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Grow Your Existing Coin-Op Laundry with Premium Wash, Dry & Fold using Xeros

It's true that many of the biggest business successes were never part of the original business plan. To survive and thrive, business owners need to be able to spot and seize opportunity when it presents itself. And that's exactly what happened to one coin-op laundromat, 4 Minute Laundry in Marietta, Georgia, when they purchased and installed a Xeros washing machine and put it on display near the front window. Originally designed to highlight the company's environmentally friendly business practices, the ultra-low water machine was such a hit with passerby it led to an expansion of business offerings including commercial and residential laundry, pickup and delivery services, as well as a premium wash, dry and fold service for customers. Business is booming with the environmentally friendly message.  Read More

Topics: Commercial Laundry, Polymer Beads, Coin-Op Laundry, Case Study, Drycleaners