  Read More

3 Ways Commercial Laundry Service is Changing for the Better

Commercial laundry service is changing, and it's changing for the better. From new technology implementation to modernized business strategies and increased focus on the environment, commercial launderers are finding ways to advance their own businesses, and in turn, the industry as a whole.  Read More

Maintaining Turnout Gear is Critical to Fire Fighter Safety

The fire industry’s attitude towards cleaning firefighter turnout gear has evolved from the time when dirty gear was worn as a badge of honor.  It is now recognized that soiled personal protective ensembles (PPE) are hazardous and can put firefighters at risk for injury or death.    Read More

See Xeros’ Near Waterless Laundry System for PPE in Action at FDIC International

Come by Booth 9741 at FDIC International at the Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium on April 24-29, 2017 to learn how Xeros’ new NFPA 1851 compliant polymer cleaning system provides a superior clean for firefighters’ turnout gear. The near waterless laundry system for PPE is proven to provide a superior clean as well as reduce water consumption by 80%, energy, and detergent usage by 50%. Read More

What Exactly is a Low-Water Washing Machine?

Nowadays many—if not most—laundry equipment manufacturers claim the title of "water-efficient" for at least some of their machines, begging the question: Does that phrase have any real meaning at this point in the laundry and hospitality industries? Read More

Why Xeros' Small Washer is Perfect for Boutique Hotels

When you're running a boutique hotel or inn, the details make all the difference. Whether it's a hot breakfast prepared in-house, freshly laundered towels and linens, relaxing spa services, or exciting tourist activities, it's worthwhile to do whatever you can do to leave your guests feeling utterly pampered and impressed. Read More

See Xeros at the 2017 AAHOA Convention and Trade Show

Xeros is excited to again be participating in the annual Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) Convention and Trade Show, April 11-14, in San Antonio, Texas. Read More

How to Get Linens Their Cleanest Clean

You’ve heard about the superior cleaning capabilities of the Xeros polymer cleaning solution. How the Xeros system uses custom blended detergent with polymer beads that attract and absorb dirt and stains from soiled items, to delivers cleaner results, which is also gentler on fabrics. But have you seen the results?    Read More

Commercial Laundries: Go Green for Huge Savings

Going green has never felt so good! Commercial laundries that have installed the Xeros polymer laundry system are reducing the amount of water, energy and detergents used in each laundry load. Not only do your water and energy use costs go down, but the fabrics that you clean will last for longer, saving you money on the cost of replacement.  One of the biggest savings is in the reduction of energy use. One firm reduced their energy savings by 98% landing an incentive of $28,000 from their local utility company. Read More

Xeros Customer: Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City is Green Seal Certified

Xeros is pleased to announce that the Los Angeles Green Lodging Program has awarded Xeros' customer, Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City GOLD in Green Seal’s stringent GS-33 certification standard for lodging properties. The hotel is part of the exclusive Xeros Million Gallon Club. Read More

A Worry Free Solution for Washing Turnout Gear with Xeros Sbeadycare

Firefighters’ Personal Protective Ensembles (PPE) need be properly cleaned to protect them from serious injuries or illnesses. If not, performance can be hindered and firefighters can be put at risk.  Ensembles that are not correctly washed have greatly reduced protective abilities and can absorb heat, become flammable, and may not be able to self-extinguish once ignited. Likewise, over time, dirt, soot, bodily fluids, and debris build up on the PPE and can be become toxic or carcinogenic to anyone exposed to the protective ensemble elements. Read More

The Best Way to Disinfect Laundry

Most of us were taught that the best way to disinfect laundry is with hot water and harsh chemicals. It's a lesson that is carried over from home laundry to commercial and hotel laundry operations—and it's a lesson that we need to unlearn. Read More

3 Benefits from Washing Turnout Gear with Xeros

Gone are the days where dirty turnout gear is a badge of honor. New standards recommend that firefighter PPE should be sent to a certified Independent Service Provider (ISP) to be cleaned and decontaminated every twelve months. Read More

What is Your Hotel Laundry Service Missing?

Hotel laundry service operations, like hotel properties, come in all shapes and sizes. You may have a large operation that handles towels and linens for hundreds of rooms, or a smaller laundry service handling spa linens for a boutique inn.  Read More

Xeros Launches Polymer Cleaning for Firefighter Turnout Gear

Xeros has introduced a new NFPA 1851 compliant polymer cleaning solution for laundering firefighters’ turnout gear that offers superior cleaning while reducing water consumption by 80% and energy and detergent usage by 50%.  The system is also gentler on turnout gear which helps extend its life and saves on replacement costs. Read More

Xeros Polymer Cleaning Featured in Newsweek, London Times, Forbes, The Guardian and USA Today

Just don’t take our word for it! Hear it from our customers. Read More

What Hotels Should Know Before Buying New Laundry Appliances

While new laundry appliances might not be the most exciting items on your hotel's wishlist, they are a necessary purchase that impacts your guests' experience more than you might think. So what do you need to know before making such a large investment? Read More

The Sharing Economy: Why it’s Not the End for Hotels

Peer-to-peer markets, otherwise known as ‘the sharing economy’ have taken the world of by storm. These have emerged as alternative suppliers of goods to some long established industries, particularly in the transport and hospitality sectors. There is little doubt that traditional providers, such as taxi companies are hotels, are starting to feel squeezed.   Read More

Is a Near-Waterless Laundry System Right for Your Hotel?

You've seen the advances in hotel laundry technology online, at trade shows and events, and in industry publications. But how do you know if a new, different laundry system is the right fit for your hotel?  Read More

Xeros Customer Spotlight: White Rose Laundries, London

Two years ago, the owner of London-based White Rose Laundries, Ejaz Osmani, took a brave step. Tired of the high costs associated with energy bills and linen loss, Ejaz decided to replace a few conventional washing machines at his laundry operation with two Xeros machines.  Read More

How Small Commercial Laundries Can Stay Competitive

Within the U.K. commercial cleaning market, a ‘small laundry’ operation is defined by whether or not it has a tunnel washer installed. Smaller operations don’t have one and generally wash personal items and flatwork items, such as towels and bed sheets, in a front loading washing system.  In contrast, larger laundries focus on washing very large quantities of flatwork items in a tunnel washer. What are the pros and cons for each type of operation, and more importantly, how can small laundries compete?  Read More

Unexpected Ways Laundry Equipment Choices Impact Your Business

There are many things to consider when it comes to choosing commercial laundry equipment: cost, effectiveness, size, and even appearance, if your operation is open enough to be seen by customers. The quality of cleaning your machines provide will obviously have an impact on your business, but what about other equipment characteristics? How will those factors impact your business, if they impact it at all? Read More

3 Ways to Improve Your Commercial Laundry Business in the New Year

Believe it or not, commercial laundry is an industry that's been around since the mid-1800s, in some form or another. Now, in 2017, commercial laundry businesses are capable of doing more for their customers—and their profit margins—than ever before. So how are you planning to improve your laundry business this year? Read More

IoT Laundry Helps North Shore Hotel Reduce Water Costs and Downtime

Xeros customer, Chad Hanson, the general manager of North Short Hotel located in Danvers, MA, was recently featured in the IoT Journal where he talked about his experience with the Xeros laundry system. Below are excerpts from that article. Read More

The Global Water Industry:  Where the Jobs Are!

The global water industry is growing! Revenues for the global water market are expected to reach $ 695.9 billion in 2018. (Source: 2018 Global Outlook for the Water Industry) Read More

Hospitality Trends to Watch For in 2017

  What will hotels be focusing on in 2017? Let's look at a few of the trends that may impact the industry next year. Read More

Xeros Scoops Another Top UK Innovation Award for Near Waterless Laundry

Another day, another award for the revolutionary washing machine manufacturer, Xeros to add to the mantelpiece. We’re pleased to announce that we have just won a Facilities Management 2016 award for being the UK’s Most Innovative Laundry System.  Read More

Happy Holidays From the Xeros Team

This has been an exciting year for the Xeros team, with new offerings, expanded territory, and many, many customer success stories. Read More

Three of the Best Laundry Innovations of 2016

There have been many advances in laundry technology over the last few years, focused on making the process more efficient, both for users and the environment.  Read More

Xeros Named as a Top Water Saving Technology in London Times

Last week the London Times ran a special report on the Future of Water. One of the feature stories named Xeros as a top water saving technology in its article 10 Tech Solutions to Tap the World’s Water Supply. Read More

3 Reasons Why a Xeros Laundry System is the Ideal Holiday Gift to Your Hotels

The holidays are a time of giving and often, for hotels, a time to consider the best "gifts" to shower upon the business in order to stay competitive in the coming year. Read More

Towel Service: The Must Have Amenity at Luxury Fitness Centers

High end fitness centers today are more like health oases. Mineral pool Jacuzzis, aromatherapy steam rooms, and Finish saunas abound. They boast top level personal trainers using professional athlete grade equipment as well as stress reducing yoga and Pilates classes. The finest offer club house restaurants, screening rooms, terrace lounges, and even barbershops.Some are associated with luxury hotels while others are standalone fitness and wellness centers. Read More

Three Spa Trends Not to Miss in 2017

Everyone loves a visit to the spa as a way of relaxing and unwinding from his or her busy lives. Here are the top spa trends worthy of your attention this year!   Read More

How Commercial Laundry Will Change in 2017

As global efforts toward energy efficiency and conservation advance, the hospitality and commercial laundry industries will have to make important decisions about limiting water and energy usage in order to maintain the growth they have experienced in recent years.  Read More

How Does a Traditional Washing Machine Compare to a Near Waterless System?

If you're considering upgrading your laundry equipment, you've probably read a lot about the pros and cons of various commercial laundry machines. There's a lot of information out there. So much, in fact, that it can be hard to weed through the product minutia to compare the actual cleaning process of each system. Read More

Drought Conditions to Persist In North America through Winter 2017

La Nina was ushered in this week and it is expected to be short-lived. La Nina is the opposite of El Nino, meaning the central Pacific Ocean is cooler than normal and that affects weather patterns around the globe. Forecasters at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center issued the U.S. Winter Outlook on October 20 and stated that La Nina is expected to influence winter conditions this year. Read More

Why Water Conservation Matters for the Hospitality Industry

Today, one in nine people lack access to safe water. This dwindling supply in both developed and developing countries causes safety and sanitation issues. It requires children to miss out on educational opportunities and adults to miss out on employment opportunities. Economies are suffering. The supply isn’t meeting the demand, and the consequences are undeniable. Read More

Xeros Introduces 35lb/16kg Capacity Eco-Friendly, Near Waterless Laundry System

Today we announced the Xeros SM35, a new 35lb/16kg capacity near waterless laundry system that is ideal for dry cleaners, smaller hotels, and spas where size and space is a consideration. You can get a first look at the new system at HX: The Hotel Experience in NYC Nov 13-15 at Booth 2437 as well as at Spa Life UK 2016 on November 15-16 at Stand 51. Read More

Suffolk Hotel Spa Boosts Customer Satisfaction With Near-Waterless Laundry - Learn more at Spa Life UK!

A four-star hotel and spa in Suffolk has taken its energy efficiency and customer experiences to a new level by implementing Xeros; a revolutionary system that gets towels, robes and linens cleaner than ever before. Read More

Talking Point: Hotels Can Take Bigger Strides to Cut Water Use

This article originally ran in Green Hotelier.  According to the Guardian article by Richard Hammond, ‘Why sustainable tourism is the travel industry’s duty’, the sector as a whole is not particularly kind to the environment, to say the least. Airlines, hotels and their associated suppliers generate huge amounts of waste and pollution, accounting for 5% of global emissions. Read More

Cold Weather Money Saving Tips for Hotel Managers

Winter can be an expensive season for hotels; particularly for those in colder climates, but even hotels in warmer locales do occasionally have to turn the heat on, or deal with cancellations due to inclement weather. Read More

Spa Challenges: How to Remove Oils to Maximise Customer Experiences

When it comes to running a spa operation, any manager will say that one of the biggest challenges is removing treatment oils from towels and robes. If these residues from skin care products aren’t removed properly, not only can this lead to health and safety risks, but it can also affect customer satisfaction. In a sector experiencing increasing competition, can you afford to put off customers by offering unclean towels and linens?  Read More

How to Recycle Textiles and Clothing So They Don't End Up in Landfills

Textiles are almost 100% recyclable, and yet the average U.S. citizen throws away about 70 lbs. of clothing each year. Reclaiming or recycling clothing and other fabric items is one way for individuals to contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly society, so here we've detailed a couple of the methods and practices you can use to join in that effort.  Read More

The Evolution of the Industrial Washing Machine

Industrial washing machines, and the commercial laundry business in general, have come a very long way. The machines of today offer superior cleaning capability combined with the most efficient processes ever. So how did we get here, and what can we look forward to seeing as laundry technology continues to advance? Read More

U.K. Spa Life 2016 :Lower Your Laundry Operational Costs By 30%

Spa Life 2016 labels itself as ‘more than just a conference’. Show organisers claim it provides spa professionals with an unparalleled combination of exposure to new product innovations, industry insights, network opportunities, and quality management education. All of this is on offer at the Telford International Centre on November 15 and 16, 2016. Read More

Visit Xeros at Booth 2437 at HX: The Hotel Experience in NYC Nov 13-15

HX: The Hotel Experience  – Rooms to Restaurants at The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City is where 12,000 plus hospitality pros will be gathering on November 13-15 to explore hospitality trends, innovations, and new directions. Read More

Xeros at the U.K. Independent Hotel Show 2016 :What to Expect

The Independent Hotel Show (IHS) is just around the corner; the only event in the UK dedicated to the independent, luxury and boutique hotel sector. More than 300 exhibitors are set to descend on London’s Olympia on October 18 and 19, 2016 for two days of networking opportunities, innovative product and technology demonstrations and inspirational seminars. Read More

North Shore Hotel Reaps Huge Savings with Polymer Bead Cleaning

DANVERS, Mass. — When aging washers at the North Shore Hotel needed to be replaced, General Manager, Chad Hanson, saw it as an opportunity to reduce the facility’s water usage. The hotel laundry was processing approximately 30 loads of sheets, towels, and meeting room linens for the 134 room hotel in two 65-pound washers daily. “We were working with 19-year-old machines that had issues requiring a good amount of down time for repairs,” Hanson says. “I received an ad about Xeros and quite honestly, I thought it was too good to be true.” Read More

Eastern Laundry Systems: Come to the 2016 Commercial Laundry Show

Eastern Laundry Systems is a Xeros certified partner and provides complete and expert service to their customers, offering modern, energy efficient commercial laundry equipment. Each year, Eastern Laundry Systems host a commercial laundry show where their vendors showcase the latest developments in commercial laundry equipment. Read More

6 Things Your Hotel Could Do After Cutting Laundry Costs with Xeros

By utilizing Xeros polymer bead laundry systems in your hotel, you can cut up to 80% in water costs alone, without even considering the savings in electricity, chemical costs, and linen reclaim.  For a typical 250+ room hotel spending $13,926 a year in water and sewage costs on their in-house laundry operation, that means $10,444 in savings each year—leaving us with the tantalizing question: What could your hotel do with the extra money? Read More

How Industrial Laundry Operations Can Weather Drought

As Southern California continues to struggle with extreme drought conditions, businesses that traditionally consume large amounts of water—like industrial laundry operations—have been forced to find ways to conserve. However, the problem isn't simply confined to that one corner of the globe.  Read More

Hotel Group Adopts Near-Waterless Laundry at 50 Properties

Hoteliers continue to embrace Xeros award winning polymer technology for its ability to reduce their water and energy costs without sacrificing the quality of service to their hotel customers. This week Xeros announced it has signed a deal with Jamsan Hotel Management (JHM) Group, a national hospitality management company based in Lexington, Massachusetts.  The environmentally conscious company’s 50 hotels total over 3,500 rooms across New England. Read More

Independent Hotel Show 2016: Discover How Xeros Reduces Laundry Costs By 30% at Stand S12

The Independent Hotel Show, the only UK business event dedicated to the independent, luxury and boutique hotel sector, is returning to Olympia West in London on October 18 and 19. This year, it promises stunning new feature areas, talks from industry experts, business seminars and key note sessions. Read More

Xeros Customers Offered More Than $500,000 in Energy Incentives

Hotels, commercial and industrial laundries, dry cleaners, fitness centers are all benefitting from incentives offered by twenty utility companies for using the Xeros polymer bead cleaning system and high performance dryers. The energy incentives are part of a program to promote energy-saving technologies under the Federal Energy Management Program’s Energy Incentive Program after specific pre-determined energy savings milestones are met.  Read More

The Secrets of Better Linen Recovery

There are two ways to save money on hotel linens: buy cheaper linens or reclaim your linens and limit replacement costs. By focusing on the following key factors in your hotel laundry operation, you can achieve both better linen recovery and impressive savings. Read More

Meet Xeros at the Choice Hotel Owner Council Fall Regional Meetings

Join the Xeros team at the upcoming Choice Hotels Owners Council 2016 Fall Regional Meetings and learn how properties like the Clarion Inn® located in Seekonk, Massachusetts and the Quality Inn® in Petaluma, California are reducing their water and energy consumption using the Xeros Laundry System for their laundry operations. Read More

Making Sense of Hotel Laundry Costs: A Comparison

Hotel laundry expenditures are not easy to quantify. The actual cost of a hotel's laundry operation is a combination of costs, encompassing portions of a hotel's water, electricity, purchasing of chemicals, linen, and labor expenses. Because of this, it's difficult for hoteliers to understand exactly what their hotel laundry costs are and, consequently, how to save money in that area.  Read More

Common Commercial Washing Machine Maintenance Issues and What To Do About Them

How many of you grew up with a washing machine that would only work if you slammed the lid just right, or used exactly a quarter cup of detergent, or arranged the clothes in a certain way so that the water would actually drain and not leave you with laundry soup at the end of a cycle? Read More

Xeros Dryers Take Commercial Laundry Energy Savings to the Next Level

Xeros offers the perfect complement to its ultra-low water, energy efficient commercial laundry systems – Xeros High Efficiency Dryers.  Because the Xeros laundry system uses significantly less water than traditional aqueous washing, we wanted to offer a dryer to complement our system that offered shorter dry times so that our customers would continue to realize more utility savings. Read More

How Greening the Hotel Towel Lifecycle Impacts Your Bottom Line

Xeros recent study on the Critical Role Towels Play in Hotel Selection, Guest Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty has received a lot of attention. And rightly so, as the research uncovered fascinating results on how the quality of towels is critical in the increasingly competitive hospitality industry that has to operate within growing environmentally-conscious parameters. The study showed the importance of environmental practice at hotel and that importance to customers.  Read More

5 Ways to Save Money With On-Premise Hotel Laundry

There are a number of arguments to be made for keeping your hotel laundry in-house rather than outsourcing to a vendor. Quality control, time management, and guest perception are a few reasons to go with on-premise hotel laundry services, but the biggest reason for many hotels, unsurprisingly, is cost savings.  Read More

The Rise of Dual-Branded Hotels in Europe

  According to hotel consultancy firm HVS, dual-branded hotels are on the rise across Europe. Pioneered by AccorHotels 30 years ago, the concept sees two different hotels that are owned by the same company sharing the same site, perhaps even operating in the same building, using the same back-of-house operations, guest amenities and staff. It is a fantastic way to share operating expenses as well as attract a broader clientele. Read More

Cancun Hotelier Battles Hard Water in Laundry Operations with Xeros

Looking at the crystal blue waters of Cancun, Mexico, it's difficult to imagine this paradise would have a problem with its water damaging laundry machines and linens— but it does.  Read More

Xeros Donates Washer and Dryer to Building on Hope for the Michael Briggs Community Center

Building on Hope is a community partnership project series centered in New Hampshire. With the motto of 'many hands make light work,' a group of thousands of volunteers, comprised of individuals and businesses, come together every two years to renovate a non-profit facility. Read More

How Hotels Can Compete in the Sharing Economy

Tourism is rebounding, which is great news for the hotel industry. However, the emergence of peer-to-peer platforms such as Airbnb and the so-called sharing economy have put pressure on hotels to prove their worth to potential guests in an increasingly competitive market. Read More

New Sbeadycare ASSURE: Wash Laundry in Cold Water with Confidence

Today we announced Xeros Sbeadycare ASSURE, a new add-on service to the Sbeadycare program that provides periodic laundry hygiene monitoring and government compliance assistance to ensure that laundry operations meet all regulations. Like Sbeadycare XTEND announced early this year, Sbeadycare ASSURE is another first in the industry.  Together they provide customers with a “worry free” approach to managing their laundry operation. Read More

5 Reasons Why Xeros On-Premise Laundry is the Future for UK Hotels

Hotel and leisure facility operators in the UK tend to only consider labour, chemical, and equipment costs when evaluating their on-premise laundry facilities. However, if you examine the other costs associated with water, energy, maintenance, and repairs and you use this information to revamp your operations from the ground up, you could add thousands of pounds to your bottom line whilst maximising your customer’s experience.  Read More

Solar Desalination Takes a Giant Step Forward

Desalination is the process of extracting salt from seawater. We have written in the past about the challenges of desalination. In a previous post, we talked about the drawbacks of desalination including the huge amount of fossil fuel required to generate enough power to work, the challenge of disposing of the resulting concentrated brine, and the cost of transporting the desalinated water to other areas not near the coast. Read More

How Xeros Is Changing the Face of Hotel Laundry

Hyatt Regency, Hilton, Boston's Midtown Hotel, California's Stanford Park Hotel, these are all well known and highly regarded names in the hotel industry. They are also just a few of the names in the long list of hotels currently using Xeros near-waterless washing machines for their hotel laundry system. Read More

Fighting the California Drought on Catalina Island With Water-Saving Laundry

In the face of an historic California drought, business owners on Catalina Island—which is already considered a desert environment—have been pushed to implement new water conservation initiatives.  Read More

3 Commercial Laundry Profit Killers to Avoid

In order to ensure high commercial laundry profits, you need to have a solid grasp of both overhead cost management in your operation and the current market for laundry services. Seems simple, doesn't it? Just don't spend too much and offer customers what they want: a quality clean and excellent service.  Read More

AAHOA Members: Learn More About Near-Waterless Laundry at Regional Meetings

Hotels around the world are beginning to adopt near-waterless laundry systems by Xeros. Names like Hilton, Fairfield Inn & Suites, and Quality Inn are reaping significant savings from using less water and energy, as well as contributing to their sustainability programs. Read More

Drought Update: Water Conservation Needs to Be Top of Mind

I can’t recall a month with more perfect weather days in New England than this past June, warm sunny days with low humidity.  The unfortunate downside to this spectacular weather has been that my grass which is usually a beautiful green in June is brown as is the lawns of my neighbors.  We here in New England are getting a slight taste of what the folks on the west coast have been experiencing over the last several years with the historic Californian drought. Read More

Are Your Towels the Cause of Negative Online Hotel Reviews?

We all know how influential online reviews are for guests looking to book travel.  But did you know how important towels are in online reviews?  Hotel location, room size, cleanliness, and restaurant options are the familiar subjects for online reviewers.  New research reveals that towels are now showing up more and more in online hotel reviews and can impact your brand. Read More

Using Technology to Attract New Industrial Laundry Customers

The advancements we're seeing in industrial laundry technology are wonderful for a number of obvious reasons: the cost savings, the increases in efficiency, the level of sustainability, etc. But there's another advantage to upgrading your industrial laundry machines that may not be as obvious—and that's the ability to use that technology to attract new customers. Read More

3 Ways To Save Money in Your Commercial Laundry Business

Cutting costs while still maintaining a high level of customer service is difficult in any business. When it comes to saving money in a commercial laundry business, there are many different expenses and cost strategies to be considered. Read More

Why Towels Matter to Environmentally Conscious Travelers

According to the Guardian article by Richard Hammond, “Why sustainable tourism is the travel industry’s duty”, it’s well established fact that the travel industry as a whole is not particularly kind to the environment, to say the least. Airlines, hotels and their associated suppliers generate huge amounts of waste and pollution, accounting for 5% of global emissions. Read More

Caribbean Adopts Near-Waterless Laundry

Record droughts in the Caribbean islands over the past five years have businesses rethinking their water use.  With water and energy costs escalating and tourism being one of the primary industries in the Caribbean, it is important for hotels and for businesses serving hotels to implement water conservation practices on their properties.  Read More

Everything You Should Know About Commercial Washing Machines

Well, it’s finally happened. There are now robots to fold and sort your laundry, but it comes at a cost—$16,000, or £12,284 per machine to be exact. Seven Dreamers Laundroid uses a combination of multiple robotic arms, artificial intelligence, and a neural network to determine how to hold your laundry and fold it, but washing it remains a human task that needs to be endured. Read More

Towels Matter: 6 Branding Touchpoints to Boost Guest Loyalty

There is a difference between a hotel customer who has enrolled in a loyalty program and a customer who makes regular repeat visits. To turn your customers into enthusiastic, even passionate brand devotees, you need to create a personalized customer experience, with multiple touchpoints, that are consistent and true to your brand. Each touchpoint, and the way people react to it, is critical in creating loyalty and is an opportunity to reinforce your brand. Read More

Xeros Unveils Study on the Critical Role Towels Play in Hotel Selection, Guest Satisfaction, and Brand Loyalty

Xeros has just released the results of a study it conducted in February 2016 to learn how towels impact the overall quality of a hotel guest's experience.  The survey was based upon responses from 1,160 business and vacation travelers in the United States and the United Kingdom.  The survey results uncovered that the quality of towels is paramount in the increasingly competitive hospitality industry that has to operate within growing environmentally-conscious parameters.  Read More

The Small Business Owner's Guide to Dry Cleaning in 2016

Whether your family's been in the dry cleaning business for generations or you're starting up a brand new venture, you've probably noticed that it's tough to distinguish yourself as a dry cleaner in today's market.  Read More

Why Upgrading Your Hotel Laundry Equipment is a Good Long-Term Investment

Laundry may seem like a very small part of your hotel's overall operation, but it can be a very large part of each of your guest's satisfaction and—if you're not careful—your budget. Read More

Xeros Wins Top Water Efficiency Prize At the Edie Environment & Energy Awards 2016

Xeros has been announced the winner in the Onsite Water Efficiency category at the renowned edie Environment and Energy Awards 2016.  Read More

Learn How Xeros is Helping California Hotels Save Big at the Northern and Southern Hotel & Lodging Conferences

Join the Xeros team at the upcoming Northern and Southern Hotel & Lodging Conferences and learn how California hotels like Hilton LA/Universal Cityand Stanford Park Hotel are drastically reducing their water and energy consumption using the Xeros Wash System for their laundry operations. Both properties have been recognized by the Xeros Million Gallon Club! Read More

Hotel Management Strategies That Can Help You Focus on the Important Things

Hotel owner. Sounds like one job, doesn't it? Of course, we all know that isn't really the case. Hotel owners and managers juggle a myriad of responsibilities to a number of stakeholders, including the guests, the employees, and the local and global communities. Satisfying every one of them isn't just a full-time job—it's several full-time jobs. Read More

Hilton LA/Universal City Drastically Reduces Laundry Water Consumption

  As California continues to experience the worst drought in recorded history, hotels are challenged to meet stringent water mandates.  Hotel laundry services are a key area to target for conservation since laundry operations in hotels represent 20% of overall water usage.  In the U.S., a hotel laundry service uses approximately 25 gallons of water for each occupied room every single day. Read More

See Xeros at Choice Hotels International 62nd Annual Convention

All over the world, hoteliers are looking for ways to make their operations more efficient without sacrificing quality of service. Since its founding in 1939, Choice Hotels International has been dedicated to being at the forefront of the lodging industry in providing, as they state on their website, “value-driven, affordable lodging in convenient and popular locations.” This community of major hotel brands has collaborated to find ways to help improve the hotel guest experience for decades. Read More

Reclaim Revolution: Xeros Customer Saves Average of 60% on Linen Recovery

When the British government introduced the National Living Wage at the start of this financial year, it was good news for workers who were struggling to make ends meet. But for commercial laundry owners, this new law means even higher costs in an already competitive and tightening market.   Read More

Verdanza Hotel Becomes First in Puerto Rico to Use Xeros Near-Waterless Laundry System

In concert with last week’s World Earth Day celebration, Verdanza Hotel in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico announced the installation of the Xeros polymer bead cleaning laundry system, which uses 80 percent less water than a traditional industrial washer, up to 50 percent less energy, and approximately 50 percent less detergent.  Read More

Hospitality Management Trends to Watch in the Second Half of 2016

Hotel guests are always looking to be impressed, and hotels should always be looking for the best ways to impress them.  Read More

10 Ways Hotels Can Reduce Their Impact On The Environment

Let's be honest: The argument over whether "going green" should really be a priority for the hospitality industry is over. It is a priority and it has to be a priority for a number of reasons, including customer loyalty, cost savings, and most importantly, environmental impact. Read More

Five Ways to Improve Your Hotel's Laundry Efficiency

The term "efficiency" can have many meanings in the hospitality business, from the overall level of service to guests, to the timeliness of room preparations, to the energy efficiency and general "green-ness" of the hotel. Read More

Five Things Commercial Launderers and Dry Cleaners Should Know About CleanEx 2016

LCT CleanEx may have only launched in 2012 but it has already made a big name for itself. As the only UK exhibition entirely dedicated to the laundry, dry cleaning and textile care industries, this event attracts visitors from the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Read More

How to Tell How Much Money Your Laundry Business is Wasting

When you look over the books for your commercial laundry business, are you pleased with what you see?  Read More

The Most Important Way Your Commercial Laundry Can Make More Money

One of the things you learn very quickly when managing any business is that there are lots of people out there in the world who want to tell you the "best" ways to make money—and commercial laundry is no different. Read More

Dry Cleaners and Commercial Laundries: Want to Combat High Energy Bills & High Linen Recovery?

If you are a dry cleaner or a commercial laundry that provides professional laundry services, there is little doubt that your main business goal is to achieve high cleaning standards for clients. But issues such as high energy bills and linen loss mean it can be difficult to deliver optimum results whilst keeping a lid on expenses. Read More

Sbeadycare XTEND Extends the Life of Hotel Linens

Xeros has come a long way in the eight years since its revolutionary polymer beads were first developed at the world-renowned University of Leeds’ School of Textiles. Based in Rotherham in South Yorkshire, Xeros prides itself on its continued investment in research and development (R&D) to embrace new technologies and improve its laundry systems. Now, it has is extending hotel linen life with the launch of its Sbeadycare XTEND commercial laundry solution. Read More

The Million Gallon Club - Water Conservation Takes Center Stage

Xeros is pleased to announce The Million Gallon Club- an exclusive club where businesses are saving over a million gallons of water by using the Xeros near-waterless laundry system. Read More

Build Hotel Brand Loyalty Through Cleanliness and Comfort

For hoteliers around the world there is no hiding from the fact that the rise of the so-called sharing economy is having an impact on hotel revenues. In a recent report by Boston University, it was revealed that for every 1% increase of Airbnb listings, hotels see a 0.05% decrease in quarterly profits. With more than two million listings on Airbnb today, that is a huge chunk of missed hotel revenue. The only way your hotel can survive in this changing and competitive environment is to build brand loyalty. But you can’t build brand loyalty without delivering top notch customer experiences. Read More

Our very own Chief Science Officer Steve Jenkins on the BBC One Show

We’re very excited that our very own Steve Jenkins, Chief Science Officer was on The BBC One Show last night. The One Show is a topical magazine-style daily television programme broadcast live, starting at 7pm, on BBC One and BBC One HD on weekdays. The feature “Washing Without Water” showed the unique Xeros polymer beads in action and featured Steve Jenkins talking about their benefits. Read More

Water and Jobs: World Water Day 2016

Did you know that almost half of the world’s workers, that’s 1.5 billion people, have jobs that depend on the availability of water and have responsibility for ensuring its safe delivery? Read More

Going to 2016 AAHOA Convention? Learn About the Xeros Near Waterless Laundry System

The AAHOA convention is one of the nation's largest hospitality trade shows with more than 400 vendors, world-renown speakers, authentic Indian cuisine, dazzling Bollywood entertainment, educational sessions and one the best networking opportunities in the hospitality industry. Read More

High Profile UK Dry Cleaner Gets Great Results for the Stars

"In the five months we've been using the machine, the results have been excellent with theatrical costumes as well as general garments. As a business, the savings we'll make will be very welcome."  Read More

Caribbean Hotels Facing Cancellations Due to Water Shortage

After a quiet hurricane season in the Caribbean, the islands are experiencing worsening effects of the ongoing drought as the dry season approaches. The lack of rainfall is exacerbating the effects of the drought with no relief in sight. In fact some hotels are facing cancellations due to the water shortage. In a previous post, we talked about how meteorologists believe that the drought is one of the effects of El Nino weather patterns. Read More

3 Things You Need to Know About the Future of Hotel Laundry

The hotel laundry industry has had little innovation in the past 60 years.  But change is on the horizon and there are a few items spurring this industry transformation.  Let’s take a look at three things that will be paramount in the future of hotel laundry. Read More

UK Hotel Laundry by the Numbers

When it comes to running a hotel, keeping a lid on expensive energy bills can be difficult to say the least. Unlike other businesses which shut down at the end of the working day, hotels have to run around the clock, using huge amounts of electricity and water. Read More

Top 5 Questions Asked About Xeros Ultra-Low Water Laundry System

Our polymer bead laundry system is the first innovation in laundry in more than 60 years.  It really is a radically different innovation than what has been found in the industry, and as such we get a lot of questions about what it is and how it works. Read More

Five Things Hoteliers Should Know About Hotelympia 2016

If you’re a hotelier based in the UK, chances are you’ve been to London’s Hotelympia exhibition or at least heard of it. As the biggest food service and hospitality event in Britain, it prides itself on giving industry professionals access to the most innovative products on the market and insight into the latest trends in the sector. Read More

Commercial Laundries: Manage Hard Water Cost-Effectively

Hard water is usually defined as water that has a high level of mineral content, typically calcium and magnesium; the greater the concentration of these minerals, the harder the water. Read More

Health Club Towel Service: Differentiator or Money Pit?

Health clubs that offer towel service all agree that it is a great perk - one many members expect. Facilities that have a successful towel program either charge extra for towel use, or figure the costs for towels and laundry into membership fees and their operating budget. If you don't accurately cover your costs, your towel program could be more of a money drain than the service is worth. Read More

Catalina Laundry Drastically Cuts Water Usage with Near-Waterless Laundry System

22 miles off the coast of Southern California lies the idyllic destination of Catalina. This popular family friendly vacation spot for Californians is just 21 miles long and 8 miles across at its greatest width.  It boasts clean air, crystal-clear water and in contrast with Los Angles not a single traffic light.  Read More

Xeros Partners with eLaundry.com to bring Eco-Friendly Near-Waterless Laundry Services to New York City

This morning we announced that we have partnered with eLaundry.com to bring near-waterless laundry services to NYC. eLaundry.com provides on-demand laundry services to consumers and commercial customers in New York City such as hotels, spas, salons, colleges and universities, health clubs, and restaurant and is one of the largest laundries in Manhattan. The company offers free pickup and delivery in Manhattan that can easily be scheduled online or by text message. eLaundry.com processes over 3.6 Million lbs of laundry per year and aims to make doing laundry accessible, affordable, and easy with superior cleaning results. Read More

Hotelympia, London 2016: See Xeros Near Waterless Laundry System in Action

Hotelympia prides itself on being the biggest food service and hospitality event in the UK, as well as the most important in terms of how it gives industry professionals access to the very latest products on the market. On its website, Hotelympia describes itself as the best place to find real innovation and ideas – which is exactly why Xeros will be there.  Read More

Xeros Wins 2016 BIG Innovation Award for Near-Waterless Laundry System

We are excited to announce that Xeros has won a BIG Innovation Award from the Business Intelligence Group for its polymer bead cleaning laundry system.   Read More

Growth is in the air for UK hotels

If UK inbound tourism figures are anything to go by, the global recession may just be behind us at long last.  According to Visit Britain, tourism has been the fastest growing sector in the UK since 2010 in employment terms, and by 2025, the nation is expected to have a tourism industry worth over £257 billion. The latest quarterly data shows visits from overseas residents to the UK in the second quarter of 2015 were up by 5% compared to the same period the previous year. Furthermore, spending by overseas visitors during April to June last year was up by 7% compared with quarter two in 2014.  Read More

Cut Hotel Laundry Operational Costs with Sbeadycare

For any business, controlling costs is an important issue. Being able to regulate spending to create steady, predictable expenses helps business owners establish their total cost of doing business and makes financial planning easier. Read More

UK Spas Expand Facilities

British people are stressed. With the latest figures showing that stress accounted for 35% of all work related ill health cases in 2014/15, it is not surprising that hardly a day goes by without a new superfood being uncovered or a kitchen gadget being released, promising to make you live a longer and feel healthier. Read More

UK Hotel Trends 2016: Eco on the Up

It’s no secret that the booming international travel industry generates huge amounts of waste and pollution, with tourism accounting for 5% of global emissions. If you also consider the fact that in December 2015, 195 countries adopted the first ever universal legally binding climate deal at the COP21 talks in Paris, it’s little wonder then that hotels, especially in the UK where they rank in the top 5 energy and utilities users, are increasingly focussed on reducing their environmental impact; both in terms of their own direct utilities use, and that of their supply chain. Read More

Keep your Rental Linens in Tip-Top Shape with Xeros

Whether you are cleaning napkins and tablecloths or sheets and towels, rental linens can take a beating. Keep your rental linens in tip-top shape with Xeros Polymer Bead laundry systems. Read More

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015 in Commercial Laundry

2015 was an exciting year for Xeros. Polymer bead cleaning in commercial laundry became a viable, competitive, and accepted technology in the market. Hotels, commercial laundries, and dry cleaners are continuing to adopt polymer bead cleaning to clean their textiles. They are reaping significant benefits of reduced water, energy, and chemical costs while implementing a very sustainable laundry operation within their businesses. Read More

Will the El Niño Storms Help California out of its Historic Drought?

The Pacific area is being hit this week with back to back storms due to the El Niño weather pattern. Earlier this week floods saturated California with record rain and the rains are expected to continue for days, so severe that a flash flood warning has been issued by The National Weather Service.  Read More

Hotels: Improve Guest Comfort While Cutting Operational Costs

Successfully managing a hotel has its challenges. Keeping guests happy and staff motivated is no easy feat.  And even if you are effective at both of those tasks, you must be able to measure and monitor expenses and take action to reduce hotel operations costs where appropriate.  But reducing costs can never be at the expense of quality and service.  Guest comfort and experience is paramount to every decision regarding costs. Read More

Happy Holidays From Xeros!

  This year has been incredible for Xeros, so we wanted to take a minute to reflect and say thank you to all those who have helped make Xeros what it is today. Read More

IoT Improves Sustainability in Laundry Operations

Buzz about the Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere, and many companies are trying to figure out how their devices can connect to the Internet in a smart way to bring new benefits to users. For instance, the Nest smart thermostat has become a poster child for the Internet of Things, spurring Google to acquire Nest Labs for $3.2 billion in early 2014. Read More

New Promising Desalination Technologies

Seawater desalination is one of the most expensive sources of fresh water. It is not a silver bullet for the current water shortages. The total costs of desalination combined with environmental costs are high, both in absolute terms and in comparison with the costs of other alternatives.   Read More

4 Laundry Items that Ensure Hotel Guests Feel the Luxury of Your Linens

Linens can change the whole feel of a space.  They can really help set whatever mood or theme is desired for the space. Depending on the color and texture, they can add an air of sophistication and elegance or warmth and comfort to a room.  Clean and crisp linens are a mark of luxury.  They are the physical item that guest come in most contact. But they can be easily soiled from coffee, wine, food, or makeup and if not properly cared for the feeling of luxury will be replaced by shabby and dingy.   Read More

Eastern Hotelier Magazine Features Xeros Laundry System

Eastern Hoteliers magazine featured the Xeros ultra-low water laundry system in news about our new channel partnership with St. Clair Fine Cleaners in Vermont. Read Eastern Hoteliers' article on new products. Read More

LTC Review Finds Superior Linen Recovery Available With Xeros

A review of our bead cleaning technology by independent laundry experts LTC has demonstrated substantial financial savings for commercial laundries—with Xeros having the most effective recovery process they have ever reviewed. Read More

Hotel CSR Initiatives: Water and Energy Conservation are Key

Hotels across the globe are putting a strong focus on sustainability and embracing corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. Initiatives include community partnerships, human rights support, volunteer activities, giving programs and environmental stewardship. Water and energy conservation are  key themes in most programs.. Read More

Energy Savings Often Overlooked When Buying Commercial Laundry Equipment

All our actions have a direct and indirect impact on climate change. Both consumers and businesses are actively trying to reduce their carbon footprint and one of the resulting benefits is reduced energy costs. Energy conservation is a win-win for everyone. Read More

Drops Vs. Beads: Why Water is Not an Efficient Laundry Solution

We're pretty sure water has always been used to clean fabrics. Before the days of washing machines, people used washboards, or even rocks or rough sand, to scrub the dirt from clothing before rinsing it in whatever water source happened to be nearby. Read More

Why Autumn is the Perfect Time to Think About Energy Savings For Businesses

It's November, and while the world may not look particularly green at the moment, fall is the perfect time to think about energy savings. Read More

Trade In, Trade Up at HX 2015

Interested in switching over to the Xeros® wash system and saving your business 80 percent in water costs? Well, that deal just got even sweeter. Read More

5 Things Hospitality Professionals Should Know Before Attending HX2015

  To celebrate a century of gathering the hospitality industry's brightest luminaries, the International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show has a brand new name for its annual show in New York City. Happening November 8-10, the largest hospitality show in North America will draw more than 15,000 hotel and foodservice owners, executives, directors, and general managers from the hospitality industry. Read More

19 Companies Now Offering Utility Incentives for Polymer Bead Cleaning Systems

Energy efficiency is top-of-mind for all businesses today.  Managers are constantly seeking ways to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs.  In order to support these efforts, government agencies have implemented programs to help finance technologies that save energy, cut pollution and help enable sustainability.     Read More

7 Hotel Laundry Equipment Mistakes That Could Be Costing You

For any business, finding ways to minimize costs and improve profitability is key to success. For hotels, striking a balance between providing top-notch customer service and being economically sound is a much more daunting task than many outside the industry might believe. Read More

Dry Cleaners Adopting Polymer Beads for Laundry

Like most business today drycleaners are seeking ways to improve operations, reduce costs, enhance customer satisfaction and lessen their carbon footprint.  The best in the business are constantly taking actions to improve workflow and efficiency in order to stay ahead of increasing costs. Read More

El Nino Expected to Worsen Caribbean Drought

After a quiet hurricane season in the Caribbean, the islands are bracing for worsening effects of the ongoing drought as the dry season approaches. The lack of rainfall is exacerbating the effects of the drought with no relief in sight. Meteorologists believe that the drought is one of the effects of El Nino weather patterns. According to LiveScience, El Niño is a climate cycle in the Pacific Ocean with a global impact on weather patterns. The cycle begins when warm water in the western tropical Pacific Ocean shifts eastward along the equator toward the coast of South America. Normally, this warm water pools near Indonesia and the Philippines. During an El Niño, the Pacific's warmest surface waters sit offshore of northwestern South America. According to a recent forecast by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), El Niño has an 80 percent chance of lasting into early spring 2016, and a greater than 90 percent chance lasting through the upcoming winter. El Nino typically produces a quieter hurricane season. Read More

See Xeros in Action – Booth 2037- at HX: The Hotel Experience

In its 100th anniversary year, the International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show® (IHMRS) is making big changes for its November 8-10, 2015 show at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York City. Read More

Q&A with the Developers of Polymer Beads Laundry Systems

How do polymer beads clean your laundry? Laundry has been cleaned the same way for over 60 years, with a lot of hot water, detergent, and agitation, so new technology is often met with skepticism. But our polymer beads are the product of years of painstaking research and development. Each aspect of the design of the beads, from their chemical composition, to their shape and size, to the amount of beads to be used in each wash cycle has been carefully optimized to ensure a gentle, but thorough, wash. The polymer material reacts with moisture in a manner similar to a sponge and activates the beads to trap dirt and stains from the laundry. Read More

The Xeros Solution in Action During  California Drought

Xeros has been working diligently to help hotels based in California reduce their water consumption in laundry operations. Several establishments have implemented Xeros' near-waterless laundry system with great results. The state of California is still enveloped in one of the worst droughts on record, and state officials have responded by passing mandatory water restrictions. Statewide, businesses are expected to cut their water consumption by 20 percent or face stiff penalties. Read More

California is Running out of Water in Drought Crisis

The drought in California has been one of the worst on record. The severe lack of rainfall for the last few years has created a crisis situation for Californians as rivers, lakes, and reservoirs dry up throughout the state. Read More

Stanford Park Hotel Cuts Laundry Water Use by 78% in CA Drought

In Menlo Park, California resides the Stanford Park Hotel, which is lauded as one of the finest hotels in the state. As recorded on the Stanford Park Hotel website, the hotel has “been a AAA Four Diamond property for over 25 consecutive years.” The hotel offers many fine amenities, colonial-inspired architecture, and convenient access to the heart of Silicon Valley.  However, like many other businesses in theState of California, the hotel has had to deal with the effects of the severe drought that has been affecting the state for the last few years.  Two of the major effects of the drought that have affected business include: An Increase in the Cost of Water. Water rates for the Menlo Park, California-based hotel are a staggering $19.15 per 1000 gallons as compared to the $3.60 per Ccf (Centum Cubic Feet) charge in an east-coast state such as Virginia (source: Richmondgov.com). Water Use Restrictions. Because of the drought, mandatory water restrictions have been put in place throughout the state, with hefty fines for businesses that violate restrictions. The hotel took several proactive action to reduce water consumption. One of these actions was to reduce the water consumption of their in-house laundry operation by installing two Xeros polymer bead commercial laundry systems. Read More

Tulalip Resort Casino Uses Xeros to Reduce Water & Energy Use

Businesses in the hospitality industry are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency and the guest experience so as to rise above the competition. Read More

The Benefits of Polymer Beads: Absorbing Stray Colors

Sometimes, inventors and scientists can make remarkable innovations in one field while trying to create a solution to a completely different problem. Such was the case with the creation of the stain-eating polymer beads used in Xeros’ near-waterless commercial laundry system. These beads, which are now used to soak up soils from fabrics, were originally formulated as part of a project designed to find new ways to apply dyes to fabric. It was during this research that the University of Leeds School of Textiles researchers asked “if we can anchor dye onto fabric, can the process be reversed?” Read More

California Incentives to Help Dry Cleaners Move from Perc

The state of California has always been a leader in protecting the environment. And they continued that proud heritage recently with the creation of an incentive program to assist dry cleaners in phasing out the use of perchloroethylene (also known as “perc”). The solvent and likely human carcinogen, is widely used for dry-cleaning fabrics but is being barred for use for all dry cleaners by the year 2023. To aid dry cleaners in the transition, the Air Resources Board of California will provide a $10,000 grant incentive to dry cleaners who remove their perc machine and replace it with alternative non-toxic and non-smog forming technologies such as water-based and CO2 cleaning systems. Read More

Oh Canada! Sustainable Xeros Polymer Bead Laundry System Now Available

Any visitor to Canada will tell you - it’s a country blessed with both beauty and natural resources. Read More

How Polymer Beads Make Commercial Laundry Sustainable

Water is one of the most precious resources on planet Earth. Without water, humanity cannot exist. Water is so integral to our bodies that, according to the USGS water science school, “In adult men, about 60% of their bodies are water.” That’s right, most of your body weight is water. Just to survive and be healthy, you need to drink about 2 – 3 liters of water every day. This makes clean drinking water a critical resource for human survival. Yet, as reported by water.org, roughly “750 million people lack access to clean water” and “more than 840,000 people die each year from a water related disease.” Read More

Pier Cleaners Saves the Day with Reclaim – the Magic is in the Beads

If there’s one thing Larry Fish of Pier Cleaners knows, it’s the laundry business. Owning his operation for the past 15 years, the company itself has been around since 1956 and the long-term employees have a combined experience knowledge of over 212 years. He refers to them with some pride as his “miracle workers.”  This lengthy experience explains why, in addition to providing standard commercial laundry services, the company is entrusted with cleaning the performing costumes of internationally known superstars appearing at nearby Foxwoods Casino. Recent customers, who usually need their custom outfits done thoroughly and quickly, include Kanye West, Christina Aguilera, and Usher. Read More

Can this be true? Water Shortages in the Caribbean?

Given the press coverage, everyone should be familiar with the epic drought currently affecting California. But how many are aware of the one facing the Caribbean? While drought is not an unexpected thing in arid California, it is surprising that a range of tropical islands famed for rainforests, hurricanes, and over 100 inches of rainfall would suffer from a lack of drinking water - but it’s true. Despite being surrounded on all sides by water, it’s all saltwater and most islands in the Caribbean are largely dependent on rainfall for their drinking water. This amount of rainfall varies widely among the islands but many of them rely on “feast or famine” patterns between the wet and dry season. Read More

How Polymer Bead Laundry Systems Provide Superior Cleaning

For commercial laundry operations, the quality of the clean is paramount. Customer satisfaction and the business’ reputation rest on getting fabrics put the wash impeccably clean. With a traditional wash process, this can be problematic. The high wash temperatures, copious use of chemicals, and rough mechanical action cause extra wear and tear on fabrics in the wash, and many times, removing soils takes multiple wash cycles. Worse yet, the soils and dyes that do get extracted from fabrics are left to float free in the wash water, where they can be re-deposited onto the fabrics in the wash, causing said fabrics to become dirty all over again. Thankfully, there’s a better way to get fabrics clean, one that does less damage to fabrics and keeps soils and dyes from depositing on fabrics in the wash. Read More

Extending Garment Life with Xeros

In commercial laundry operations, it’s important that the fabrics you wash, whether they’re hotel bedding linens, work uniforms, or ordinary clothes, don’t just come out clean, they come out with as little wear and tear as possible. For hotels, the damage done to linens by a traditional wash cycle contribute directly to the hotel’s costs. Why? Because, wearing out linens faster means having to replace these linens more often, which means higher replacement costs year over year. This is why garment life is so important to hotel laundry operations. Other commercial laundries find superior fabric care to be important because it ties directly to customer satisfaction, and thus, retention. Read More

Are Your Laundry Efforts too Harsh on Fabrics?

In any commercial laundry operation, whether you’re a hotel processing linens on-site or a third-party laundry company owner that processes laundry for other businesses, fabric care is a critical concern. For hotels, harsh washing processes can prematurely wear out linens such as bedding, increasing the hotel’s linen replacement costs. For professional laundry operators, poor fabric care can result in customer complaints and lost business. With this in mind, it is important to ask yourself this question: “Are your laundry efforts too harsh on fabrics?” Read More

Grow Your Existing Coin-Op Laundry with Premium Wash, Dry & Fold using Xeros

It's true that many of the biggest business successes were never part of the original business plan. To survive and thrive, business owners need to be able to spot and seize opportunity when it presents itself. And that's exactly what happened to one coin-op laundromat, 4 Minute Laundry in Marietta, Georgia, when they purchased and installed a Xeros washing machine and put it on display near the front window. Originally designed to highlight the company's environmentally friendly business practices, the ultra-low water machine was such a hit with passerby it led to an expansion of business offerings including commercial and residential laundry, pickup and delivery services, as well as a premium wash, dry and fold service for customers. Business is booming with the environmentally friendly message. Read More

Fascinating Technologies to Help Avert the Global Water Crisis

It is indisputable that water scarcity is at a crisis level. Research has found that two-thirds of the global population, a startlingly four billion people, live under conditions of severe water scarcity at least one month of the year. Read More

4 Outdated Hotel Laundry Processes to Forget with Xeros

Getting hotel linens clean is an expensive, time-consuming process for many hotels. Between the water, chemical, energy, and labor used on each load of laundry, the expenses can really pile up. Because of this simple fact, many hotels are constantly trying to find ways to cut costs in their hotel laundry operations. This, in turn, has led to the creation of many different processes for handling hotel laundry. However, recent developments in green commercial laundry technology, such as the use of stain-eating polymer beads to remove soils from fabrics instead of water, have rendered some old laundry processes obsolete. Read More

Who Said People Can’t Change? Californians Rise to Water Conservation

They say bad habits are hard to break but Californians are doing so in rising to the water conservation challenge. Residential water usage dropped a whopping 29% in the month of May after Governor Jerry Brown called for sweeping water consumption reductions in the face of a historic drought. Read More

3 Ways Industrial Laundry Loads are Costing You & the Environment

Running a commercial laundry operation isn’t cheap. Between the investments that have to be made in specialized industrial washer-extractors, dryers, labor, utilities, and facility space, the cost of setting up a commercial-grade laundry operation can quickly become extraordinarily high. Read More

So, how do the Polymer Beads Wash Clothes?

It all seems so straight forward - put clothes in washing machine, add water and detergent and voila! Clean clothes. But in fact this simple machine masks what is actually a complex process. How exactly do conventional washing machines pull dirt off clothes and rinse it away? The science is more interesting than you might think. Read More

How Hotels Can Save Money on Commercial Laundry Operations with Xeros

Every business wants to save money. Finding ways to reduce costs while continuing to provide top-quality service is a key concern for hotels. At times, the need to provide excellent guest service and the need to reduce costs can feel like mutually exclusive goals. Read More

How Green Rankings Benefit Hotels

As consumers become more and more sensitive to environmental issues, the demand for green products and services continues to grow. In many industries, there is a lot of pressure for companies to go green and be more environmentally friendly. Read More

How Polymer Beads Save Water in Laundry Operations

In Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s famous poem, “Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” there’s a fairly well-known line that goes “Water, water, every where,/ Nor any drop to drink.” This highlights one of the great ironies of life on planet Earth; although roughly 70 percent of our planet is covered in water, only a small fraction of a percent of that water is readily available for human consumption. Read More

Opting for Water Conservation instead of Conflict

We are all-too-familiar with wars for oil but wars over water? Oil cost multiple dollars per gallon and is a trillion dollar industry while water is free and covers 70% of the Earth’s surface. Why fight? It’s all an illusion. While water is seemingly plentiful only 1% of it is usable by humans. Consider a human can live, at most, three days without it and it’s actually one of our most precious resources.  In America we take water for granted but the fact is water is in short supply in many parts of the world. An American taking a five minute shower uses more water than the average person in a developing country slum uses for the entire day. Worldwide, 780 million people lack access to clean clean water, and 3.4 million die each year from from water, sanitation, and hygiene-related causes. Read More

Impactful, Green Travel Habits to Pick up on

Every day, thousands of people get in their car, hop a bus, board a train, or get on a flight to travel, both for business and for pleasure. The travel industry has a huge impact on the American economy. How huge? According to the U.S. Travel Answer Sheet from the U.S. Travel Association, the travel industry generates $927.9 billion in direct revenue, and another $1.2 trillion in indirect and induced revenue. This industry supports roughly 15 million American jobs, such as hotel staff positions. As huge as the travel industry is, it naturally has a significant impact on the environment as well. Read More

Water and Energy for All – Increase Use Efficiency

When it comes to remarkable growth curves, the world population graph is hard to beat. Humanity has flourished as technological advances and improvements in health care have reduced child mortality and extended lifespans. The number of humans on Earth has grown from an estimated one billion to seven billion in the past 200 years. Most remarkable in all this is all signs indicate the rate of growth is getting faster. While it took approximately 123 years for the world population to grow from one billion in 1804 to two billion, it took only 33 years to reach the three billion mark in 1960 and only 15 years to hit four billion from there. While estimates vary, experts predict the world population in 2050 will be anywhere from 7.4 billion to more than 10.6 billion. Read More

Water Use Habits are Hard to Break

When it comes to human survival in the wild, it helps to think of the "Rule of Threes": a person can live three minutes without air, three days without water, and three weeks without food. It's clear water is very important to human life.  Now consider water, our second most precious resource after the air itself, covers about 70% of the Earth’s surface, but less than 1% is available for human use. Water, seemingly abundant, is actually a finite resource and precious commodity. Worldwide, 780 million people lack access to clean water, and 3.4 million die each year from a water-related disease. Read More

Green Technologies that Save Commercial Laundry Operations Money

Commercial laundry operations have many challenges that they need to overcome. From finding ways to control costs, to providing top-notch fabric care for customer laundry, to meeting increasingly strict environmental regulations, the challenges seem never-ending. At times, these goals may seem mutually exclusive. Read More

What are Your Commercial Laundry Services Really Costing You?

For any business that processes laundry as a professional service, whether you have a hotel with an in-house laundry service or are a commercial launderer, the cost of running your equipment can be one of your largest business expenses in a month. With a traditional laundry machine, even a so-called “high-efficiency” unit, 3 to 4 gallons of hot water are consumed with each pound of laundry washed. Because of this fact, high utility costs are often considered a given for commercial laundry services. Read More

How Do You Get The Beads Out?

We had a great time at the recent Clean Show in Atlanta. It was a fantastic experience meeting so many interested laundry owners, manufacturers, and operators. And it did not surprise us in the slightest when so we kept hearing the same question: "How do you get the beads out?" This is the one question we've come to expect at all our shows. The Xeros cleaning system is so new, the first truly revolutionary laundry technology in over 60 years and one that dramatically reduces water, energy and detergent use, that many do not quite understand how the underlying technology works at first. We've written about it before but given the frequency we heard it at the show perhaps a fuller explanation is in order. Read More

Going with the Flow: Hydropower Renewable Energy

What is Hydropower? Hydropower is electricity generated from the energy of moving water and is considered to be one of the largest sources of renewable energy. China, Canada, Brazil, the United States, and Russia are the five largest producers of hydropower representing almost one-fifth of the world's electricity. According to National Geographic, a typical hydro plant is a system with three parts: an electric plant where the electricity is produced; a dam that can be opened or closed to control water flow; and a reservoir where water can be stored. The water behind the dam flows through an intake and pushes against blades in a turbine, causing them to turn. The turbine spins a generator to produce electricity. The amount of electricity that can be generated depends on how far the water drops and how much water moves through the system. Read More

Controlling Laundry Operational Costs in Hotels, Drycleaners, and Industrial Laundries

For any business, controlling costs is an important issue. Being able to regulate spending to create steady, predictable expenses helps business owners establish their total cost of doing business and makes financial planning easier. However, regulating costs can be particularly difficult for commercial laundry operations, especially for variables such as detergent and other consumables. The amount of capital you spend on consumables is usually difficult to predict, as the amount of chemical you use changes depending on the soil level of the items you wash and the number of loads of laundry you process in a month. Read More

Xeros FAQs: How are Xeros Beads Removed from the Wash?

The Xeros laundry system represents the first true innovation in the laundry process in 60 years. As such, many people have questions about the Xeros system, such as how it works and what the benefits of polymer bead-based laundry are. One question that we hear all the time from commercial laundry owners is: “How do you get the beads out of the laundry?” Read More

Differentiate Your Designer Duds Washing Process with Xeros

Among the wealthiest clients, quality of service is paramount. When the rich and famous bring their best $1,500-plus designer duds to their dry cleaners in Beverly Hills or other exclusive locations, they want the best clean that money can buy, and are willing to pay for quality that’s a cut above the rest. When money’s not an object for your clients, how can you differentiate your business to attract these ultra-wealthy clients? One way is to offer the absolute best fabric care for your clients’ clothes and providing a top-notch clean. Read More

World Day: Fighting Desertification and Drought

Wednesday, June 17 is the World Day to Combat Desertification, a U.N.-recognized observance that urges countries around the world to prevent the loss of arable land. The loss of fertile farmland presents a looming crisis for the world, so it is imperative that we do everything we can to prevent the desertification of the Earth. In many regions of the world, people are experiencing great difficulty in securing enough water to maintain basic health and sanitation standards. Desertification and drought are destroying arable land, and people are being left without clean drinking water as groundwater reserves dry up from overuse. Even populous, “first-world” regions are not immune to troubles with drought. Read More

Xeros Partners with China's Sea-lion to Manufacture Near Waterless Laundry Systems

On May 28, 2015 Jiangsu Sea-lion Machinery Group (‘Sea-lion’) opened a new 300,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Jiangsu Province, China. Sea Lion is China’s largest manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment. Located in Zhangjiagang City, the new facility boasts state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing processes which will manufacture the Xeros’ polymer bead cleaning laundry equipment. Read More

These Colors Don't Run - End the Color Bleed in Commercial Laundry

It was in our research lab at the University of Leeds’ School of Textiles that we realized certain polymers absorbed dye so effectively they could be used to remove stains from fabrics. Using these polymer beads could reduce the need for hot water and instead rely on unheated ambient water to wash fabric. This resulted in dramatic reductions in energy, water, and detergent use in commercial laundry applications. Read More

The Proof: It is Possible to Disinfect Laundry With Cold Water and Less Detergent

Professional laundries use hot water and detergent because it's the only way to get clothes clean and rid them of potentially harmful bacteria. But is that entirely true? Is it possible to wash clothes in ambient water and get them completely bacteria-free? Part of the promise of using the Hydrofinity laundry machine is it lowers the need for hot water and detergent - reducing a commercial laundries water use by up to 80%, energy use by 50% and detergents by 50%. We've known using our system is effective and delivers a superior wash but, scientist that we are, we wanted conclusive scientific proof that Hydrofinity gets clothes as clean and bacteria-free as conventional washing. Read More

Xeros to Showcase Near-Waterless Laundry at the Rocky Mountain Fabricare Association Trade Fair

On June 14, 2015, Xeros will be joining dozens of vendors and dry cleaning professionals at the RMFA’s (Rocky Mountain Fabricare Association) 2015 Dry Cleaning Trade Fair to showcase our wet-side laundry technology. The RMFA is an organization that is dedicated to, as they put it on their website, enhancing “the image and viability of the fabricare industry through education, and development of the skills, talents and professionalism of its membership.” Read More

Help Xeros Save the World’s Water for World Oceans Day

Water is one of the most precious elements in the world. Without water, life as we know it cannot exist. Plants and animals alike rely on water for sustenance in one form or another. Humans rely on water for not only nourishment, but for everyday tasks such as cleaning and bathing. Communities both large and small need access to fresh, clean water to survive. Despite this, many seem to take water for granted. Nearly 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, which leads many to assume that water is an endless resource and that they have no impact on the health of the Earth’s oceans. However, everyone has an impact on the world’s oceans. Every piece of trash that winds up in the sea, every chemical, can adversely affect ocean life, and life on the rest of the planet as well. In recognition of this fact, the Canadian government proposed a World Oceans Day before the United Nations General Assembly in 1992. Read More

June 5 is World Environment Day!

What is World Environment Day? World Environment Day (WED) is the United Nations’ principal vehicle for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the environment. Over the years it has grown to be a broad, global platform for public outreach that is widely celebrated by stakeholders in over 100 countries. It also serves as the ‘people’s day’ for doing something positive for the environment, galvanizing individual actions into a collective power that generates an exponential positive impact on the planet. Read More

Life of the Polymer Beads: How Do Soils Get Absorbed?

For over 60 years, the basic principles behind removing soils from fabrics has remained largely unchanged. The application of copious amounts of hot water, detergent, and rough agitation is a world-recognized method. The traditional method for handling commercial laundry is so ingrained that business owners tend to look upon new methods of handling laundry with incredulity. For example, when told about the polymer bead-based Xeros commercial laundry system that cuts water use up to 80% by replacing hot water with beads in the wash cycle, the first reaction of many experienced commercial laundry operators is to ask: “how can plastic beads get stains, soils, and odors out of fabrics?” Read More

Xeros FAQs: What’s included with Sbeadycare?

As revolutionary as the polymer bead cleaning system is, there’s more to getting the most out of the Xeros system than simply hooking up the machine and running a few loads of laundry.  To maximize the results that are possible with the Xeros polymer bead commercial laundry machine, Xeros offers a specialized management system called Sbeadycare. What comes with Sbeadycare, and how does it benefit your commercial laundry operation? Here’s what you get with Sbeadycare from Xeros: Read More

Greening Your Business: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle for Professional Dry Cleaning

Going “green” for drycleaners is not just about regulations. It’s about attracting customers, retaining employees, and improving profitability.  Today’s customers are environmentally conscious – they are carrying recycled shopping bags and eating organic food and they want to support businesses that are eco-friendly. Green practices can enhance your public image and help attract and retain talented employees who take pride in their workplace. New technologies are available that help reduce consumption of our natural resources such as water, as well as reducing the use of chemicals.  Forward-thinking drycleaners need to do more than just “greenwash” their offering. They need to implement business practices that have a positive impact on the environment and the community. Read More

A Gentle, Superior Clean for Delicate Fabrics and Custom Shirts

It's been proven that washing laundry with Xeros technology reduces water, energy, and detergent use but there’s one other benefit to the beads - they are scientifically engineered to provide a gentler, even clean that avoids creasing and preserves the life of fabrics. This ability opens up a world of possibility to commercial laundries. Using Xeros, drycleaners can now offer cleaning services to owners of high end clothing (think $700 custom shirts) without fear of damage and excessive creasing. Likewise, high volume commercial laundries servicing hotel linens can considerably extend the lifetime of these fabrics. Read More

Answering Common Questions: Will the polymer beads melt?

One question that we heard over and over again at The Clean Show in Atlanta was – “Will the beads melt?” It’s a fair question. After all, most polymers aren’t heat resistant and will melt when subjected to temperatures in excess of 300° F (148° C). This is a big concern for laundries that use steam presses and other high-temperature processes on the items that they clean. But…Xeros’ scientists have already thought of this issue, making sure that…Xeros Polymer Beads are Resistant to High Temperatures. Even if a stray bead does manage to lodge itself into a fabric item, it will not melt in a standard industry clothes press. Why? Read More

The Benefits of Using Xeros Bead Cleaning Technology for Textile Care

How would you like to get the textiles that you wash cleaner than they’ve ever been before while actually saving money on water, heating, and chemicals? How would you like to expand the list of products you could wash to include ultra-delicate items that would be destroyed by a conventional wash process so that you could take more customers? With polymer bead cleaning technology, you can enjoy the above benefits and more. How does using beads for textile care provide these benefits? Read on to find out: Read More

PG & E Offers Energy Incentives for California-based Commercial Laundries

If you are a California-based hotel, dry cleaner, spa, athletic club or commercial laundry you may be eligible for financial incentives from PG&E for adopting polymer bead cleaning laundry systems from Xeros. Read More

Rethinking Wet Clean: The Old Rules No Longer Apply

For decades, several rules have dominated the commercial laundry industry: Read More

California Drought: An Expensive Solution - Desalination

"Water, water, everywhere, And all the boards did shrink; Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink." Samuel Coleridge wrote those words over 200 years ago and they ring true for California today. Facing an epic drought and freshwater shortage, Californians are looking to the 187 quintillion gallons in the neighboring Pacific to convert to drinking water.  Read More

The Environmental Impact of Using Beads vs Water in Commercial Laundry

Commercial laundries are under intense scrutiny when it comes to the environmental impact of their operations. There is constant pressure to be ever more efficient with natural resources such as water, particularly in areas such as California where drought conditions have resulted in a state of emergency. Another concern is reducing the amount of effluent, or chemical waste, which is put into the environment by laundry processes. With this in mind, how does the use of polymer beads instead of water in commercial laundry impact the environment? Read More

Xeros, a Choice Hotels International, Inc. Qualified Vendor, is Proud to Bring Hoteliers the Future of Laundry

All over the world, hoteliers are looking for ways to make their operations more efficient without sacrificing quality of service. Since its founding in 1939, Choice Hotels International has been dedicated to being at the forefront of the lodging industry in providing, as they state on their website, “value-driven, affordable lodging in convenient and popular locations.” This community of major hotel brands has collaborated to find ways to improve the hotel guest experience for decades. For a little over a year now, Xeros has been a proud part of the Choice Hotels community, helping to bring sustainable commercial laundry initiatives to key hotel brands across America. Read More

Measuring Operational Efficiency in Commercial Laundry

A maxim in business is "You can only manage what you measure" and it's true. Improving performance in anything involves setting a baseline, experimenting and refining the process, and then measuring the outcome to indicate success. But with this truism comes a question - what should you measure? Read More

How to Move Beyond Traditional Commercial Laundry Machines

The commercial laundry world is changing, especially for businesses that operate in drought-stricken areas of the world. Every day, the need to become more resource efficient is getting emphasized more and more. In some areas, such as California, the water shortage became so severe that government officials have passed water use restrictions. With more potential water crises looming on the horizon, one thing is clear: it’s time to move past water-wasting traditional commercial laundry machines. How can you do this? Here’s how: Read More

5 Ways to Improve Your Dry Cleaning Process with the Xeros Technology

For members of the dry cleaning industry, the search for ways to improve the cleaning process is never-ending. Every dry cleaner wants to provide a superior clean while cutting costs and boosting productivity. So, how can your dry cleaner’s wet-side operation be improved? One way is to adopt the use of Xeros technology for your wet-side operations. Here are a few of the improvements that your dry cleaning operation will see when using Xeros Technology: Read More

Cleaning Up at The Clean Show

It was a great show at this year's Clean Show in Atlanta and we were simply blown away by the turnout at our booth. It was a wonderful experience to be able to share our revolutionary washing technology with so many interested people. We'd like to thank all the attendees who stopped by our booth to speak with us. Did you see Laura, the hologram? She was a hit! For those who do not know about it - The Clean Show is the main event in North America for the laundering, dry cleaning and textile services industry. It's a terrific resource for learning about the latest products, trends and strategies to improve your commercial laundry's bottom line. Read More

Xeros' Winning Streak Continues With Top Product of the Year Award

In the company of industry legends that include Caterpillar Inc., Johnson & Johnson and General Motors, Xeros was recognized by the Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards. Xeros Commercial laundry system captured the Top Product of the Year 2015  in the awards which recognize excellence in products and services that provide companies with energy and environmental benefits.  This honor follows on Xeros’ recognition by the prestigious Financial Times ArcelorMittal Boldness in Business Awards.  Read More

Reducing Water Consumption for Earth Month

Although many of us like to think of Earth Month as every month - this April marks the 45th anniversary of the official Earth Month! April, as conditions thaw from a long winter and the flowers start blooming again, is a good time to remember and acknowledge that everything we need for our survival and well-being depends on our natural environment. Read More

Xeros' New High Performance Dryers: Save Even More On Utilities

Xeros has revolutionized the world of commercial laundry with polymer bead cleaning technology. Now, it’s time to take efficiency in commercial laundry to the next level with new high-performance, energy-efficient dryers made specifically to take advantage of the Xeros bead-based laundry system. After all, why should energy savings stop at the wash process? Introducing Xeros’ High Efficiency Dryers Created to work with the already energy and water-efficient Xeros commercial laundry machine, the new 80 and 120 lb. capacity drying machines from Xeros employ numerous energy-saving technologies to improve their efficiency and save you money on energy utilities. Read More

Xeros Scoops Prestigious Financial Times Award

Xeros has joined the ranks of Twitter, Groupon and GoPro to scoop a prestigious Financial Times accolade.  No other laundry company has ever been nominated or received recognition by winning one of these awards, reinforcing Xeros’ claim that its bead technology is the first genuine innovation in the laundry industry for more than 60 years. Read More

Resellers - Do you want to generate monthly recurring revenue?

Are you a reseller looking to generate revenue by selling Xeros cleaning systems as well as create a monthly recurring revenue stream? Do you want to help your customers “go green”?  On April 8, Xeros announced we are expanding our partner program to include the Sbeadycare service program. With the expansion of the program, resellers can now offer hotels, commercial and industrial laundries, dry cleaners, fitness clubs and spas a one-stop complete solution that saves them money on water and utility costs while delivering a superior clean. Read More

The Impact of Polymer Beads on Fabric Lifetime

Recently, we talked about the benefits of using polymer bead cleaning technology for textile care. One of the many benefits covered was the way in which polymer bead washing enhanced the useful life of textiles. How does using polymer beads instead of hot water for getting fabrics clean impact the useful life of those fabrics? Here are a few ways in which the lifetime of fabrics is extended by the use of polymer beads instead of hot water in the wash. Read More

Laundries Reduce Water Usage by Up to 80% with Xeros

According to news outlet CNN, on April 1, 2015 California Gov. Jerry Brown imposed mandatory water restrictions for the first time on residents, businesses and farms, ordering cities and towns in the drought-ravaged state to reduce usage by 25%. "It's a different world," Brown said Wednesday. "We have to act differently." A staggering 11 trillion gallons are needed for California to recover from the emergency. Read More

See Xeros in Action Next Thursday at the Clean Show 2015, Booth #4033!

On Thursday, April 16, the Clean Show 2015 kicks off four days of laundry industry innovation from some of the best and brightest companies on the planet. The Xeros team will be there at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA to show off our water-saving polymer bead laundry cleaning technology at booth #4033. Read More

Tips for Prolonging the Useful Life of Hotel Linens

For any hotel, providing clean linens can quickly become very expensive. Not just keeping linens clean enough to satisfy guests, but also the cost of replacing worn or aged linens as they become unacceptable for use. Because of how expensive it can be to replace them, it is a good idea to keep your existing linens in top condition for as long as possible. Carefully managing how hotel linens are washed is a key part of ensuring a longer useful life. To help with this, we’ve assembled a list of tips that hoteliers can use to make sure that their linens are cleaned properly and will last for longer. Read More

Green Hotel Efforts Appeal to Millennials

Millennials are increasingly expecting the destination resorts they patronize to be environmentally conscious - without paying an additional price. According to Scott Lee, a designer of Ritz-Carlton and Auberge properties, millennials are inclined to stay at destination hotels that are both environmentally and culturally sustainable. “How do we preserve a place, yet share it with the world?” is a question he seeks to answer to appeal to the environmentally concerned consumer. Read More

Nature as an R&D Lab: 5 Amazing Examples of Biomimicry

For more than three billion years, life has been evolving, surviving and thriving on planet Earth, giving scientists access to a natural research and development laboratory to drive innovation. Leonardo da Vinci is credited as being one of the very first people to use so called ‘biomimicry’ in the 16th century when he studied birds in order to try and enable human flight. Since then, biomimicry has exploded as a concept, with scientists and engineers working together to create some amazing and inspirational inventions, five of which we’ve outlined here. Read More

Sbeadycare: One Stop Service for Commercial Laundry Operations

It’s true in any business - investing in new equipment or technology can dramatically increase efficiency and cut costs. So what sometimes holds some businesses back from taking this step?  In a word - time.  A large investment in new technology has a number of potential issues that can sink any business, including unexpected cost increases, unforeseen complexity, and a steep learning curve. Further, coordinating with multiple vendors can make things complicated and cloud whom to contact if things go wrong. Read More

Join Xeros for the Clean Show 2015 at Booth #4033!

Are you ready for a four-day series of exciting exhibitions at the Clean Show 2015 located in the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA? What is the Clean Show 2015 and why should I attend, you ask? Read More

World Water Day 2015

Our amazing planet is made up of more than 70% of water, so it’s hardly surprising Earth has the nickname ‘the blue planet’. World Water Day on March 22 is a celebration of this infinitely valuable resource and the theme for this year is ‘water and sustainable development’. The focus is upon how water is linked to so many different important parts of life – from economic development and hygiene, to manufacture and health. Here, we’re exploring some of the key areas that are in the spotlight for this year’s World Water Day. Read More

Do You Have What it takes to be a Xeros Channel Partner?

Attention Commercial Laundry System Retailers! Xeros is proud to announce the launch of our newest effort to bring sustainable textile and fabric care to the world: the Xeros Channel Partner Program! What is this program, and why should you care? Read More

Managing Dry Cleaning Energy Costs with Polymer Bead Technology

Controlling energy costs and satisfying government regulations regarding emissions can be incredibly difficult for even the best commercial dry cleaning operation. The traditional dry cleaning process is inherently emissions-intensive, which is why many consumers have a negative image of dry cleaners as a whole. Read More

Setting Green Goals for Commercial Laundry Operations

It’s been proven that going green is more than just good marketing, it also makes for good business sense as well. With 2015 still in the early stages, it’s important to think about green goals for your commercial laundry operations. Some important components to consider as you draw up your plan: Read More

Xeros Scoops Another Major Business Award

In December 2014, we published a blog post on how Xeros’ awards cabinet is starting to fill up with prestigious business awards. Well, we are barely into 2015 and already we are pleased to report that Xeros has scooped another top award.  Less than a year since being named University Spin Out of the Year at the New Energy and Cleantech Awards and winning bronze at the prestigious Edison Awards, Xeros has claimed the Innovator prize at the Yorkshire Business Masters Awards. The scheme, which recognises excellence, entrepreneurship, growth and enterprise in the region's corporate community, attracted a record number of entries this year. Xeros was recognised for the most creative or original business thinking and is proud to have beaten off some stiff competition. Read More

How to Take Control of Your Hotel’s Laundry Services

For many hoteliers, laundry operations can be a serious concern. When running an in-house laundry operation, the associated costs can sometimes spiral out of control. Between the labor for running the machines and folding linens, the copious amounts of water consumed with each load, and the heating utilities for keeping said water hot, the operational costs for running an in-house hotel laundry operation can quickly spiral out of control. Read More

What You Don’t Know about Hotel Laundry Machines May Hurt You

In many hotels with in-house laundry operations, perhaps even your own hotel, there is something in the building that is undesirable, something that is inefficient, costing your operations untold sums of money in water, heat, and chemical costs, all while sending your expensive linens to an early grave: it’s your laundry’s washer-extractor machines, and they’re killing your operational efficiency. Read More

Why Technology Is A Boon To Water Conservation

In the developed world, water is commonly seen as an unlimited resource.  Read More

Depleted Groundwater is at Crisis Level

Changing climate conditions and rising population are putting unpreceded demand on global water resources. When rain is unable to satisfy farming irrigation needs, groundwater which is already is short supply is tapped. The excessive use of this diminishing resource could have serious effects on the world’s food supply. Read More

How Global Shortages and Water Conflict Affect Commercial Laundries

For many, it is hard to imagine that there might not be enough water to go around. After all, roughly 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. Read More

Gizmodo: Happiness Is These Futuristic Washing Machines

Here is a summary that highlights polymer bead cleaning as the real future of laundry. This article was written by Meg Neal for Gizmodo Australia. To read the article in its entirety, click here. Read More

Six Green Technologies That Give Us Hope For A Sustainable Future

It’s a well-known fact that green technology is no longer just a niche part of the global economy. With emerging economies such as China, India and Brazil jostling for resources alongside the West, there’s never been a more pressing time to embrace green technology that helps cut carbon emissions. These revolutionary new technologies give us hope for sustainable future, as long as they are embraced by the world’s main economic players: Read More

Xeros Technology Lowers the Operating Costs of Hospitality Operations

Here at Xeros, we know that the polymer bead washing system represents an enormous leap forward in laundry washing technology. The statement that this is the first true innovation in how laundry gets cleaned in over 60 years is no idle claim, it is a provable statement. For the last 60 years, the basic operating principle of dunking fabrics in hot, soapy water and sloshing it around has remained largely the same. However, the Xeros polymer bead washing technology changes the whole operation by replacing water with millions of reusable, stain-absorbing polymer beads as the primary cleaning solution. Read More

Water Supply Is A Global Problem, No Matter How Much You Pay

It has recently been announced that water and sewerage customers in England and Wales will see their water bills fall by an average of 2% over the next year. While this is not bad news for consumers, this amounts to just a £9 average fall, from £394 to £385 per year, and for many households this is still pretty hefty bill to stomach. Also, with inflation, average household water bills are expected to rise to over £400 a year for the first time in 2015. This follows the on-going trend of rising household bills in the UK since privatisation of the water companies, when the average annual household water bill was just £236. Read More

Rise of the Eco-Spa

It’s difficult to stand out in a crowded field and this is particularly true in the hotel and spa industry. Industry analyst Peter Anderson has called the phenomenon “Spa Wars”, an area “where product differentiation is subtle and the competitive edge can be paper thin.” Read More

Hospitality Locations Increase Eco-Friendly Initiatives

All over the world, hospitality locations are looking to reduce their costs and be more efficient with their resources. In short, they’re looking to “go green.” While many hoteliers go to extremes to be more eco-friendly, such as asking customers to reuse towels and linens instead of having them washed, others are adopting a revolutionary new laundry technology: the Xeros polymer bead-based washing system. Why? Read More

Why Adopting Green Technology Makes Business Sense

Adopting green technologies with a view to helping cut carbon emissions is no longer just an option for businesses – it is inevitable. There’s an impending race for resources on the horizon with the International Energy Agency (IEA) chief economist recently saying that global energy consumption is set to grow by 33 per cent over the next 20 years, with half of this growth stemming from China and India. As time goes on, in order for green technology to permeate beyond the confines of the energy sector, more businesses will need to redesign their processes and supply chains in order to compete within the constraints of a resource-poor economy.  Read More

But Will There Be Polymer Beads in My Pockets?

There’s no question Xeros technology marks the first real innovation in the laundry industry in 60 years. With the success of new innovations come common questions. Several potential buyers have asked, “Will I have stray beads in the laundry afterward?” Read More

Sustainable Textile Care with Xeros Polymer Beads

In many regions of the world, the need for sustainable water initiatives is becoming more and more apparent. The World Water Council reports that as water resources become scarcer, “tensions among different users may intensify, both at the national and international level.” Read More

Energy Incentive Programs at Work for Commercial Launderers

All around the world, energy consumption is becoming an increasingly important concern. Many energy generation methods produce an enormous carbon footprint and consume the planet’s finite resources. In the EU, goals have been set to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% or more by 2030 and boost renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements by 27% as well. In the USA, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S Department of Energy (DOE) are cooperatively working with more than 60 leading gas and electric utility providers on what they call the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency. This action plan is designed to encourage energy conservation among all energy consumers. Read More

Why Falling Oil Prices Mustn’t Deflect the Search For Eco Technologies

With global oil prices in free-fall there have been a number of reports that consumers, particularly in the US, are switching away from small economical cars to larger ‘gas guzzlers’. It illustrates a fundamental challenge that faces ‘green’ pioneers. Products that use less resources and energy have to deliver the same or better performance than the less efficient products they seek to replace. Read More

Greening the Textile Supply Chain is Good Business

It’s safe to say that in the textile industry, business interests and environmental interests have not always got along. So it is a sign of progress to see their convergence in the green movement. Increasingly, textile companies are realizing “going green” isn’t just good PR, it’s also a good way to increase efficiency, and consequently, profits. Read More

A Look Back at the Green Technologies of 2014

As we start another exciting year of research & development here at Xeros, further harnessing the power of bead cleaning technology, we thought we’d reflect on some of the new green technology ideas which caught our imagination in the past year. Read More

Water and Energy the Connections Run Deep

It may not seem it at first glance but energy and water are intricately linked. The connection between energy and water stretches far beyond just the use of energy to heat water for us in our homes and buildings. Our water and energy systems are truly interdependent as producing energy uses water, and providing freshwater uses energy. Water is used in every step of generating electricity and producing energy. Energy is needed to extract, transport and deliver water used for human consumption as well as to treat wastewaters so it can safely be returned to the environment. And both these processes are challenged with accelerating limits and problems. Read More

How Polymer Bead Cleaning is Changing the Commercial Laundry World

For more than 60 years, there has been little change in the world of commercial laundry. While laundry machines have seen some technical improvements and relatively minor efficiency increases, their reliance upon the ages-old tactic of using copious amounts of hot water and detergent to get linens and other fabrics clean has constrained the amount of innovation that was possible. Read More

Every Snowflake Counts – US Drought Hits Resorts Hard

The North American drought disrupted a variety of summer activities such as boating, rafting, camping and fishing that help make up the California’s $85-billion outdoor recreation industry. This past summer, sport fishing tournaments, yachting races and white-water rafting trips were scrapped because water levels in lakes and rivers were too low. Read More

Autumn Statement 2014: A Boost for British Science

As the UK emerges from what’s been dubbed the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, the role science and innovation has to play in driving growth shouldn’t be underestimated. The nation maintains a leading global position in scientific research but it’s previously been argued that it has not sufficiently capitalised on these strengths for its own economic benefit. A 2010 report prepared for the government said that this is in part due to a ‘critical gap’ between research findings and outputs, and their development into commercial propositions.  Read More

The Future of Hotel Laundry

For the past six decades, there has been very little in the way of true innovation in the way laundry gets done. According to the Alliance for Water Efficiency’s website, even with high-efficiency washer-extractor machines, 3-4 gallons of water is wasted for every pound of laundry washed. This is because despite the high-efficiency claims, these machines still rely on the basic principle of using large amounts of hot water and heavy detergent to clean linens, towels, and other fabrics. Fortunately, the future of hotel laundry operations has arrived. What is this revolution in laundry machine technology? What does it look like? The answer to these questions is a small, white polymer bead. Read More

How Regulation Has Changed The Nature of Detergents

Since the birth of the environmental movement in the 1970s, there’s little doubt that attitudes towards detergents and their ingredients has changed significantly. The shift initially began taking place in the mid-1960s when it was discovered that the phosphates and surfactants found in detergents were damaging fresh and marine waters as well as killing fish, dolphins and aquatic plants. Read More

15 Organizations Tackling the Global Water Crisis

Because of the importance of water in sustaining life, the increasing demand for it as a result of global population growth, as well as the rate at which pollution and consumption is making useable water scarcer, it is more important than ever to find ways to conserve water. Conserving water not only helps all of us ensure a sustainable supply of drinking water for now, it helps ensure that our children and grandchildren will have access to the water they will need to survive. Read More

Why Desalination is Not the Answer to the World's Water Issues

Water is the foundation of life. Not only are our bodies made up of over 60% of water but we require clean, safe drinking water to survive as well as to grow our food and move our waste stream. While our population has exploded the amount of freshwater on the planet has stayed constant. Water use has grown more than twice the rate of population increase in the last century. Today nearly 700 million people worldwide suffer from water scarcity.  And that number is expected to grow to 1.8 billion in just 10 years.   Read More

How Low & Cold Water Laundering Has Changed the Use of Detergents

Major changes in laundry technology have influenced the use of chemicals in wash processes. Two drivers have been the move towards lower temperature washing and the use of much less water, both of which need to be considered by launderers looking to protect their margins. Read More

Walking the Walk: What Our 2014 Awards Say About Us

Xeros’ awards cabinet is quickly starting to fill up.  The revolutionary washing machine manufacturer further cemented its position as a ‘green game changer’ this year as it scooped another series of high profile awards. Read More

Hyatt Regency Reston Xeros Laundry Project Awarded Most Innovative Green Project by Virginia Green Program

Xeros is not the only company racking up awards this year for its innovative environmental success.  The Hyatt Regency, Reston has recently won the Virginia Green Program’s Most Innovative Green Project award.  Run through a partnership of the Department of Environmental Quality, the Virginia Tourism Corporation, and the Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association the program encourages green practices in Virginia’s tourism industry. Judging criteria for the Most Innovative Green Project was the project’s uniqueness, its environmental benefit and the potential for other tourism facilities to learn from the project. And the Hyatt Regency Reston Laundry Project hit the mark on each benchmark.    Read More

Energy Saving Trust: Engaging Employees in Energy Saving Behaviours

With governments and institutions placing an increasing emphasis on rising energy prices and implementing CO2 legislation, there are many compelling reasons why businesses should focus on energy saving and sustainability. Indeed, there are numerous economic and environmental benefits that come from giving offices the eco-friendly refurbishments they desperately need.  Read More

More than $200K in Incentives offered by Utility Companies to Hotels and Commercial Laundries Adopting Xeros Laundry Systems

To help businesses, utility companies have a number of incentives that include programs to make lighting, heating, and facilities more energy efficient.  There is government funding available under the Federal Energy Management Program’s Energy Incentive Program in the U.S. for utility companies to help businesses become more energy-efficient. One way utilities help businesses become more energy efficient is to offer financial incentives if they adopt new energy saving technologies. Read More

Xeros Showcase Event - Xeros Domestic Laundry System

Last week, we welcomed analysts, media and investors to a Xeros showcase event in the City of London, where for the first time, Xeros presented a prototype of the Xeros Domestic Laundry system.  Read More

Why California Hotels Need to Rethink Commercial Laundry

For many hotels, an in-house laundry operation can be one of the biggest consumers of water utilities in the hotel. While some might accept high water consumption rates as a fact of business, there are many reasons why hoteliers might want to rethink their in-house commercial laundry operation. This is especially true in areas experiencing a severe drought, such as California. Read More

The commercial price of water shortages

Recently CDP, an international, not-for-profit organization which provides the only global system for companies and cities to measure, disclose, manage and share vital environmental information, released the results of its Water Report 2014, where Global 500 companies were surveyed about their attitude to water usage and the risks associated with future shortages. The findings made for very interesting reading and prove that water is becoming an increasingly important issue to companies and their investors, as the risks associated with resource scarcity grow. Read More

Ford: Setting an example with LED lighting

When Ford announced last month that it was to invest more than $25 million in LED lighting at its manufacturing facilities around the world, the headlines which followed focused on the $7 million energy cost savings the technology would achieve in the years ahead. Very good news for Ford’s bottom line, of course, but behind those headlines a powerful, more far-reaching message was being conveyed to stakeholders, such as employees and millions of existing and potential customers: Ford cares. Read More

Ground-Breaking...The Wonderful Science Behind the Xeros System

There is fast-growing awareness of the unique Xeros commercial laundering system that involves the use of water being largely replaced by fully reusable and recyclable polymer beads. Xeros’ own team has been largely responsible for developing the science to its current ground-breaking stage. When chief science officer Dr Steve Jenkins, an eminent polymer physicist, joined the company in 2009, the only patent in place covered the basic interaction of polymer beads with garments. Read More

Dry Cleaners Go Green with Xeros

More than ever, commercial laundries are under pressure to find ways to be more efficient not only maximize their profits, but to reduce their carbon footprint in efforts to appeal to their environmentally conscious customers. For decades, the dry cleaning industry, in particular, has been the focus of MACT and GACT control standards for Perchloroethylene (perc, for short) as a part of the US’ Clean Air Act. Perc is a solvent used in dry cleaning that has been identified as an “air toxic” with numerous health risks caused by exposure, such as adverse effects on the kidney, liver, immune system, and hematologic system, in addition to impaired cognition and motor control. When released into the environment, perc evaporates, contributing to the creation of smog when it reacts with other volatile organic carbon substances in the air. This is a large part of the reason why dry cleaners have begun to distance themselves from the use of perc in their cleaning processes, choosing instead to use other solvents and processes for cleaning fabrics. For example, Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners uses Green Earth Cleaning solutions for dry cleaning in place of perc.  Additionally, for its laundry side of the business, Crest recently discovered the Xeros polymer bead washing system. Read More

UK's Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme Is A Step In The Right Direction

Many organisations with a presence in the UK need to be preparing now for a welcome scheme compelling them to identify energy saving opportunities.   Affected bodies have little more than a year to confirm compliance with the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme to the Environment Agency. They can do this from 1 January 2015 and the final deadline for doing so is 5 December next year.  Before taking this step, however, there could be several significant, and potentially time-consuming, hurdles which relevant entities must clear. Read More

How the U.S. is Taking a Lead on Energy Efficiency

“Energy efficiency is not just a low hanging fruit; it is a fruit that is lying on the ground.” These poignant words were spoken by the former US Secretary of Energy Stephen Chu, who delivered a speech on energy efficiency at Harvard University in 2009. Read More

Green Tourism Week: Hotels Play a Leading Role in Water Reduction & Conservation

Green tourism is growing in popularity and hotels are rapidly coming to understand the commercial as well as reputational benefits of going green.  Read More

Water Wars Escalate

Conflicts over water have been happening since the beginning of time. Disputes over access to water resources happen for several reasons including lack of water, military action, political clashes or development disputes. The combination of expanding and shifting populations, increased energy consumption, resource mismanagement, overuse, and climate change is stressing water supplies. Read More

Carrot vs Stick: Why we need to act to encourage the adoption of energy saving technology

Last week, European leaders agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% by 2030; a 27% target for boosting renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements was also confirmed.  There has since been fierce debate, with critics arguing that the targets are not ambitious enough, and risk damaging the green economy in Europe. Those in favour of the targets set by the EU point to the fragile European recovery being hindered when high targets are imposed. Read More

Xeros Heroes

Energy efficient technologies are big news at the moment. Last month, the inventors of super-efficient blue LED lights were awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics. The Nobel Prize committee commented that the light-emitting diodes hold great promise for more than 1.5 billion people around the world, who currently live without access to grid electricity. Read More

Join Xeros at Booth #2037 of the 2014 IHMRS Conference and Exhibition

From November 9 to November 11, hundreds of exhibitors will be putting their innovations on display at “the longest running and most comprehensive trade event for the hospitality industry.” Read More

Hospitality Industry Takes Leadership Role in Sustainability

The concept of sustainability has gained momentum in recent years and the hospitality industry has been on the forefront of this movement. Prompted by the rise in corporate social responsibility programs, embracement of environmental concerns and the drive to reduce operational costs sustainability issues now permeate nearly every facet of the hospitality industry. Read More

Energy Efficiency: Governments Could Do More

From smarter appliances and eco-friendly cars to LED lights, there’s evidence the market for energy saving products is booming. Read More

Are we in a megadrought? Water conservation takes center stage.

What is a megadrought? Why should we care? A megadrought is a prolonged water shortage lasting two decades or longer. The likelihood is high that this century could see a multi-decade dry spell like nothing else seen over the past 1,000 years, according to research presented last fall (September 2013) at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. In fact some believe that this megadrought that is impacting California, southwestern U.S. and the plains states could last more than a century. Read More

10 Reasons Why You Need Pay Attention to the Water Shortage

If you are currently living in a drought stricken area, you have been experiencing firsthand the impact of a water shortage. For the rest of us, we occasionally hear about it in the news but it doesn’t necessarily impact our daily lives. That is about to change. Water shortages are real and with climate changes are going to be more widespread and frequent. Water shortages impact everything in our daily lives—the economy, food, energy, disease, and our overall livelihood. Everything from where you vacation to how you do your laundry will be impacted a water shortage. Here are ten things that you should know about water shortages. Read More

See Xeros in Action at the Lodging Green + Sustainability Conference + Expo – Booth #103!

In just a few short weeks, the 2014 LODGING Green + Sustainability Conference + Expo will kick off at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Beginning on Tuesday, October 28 and running until Thursday, October 30, the Expo will feature dozens of experts and thought leaders who will provide their insights about earning green certifications, enacting best practices for energy management, and the benefits of sustainable practices. Read More

Water is the New Oil - Conserving Commercial Laundry Water Usage

I recently attended a panel discussion at the Edison Awards conference titled Water is the New Oil. While the threat of oil shortage has an impact on our way of life, the impact of water depletion affects life itself.  Water sustains life however it can cause death if polluted, carries infectious microbes, or takes the form of tsunami, flash flood, storm, or hurricane. Read More

Hospitality Cut Costs by 50% by Switching to Polymer Bead Laundry

The hospitality industry is striving to be greener. But according to some benchmarks, there’s a lot of room for improvement. Read More

Extending the Life of Hotel Linens

When it comes to hotel linens, the only thing that matters is customer satisfaction. Customers want linens to be clean and fresh smelling, soft and dense, and offer a home-like experience. In fact, bedding and linens are now a competitive differentiator. Read More

Green and Clean – Expand Your Hotel Brand

The first two things travelers look for in a hotel are typically location and price along with secondary factors such as hotel brand and amenities. But after that, travelers turn to review sites and booking engines to check out other traveler’s real life experiences. Very few people will book a new hotel without reading reviews. As of February 2014, there were more than 150 million reviews and opinions on TripAdvisor, the most popular hotel review site in the world. Read More

3 Ideas to Improve the Sustainability of Your Hotel’s Laundry

For many hotel owners and managers, improving sustainability is of the utmost importance. Whether it is necessary for keeping in line with new conservatory regulations, to minimise the consumption of water during a drought or other shortage, or to simply be able to say that their hotel is following green initiatives, hoteliers often look for ways to improve the sustainability of their hotels. This is especially true of in-house hotel laundry operations. Read More

Wiser Washing Part 2: Commercial Laundry with Dramatically Less Water

This is the second post in a two post series that discusses the impact commercial laundry has on water consumption. This article in its entirety was first published in Industrial Water World. Read More

Wiser Washing: New Advances in Commercial Laundry Technology

This is the first post in a two post series that discusses the impact commercial laundry has on water consumption. This article in its entirety was first published in Industrial Water World. Read More

Utility Incentives Now Available for Hotels and Commercial Laundries

To help businesses, utility companies have developed a number of incentives that include programs to make lighting, heating, and facilities more energy efficient.  Specific program services range from education, technical assistance and buying alliances through to financing assistance in an effort to help firms reduce operating and maintenance costs. There is government funding available in the U.S. for utility companies to help businesses become more energy-efficient. Read More

Guaranteeing Cleanliness in a Sustainable World

There has been a lot of buzz around new peer-to-peer travel sites such as Airbnb and Couchsurfer. Airbnb provides an online marketplace that connects people with rooms to share with people who need a place to stay. Couchsurfer operates in the same way but instead of booking a bed, the traveler books a couch. For budget-conscious travelers, hipsters, and group travelers these online community marketplaces work. Read More

Emerging Trend: Hotels Adopt Near Waterless Laundry Operations

In the U.S., hotels use approximately 2.3 billion gallons of water per month to launder linens. To put this in perspective, that is roughly equivalent to the water NYC residents consume in about 12 weeks, or one month water consumption of every household in drought-stricken Sacramento, California. Read More

Why Hotel’s Laundry Services are Responsible for High Utility Costs

For hotels that use in-house laundry services to provide their guests with clean linens and bath towels, high utility costs are often a fact of life. The question for many hotel owners and managers is, “why are my hotel’s laundry services responsible for such high utility costs?” Read More

Leveraging Waterless Laundry for LEED Certification

Momentum for Leadership in Environmental Design (LEED) certification in hospitality continues to build. Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the LEED system for design, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings promotes environmental responsibility during the building process and sustainable habits in operations. Although once considered “a nice to have”, sustainability has become table stakes in hospitality. Hotels now realize the benefits of green building and with LEED they can showcase their commitment to the environment and appeal to their environmentally-conscious customers at the same time. Read More

Laundry by the Numbers: How Much Water Could Xeros Conserve?

For many hospitality-focused industries, the utilities used by laundry operations are a constant concern. For example, in the U.S. alone, hotels use approximately 25 gallons (94.6 litres) of water for each occupied room every single day, just on laundry. Read More

Why Xeros Polymer Bead Technology is Perfect for Industrial Launderers

Xeros’ bead-based commercial laundry machines represent the single largest leap forward for the laundry industry in six decades. This revolutionary new technology does something that no other laundry system has ever done by replacing water as the primary medium by which stains are removed from fabrics in the wash. The Xeros system is set to change the way that the entire world processes their laundry, which is an accomplishment that our R&D team is very proud of. The question for industrial laundry businesses, however, is “why?” Why should your own laundry operation make the change from traditional soap and water based commercial laundry machines to the Xeros polymer bead technology? Simply put, the Xeros system is ideal for any laundry-intensive business, especially professional industrial laundry services that provide clean linens to other businesses. Read More

Hotel & Lodging Industries Save Money with Xeros' Polymer Bead Cleaning

Commercial laundry has not changed very much at all in the last 60 years. Despite marginal improvements to the technology in laundry machines from one year to the next, there has been little in the way of real innovations in the laundry process for six decades. Read More