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Dry Cleaners Adopting Polymer Beads for Laundry

Like most business today drycleaners are seeking ways to improve operations, reduce costs, enhance customer satisfaction and lessen their carbon footprint.  The best in the business are constantly taking actions to improve workflow and efficiency in order to stay ahead of increasing costs.  Read More

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California Incentives to Help Dry Cleaners Move from Perc

The state of California has always been a leader in protecting the environment. And they continued that proud heritage recently with the creation of an incentive program to assist dry cleaners in phasing out the use of perchloroethylene (also known as “perc”). The solvent and likely human carcinogen, is widely used for dry-cleaning fabrics but is being barred for use for all dry cleaners by the year 2023. To aid dry cleaners in the transition, the Air Resources Board of California will provide a $10,000 grant incentive to dry cleaners who remove their perc machine and replace it with alternative non-toxic and non-smog forming technologies such as water-based and CO2 cleaning systems.  Read More

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Pier Cleaners Saves the Day with Reclaim – the Magic is in the Beads

If there’s one thing Larry Fish of Pier Cleaners knows, it’s the laundry business. Owning his operation for the past 15 years, the company itself has been around since 1956 and the long-term employees have a combined experience knowledge of over 212 years. He refers to them with some pride as his “miracle workers.”  This lengthy experience explains why, in addition to providing standard commercial laundry services, the company is entrusted with cleaning the performing costumes of internationally known superstars appearing at nearby Foxwoods Casino. Recent customers, who usually need their custom outfits done thoroughly and quickly, include Kanye West, Christina Aguilera, and Usher.  Read More

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Grow Your Existing Coin-Op Laundry with Premium Wash, Dry & Fold using Xeros

It's true that many of the biggest business successes were never part of the original business plan. To survive and thrive, business owners need to be able to spot and seize opportunity when it presents itself. And that's exactly what happened to one coin-op laundromat, 4 Minute Laundry in Marietta, Georgia, when they purchased and installed a Xeros washing machine and put it on display near the front window. Originally designed to highlight the company's environmentally friendly business practices, the ultra-low water machine was such a hit with passerby it led to an expansion of business offerings including commercial and residential laundry, pickup and delivery services, as well as a premium wash, dry and fold service for customers. Business is booming with the environmentally friendly message.  Read More

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Xeros to Showcase Near-Waterless Laundry at the Rocky Mountain Fabricare Association Trade Fair

On June 14, 2015, Xeros will be joining dozens of vendors and dry cleaning professionals at the RMFA’s (Rocky Mountain Fabricare Association) 2015 Dry Cleaning Trade Fair to showcase our wet-side laundry technology. The RMFA is an organization that is dedicated to, as they put it on their website, enhancing “the image and viability of the fabricare industry through education, and development of the skills, talents and professionalism of its membership.”  Read More

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Greening Your Business: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle for Professional Dry Cleaning

Going “green” for drycleaners is not just about regulations. It’s about attracting customers, retaining employees, and improving profitability.  Today’s customers are environmentally conscious – they are carrying recycled shopping bags and eating organic food and they want to support businesses that are eco-friendly. Green practices can enhance your public image and help attract and retain talented employees who take pride in their workplace. New technologies are available that help reduce consumption of our natural resources such as water, as well as reducing the use of chemicals.  Forward-thinking drycleaners need to do more than just “greenwash” their offering. They need to implement business practices that have a positive impact on the environment and the community.  Read More

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A Gentle, Superior Clean for Delicate Fabrics and Custom Shirts

It's been proven that washing laundry with Xeros technology reduces water, energy, and detergent use but there’s one other benefit to the beads - they are scientifically engineered to provide a gentler, even clean that avoids creasing and preserves the life of fabrics. This ability opens up a world of possibility to commercial laundries. Using Xeros, drycleaners can now offer cleaning services to owners of high end clothing (think $700 custom shirts) without fear of damage and excessive creasing. Likewise, high volume commercial laundries servicing hotel linens can considerably extend the lifetime of these fabrics.  Read More

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Managing Dry Cleaning Energy Costs with Polymer Bead Technology

Controlling energy costs and satisfying government regulations regarding emissions can be incredibly difficult for even the best commercial dry cleaning operation. The traditional dry cleaning process is inherently emissions-intensive, which is why many consumers have a negative image of dry cleaners as a whole.  Read More

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Dry Cleaners Go Green with Xeros

More than ever, commercial laundries are under pressure to find ways to be more efficient not only maximize their profits, but to reduce their carbon footprint in efforts to appeal to their environmentally conscious customers. For decades, the dry cleaning industry, in particular, has been the focus of MACT and GACT control standards for Perchloroethylene (perc, for short) as a part of the US’ Clean Air Act. Perc is a solvent used in dry cleaning that has been identified as an “air toxic” with numerous health risks caused by exposure, such as adverse effects on the kidney, liver, immune system, and hematologic system, in addition to impaired cognition and motor control. When released into the environment, perc evaporates, contributing to the creation of smog when it reacts with other volatile organic carbon substances in the air. This is a large part of the reason why dry cleaners have begun to distance themselves from the use of perc in their cleaning processes, choosing instead to use other solvents and processes for cleaning fabrics. For example, Crest Advanced Dry Cleaners uses Green Earth Cleaning solutions for dry cleaning in place of perc.  Additionally, for its laundry side of the business, Crest recently discovered the Xeros polymer bead washing system.  Read More

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