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Towel Service: The Must Have Amenity at Luxury Fitness Centers

High end fitness centers today are more like health oases. Mineral pool Jacuzzis, aromatherapy steam rooms, and Finish saunas abound. They boast top level personal trainers using professional athlete grade equipment as well as stress reducing yoga and Pilates classes. The finest offer club house restaurants, screening rooms, terrace lounges, and even barbershops.Some are associated with luxury hotels while others are standalone fitness and wellness centers.  Read More

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Health Club Towel Service: Differentiator or Money Pit?

Health clubs that offer towel service all agree that it is a great perk - one many members expect. Facilities that have a successful towel program either charge extra for towel use, or figure the costs for towels and laundry into membership fees and their operating budget. If you don't accurately cover your costs, your towel program could be more of a money drain than the service is worth.  Read More

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