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Happy Holidays and Xeros Year in Review


Happy holidays from Xeros

The new year is a time for celebration, reflection, and resolution. Xeros has had an exceptional 2017, filled to the brim with innovations, progress, and triumphs in sustainability that speak to the larger green laundry movement.

Xeros Year in Review

Any business venture worthy of time and attention is part of a bigger movement, which is why Xeros was extremely proud to announce the launch of the first sustainable collaborative laundry project, the Symphony Project, which was named a 2017 Top Sustainability Product by The Business Intelligence Group. The mission of the Symphony Project is to bring sustainability to the industry, one laundry room at a time.

To further this mission, Xeros made an appearance at the 2017 Clean Show, the largest textile care exposition in the world, where we promoted the versatility of polymer cleaning and raised awareness for the Symphony Project.

"The encouraging level of interest Xeros received at The Clean Show is a testament to our compelling proposition,” said Mark Nichols, Chief Executive at Xeros.

And a compelling proposition it is. So compelling, in fact, that Xeros has recently expanded by implementing their near-waterless technology in the growing Middle Eastern hospitality industry, specifically to hotels in the drought stricken UAE.

In a similar vein, Xeros has achieved great success in conservation in hotels across the United States. Near-waterless laundry is particularly integral to California’s recovery from years of drought.

Xeros has reached an exciting milestone: Our laundry systems have helped 33 organizations each save more than one million gallons of water and over 130 million gallons combined. Two hotels saved over five million gallons and eleven saved more than two million gallons.

Sustainability in the New Year

Xeros continues to aim for a laundry experience that does not compromise quality for efficiency, regardless of whether it is installed in a hotel or in a laundromat, or maybe even a residence. In fact, our goal is to enhance the laundry experience, while simultaneously preserving Earth’s resources.

Xeros is confident in fulfilling this mission. While we are very proud of the accomplishments made in 2017, we will continue to prepare for 2018. We look forward to taking on the challenges of new year.

From the all of the Xeros team, we want to wish you a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year.Xeros Laundry by the Numbers Infographic

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