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Xeros becomes... Hydrofinity

We are incredibly excited to announce that on July 10th 2018, Xeros Cleaning Technologies will become... Hydrofinity  Read More

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Xeros Partners with Richard Jay, Australia’s Top Laundry Specialist

As residents of Cape Town, South Africa prepare for Day Zero, the day they run out of water, Australians can empathize as it wasn’t so long ago that they were in a similar position. The Millennium Drought, which lasted for fourteen years starting in 1997, left cities including Melbourne with only approximately a year’s supply of water in its dams.  Read More

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Xeros CEO on CapeTalk Radio to publicise South Africa launch of Near-Waterless Laundry

It was time to talk water on CapeTalk Radio this morning, with Xeros' CEO Mark Nichols a guest on Kieno Kammies' popular Cape Town Breakfast Show   Read More

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