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Hotels Step Up Their Sustainability Initiatives

The hospitality industry leads the way in sustainability initiatives. Hoteliers have long recognized the importance of sustainability, including the environmental, economic and social impact as well as integrating sustainable development into every facet of the business.  Let’s take a look at some of the newest initiatives in this market.  Read More

Topics: Sustainability, Hospitality Industry

Hard Water – Textile’s Gray Problem

Hard water which is found in countries around the globe damages laundry machines and turns bright linens dingy and gray.  Let’s take a look at this laundry challenge.  Read More

Topics: Hard Water, Textile Care

New Customer Care Helpline in the UK!

For all of our customers, Xeros Polymer Cleaning represents a critical piece of their laundry operations. So obviously, when operational issues arise, a quick resolution is very important. We are pleased to announce that we have launched a new, dedicated customer support line in the UK.  The new number is:  + 44 (0)333 210 3000 You can call this line to: Create new support cases Check on the status of existing cases, and update those with additional information For all other inquires in the UK: + 44 (0)114 2699 656 The customer support line for North America is +1-877-393-8447. For all other inquiries in the US, please call +1-844-207-1099.  Read More

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‘Day Zero’: What More Can Hotels Do to Combat the Drought Crisis in Cape Town?

The global water crisis has been well publicised for many years now. Never before has it been reported that a major international city was on the brink of running out of water.   Read More

Topics: Water Scarcity, South Africa

Ensure Your Rental Linens Are Ready for the Spring Wedding and Event Season

The spring wedding, graduation and gala season is almost upon us. Each of these special events requires turning venues, sometimes very dull rooms, into the bride, graduate or event planner’s fantasy.  Linens play a pivotal role as they can quickly transform a venue from barren to a truly magical space.  Read More

Topics: Rental Linens

Four Sustainable Laundry Operations You Should Know About

It's an old, but oft-repeated myth in the world of business that you can't be both financially successful and environmentally conscious. Particularly in traditionally wasteful industries like hospitality.  But it simply isn't true. Today there are numerous companies with sustainable, environmentally-friendly laundry operations that can be a model to the rest of the industry.   Read More

Topics: Laundry Operations, Sustainability

4 Reasons You Should Resolve to Conserve Water at Your Hotel This Year

It’s no secret that water is one of the most precious resources we have on our earth, yet we continue to use it like there’s no tomorrow. In the midst of a global water crisis, hotels use an estimated 25 gallons of water to do laundry for each hotel room every day in the United States. On average, that’s around 2.4 billion gallons of water used per month just for laundry. Along with landscaping, pools, bathrooms, housekeeping, and the kitchen? That’s a lot of water.  Read More

Topics: Water Conservation

Xeros Secures Second Symphony Project Agreement

Xeros is thrilled to confirm it has signed its second Symphony Project agreement. The project was first launched in April 2017 to provide manufacturers of conventional commercial washing machines with ‘open source’ access to Xeros’ revolutionary polymer technology.   Read More

Topics: Symphony Project

Xeros' Mission to Make Laundry Sustainable: What You Want to Know

Laundry as we know it is experiencing a wave of change—a nearly waterless wave. In the modern world, we associate cleanliness with success. Showing up to a job interview with a coffee spill from yesterday on your shirt isn’t acceptable. Clean hotel linens are essential to a quality guest experience. And so on.  Yet cleaning fabrics comes with a cost. We are throwing millions of gallons of water and detergent down the drain. Because laundry will always be a staple of society in one form or another, it's our responsibility as global citizens to revolutionize this traditionally wasteful process.  That's where Xeros comes in.  Read More

Topics: Sustainability

Why Laundry Utility Savings Should be a Priority for Your Hotel

Do you feel like it's difficult to project and plan for the utility costs at your hotel? It's not just you—utilities are one of the least stable expenses on any hotel's profit-and-loss sheet because there are so many factors that impact the cost of things like water and energy.  Read More

Topics: Hotel Laundry Costs

Xeros Honored Among Best of CES for Transformational Sustainable Home Washing Machine

We are so proud to be recognized by two respected publications - TWICE Picks Awards and Residential Systems - in their best products at CES 2018 Awards program for our new technologies that are redefining the future of home laundry.  Read More

Topics: Domestic Laundry

Al Jazzera TechKnow Talks to Xeros About Near Waterless Laundry

In the documentary The Science of Water Sustainability, TechKnow explores three solutions for water scarcity that do not involve waiting for rain: fog-catching nets, intelligent watering and water-efficient washing machines. TechKnow met up with Steve Jenkins, the chief technology officer of Xeros to learn more about polymer cleaning and Xeros’ near-waterless laundry system.  Read More

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