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Xeros Transforms Home Laundry Forever with Today’s Announcements


Today we announced three new technologies for home laundry that work seamlessly together to produce amazing washing results at the lowest cost to both the consumer and the environment while extending garment and fabric life.

XOrb™ Polymer Technology
At the heart of Xeros’ home laundry system is the XOrb polymer technology.  XOrbs represent years of research focused on the needs of the consumer and the need to save a valuable resource – water. Allowing washing machines to work more efficiently while using just a fraction of the water traditionally needed, XOrbs deliver a range of features including cold water washing, powerful stain removal, easier ironing and garment protection that keep clothes looking newer for longer. XOrbs last for many hundreds of washes before needing to be replaced and recycled.


XDrum™ In-Drum Technology
The XDrum is an elegant and inexpensive system that enables manufacturers to incorporate XOrb technology into home washing machine designs. This means that for the first time, manufacturers will be able to offer consumers the many benefits of washing with XOrbs that have only been available to commercial laundry operations.

XFiltra Filtration Technology.png

XFiltra™ Filtration Technology
Today, about 60% of our clothing contains synthetic fibers including yoga pants, fleece coats, workout gear, and even dress shirts to name a few.  Synthetic fibers enhance the look and the performance of these garments but new research indicates that these fibers may cause an environmental risk.  Every time these garments are washed, they shed tiny plastic microfibers.  A 2016 study pioneered by Patagonia Outfitters and conducted by the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management found that a single fleece jacket can shed up to 250,000 microfibers during a single wash. The fibers are so small that they pass through wastewater treatment facilities and enter our streams, rivers, lakes and oceans where they make their way into the food chain.

XFiltra, greatly reduces  microfibers from entering the environment by addressing the problem directly where the microfibers are created, in the home washing machine.

The XFiltra includes an integrated pump, filter and dewatering device.  Unfiltered water enters the XFiltra where the microfibers are trapped and are spun dry into a solid disk for easy removal.  When the XFiltra is ready for cleaning, just open it up, remove the dry microfiber disk, and place it with your everyday trash.



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