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Xeros Dryers Take Commercial Laundry Energy Savings to the Next Level

Xeros offers the perfect complement to its ultra-low water, energy efficient commercial laundry systems – Xeros High Efficiency Dryers.  Because the Xeros laundry system uses significantly less water than traditional aqueous washing, we wanted to offer a dryer to complement our system that offered shorter dry times so that our customers would continue to realize more utility savings.  Read More

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Xeros' New High Performance Dryers: Save Even More On Utilities

Xeros has revolutionized the world of commercial laundry with polymer bead cleaning technology. Now, it’s time to take efficiency in commercial laundry to the next level with new high-performance, energy-efficient dryers made specifically to take advantage of the Xeros bead-based laundry system. After all, why should energy savings stop at the wash process? Introducing Xeros’ High Efficiency Dryers Created to work with the already energy and water-efficient Xeros commercial laundry machine, the new 80 and 120 lb. capacity drying machines from Xeros employ numerous energy-saving technologies to improve their efficiency and save you money on energy utilities.  Read More

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