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How Greening the Hotel Towel Lifecycle Impacts Your Bottom Line

Xeros recent study on the Critical Role Towels Play in Hotel Selection, Guest Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty has received a lot of attention. And rightly so, as the research uncovered fascinating results on how the quality of towels is critical in the increasingly competitive hospitality industry that has to operate within growing environmentally-conscious parameters. The study showed the importance of environmental practice at hotel and that importance to customers.   Read More

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Are Your Towels the Cause of Negative Online Hotel Reviews?

We all know how influential online reviews are for guests looking to book travel.  But did you know how important towels are in online reviews?  Hotel location, room size, cleanliness, and restaurant options are the familiar subjects for online reviewers.  New research reveals that towels are now showing up more and more in online hotel reviews and can impact your brand.  Read More

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