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Xeros CEO on CapeTalk Radio to publicise South Africa launch of Near-Waterless Laundry


It was time to talk water on CapeTalk Radio this morning, with Xeros' CEO Mark Nichols a guest on Kieno Kammies' popular Cape Town Breakfast Show 

Cape Town Water Crisis: 'Day Zero' Fast Approaches

Never one to shy away from the big issues, Kammies knows all too well the dire water supply crisis Cape Town finds itself in, with residents limited to 87 litres per day. On January 1st Cape Town implemented Level 6 water restrictions, with water outages still plaguing some areas of the city.

'Day Zero' is approaching faster than anticipated - the City predicted that by 29th April 2018 the taps would run dry, but Director of Water and Sanitation at the City of Cape Town, Peter Flower, said in December that if high water usage continues, this could happen as early as mid-March. 

What Mark Nichols had to say, then, would come as music to the ears of hotel owners and city bosses alike - with the pioneering Xeros system using up to 80% less water than conventional commercial laundry processes. 

Several Xero nylon polymer beadsThe first real innovation in the commercial laundry industry in over half a century, this breakthrough technology is an ecologically sustainable system designed for large-scale laundry operations of all types - including hotels, spas and fitness clubs, and commercial launderers.

Nichols described how the near-waterless laundry technology utilises small nylon spheres, called xOrbs™, to replace a large amount of the water used in the wash process. As well as the huge water saving, the system uses significantly less energy and chemicals, yet also greatly improves cleaning performance and linen life - leaving linens looking and feeling like new for longer. 

Xeros 2014 Product Brochure

South Africa represents the latest Xeros expansion into new global regions, with local company fanute the exclusive Xeros launch partner in the region, headed up by veteran manager of high-growth companies Charl de Beer. 

An Integrated Hospitality Solutions company based in Cape Town, fanute's mission is to bring technological advancement to a legacy segment of the laundry sector. fanute first launched a market-first Linen Rental service for the Cape Town short-term lettings market. The only service of its kind, it has achieved an over 50% growth rate each month since launching in early 2017. 

Launching Xeros in South Africa is fanute's newest division. The near-waterless washing machine system is exciting, says de Beer, thanks to its potential to revolutionise the local tourism sector. Saving up to 80% water and close to 50% electricity are two metrics that resonate with South Africans, who are facing rising water costs due to the growing scarcity crisis of these utilities. 80percent-savings-1.png

As the Xeros CEO Mark Nichols mentioned during his Cape Talk interview, the first machine heading to Cape Town is shipping in
mid-January. Charl de Beer tells us: 

The Xeros machine will be fitted with water & electricity meters to measure the savings achieved in
local conditions. It will be tested side by side against local systems to
prove the superior cleaning
capability, improved linen care,
and dramatically lower utility
usage already being achieved
around the world.

faunte aims to start by offering Xeros technology solutions in Cape Town, before heading north to Gauteng and East to the coastal regions of South Africa.

With a mission statement that reads 'Make Something Better', fanute is the perfect partner for Xeros, who are conserving the earth's resources, saving customers money, and improving the quality of linens one country at a time. 

To get in touch with fanute, contact Charl de Beer on +27 (0) 71 681 1165 or email charl@fanute.co.za

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