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Xeros is proud to share the stories of our customers with the world. Below you can find out how Xeros has made a difference to several companies, even ones that are not strictly laundry-oriented.

Hyatt Regency Reston

hyattThere’s much more to Hyatt Regency Reston than meets the eye.  This Four-Diamond Reston hotel has been named a Readers Choice Top 100 Hotel in the United States by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. Located in the Reston Town Center, it features 518 oversized, elegantly appointed guestrooms. The hotel’s location allows guests to enjoy a myriad of shops, restaurants, and movie theaters, making it an ideal starting point for exploring Washington DC and experiencing the fascinating State of Virginia.

“We are optimistic and encouraged by what the Xeros technology could mean for the future of laundry services and our industry,” Hyatt Regency Reston. “Through our relationship with Xeros, we will be able to meet the needs of our guests, while at the same time reducing our utility consumption and carbon footprint in the world.”



CWS-boco has been an industry’s innovation driver and trailblazer for over 100 years. CWS-boco’s customers everywhere benefit from the high quality of their hygiene and textile solutions which are available on a rental basis. They look after their products regularly, collect the linen items, and launder them professionally in their own laundry facilities – and in doing so ensure the cleanliness and functionality of all products lines at all times. CWS-boco have been using the Xeros system in their facilities in Europe and found many benefits, as COO, Peter Taylor states; “Early test results have not only shown excellent cleaning, but also much less variability in the final quality of each processed batch when we measure this versus conventional results. Tough on our most challenging workwear stains yet we are measuring less wear on our garments.” Visit CWS boco at  www.cws-boco.com

Sterling Linen Services

sterlingSterling Linen Services, LLC, or SLS for short, is a high-quality outsourced linen service provider based in New Hampshire. They launder a wide variety of linens, including sheets, pillow cases, towels, and table linens, for more than 30 hotels every day. While searching for ways to expand the capacity of their operation and improve the quality of their services, SLS came across the Xeros system and gave it a trial run. The results have been overwhelmingly positive. Not only has SLS experienced lower utility consumption and improved wash performance, management at SLS have also found that the Xeros system improves their productivity. As they note in a report for Xeros, “Cycle time on the Xeros machine runs on average 10 minutes shorter than our conventional washing machines. This translates into improved throughput and cycle time in the wash process.”

Crest Cleaners


Crest Cleaners is a retail laundry and dry-cleaning service based in Washington, D.C.’s metro area. Crest put the Xeros system to the test for more than a year. During this testing, Crest found that the superior performance of the Xeros machine not only reduces their need to perform touch-up on delicate clothes, but also allows them to wash entirely new items that they could not process before.

White Rose Laundries

white_rose_logoA family-owned business situated in the UK, White Rose Laundries recently added the Xeros system to their repertoire of cleaning options. As managing director Ejaz Osmani notes, “the machines are already proving highly beneficial to us… the beads absorb stray dyes, and the gentler cleaning action and lower temperatures mean our customers’ clothes stay new for longer… and shirts are easier to finish with less touching up required.” With a Xeros system, White Rose is saving not only on their utility consumption, but on labour in touch-up post-cleaning as well.

Kleen Inc.


Kleen Inc. is the largest retail laundry and dry cleaning service in New Hampshire and Vermont, having served the region for more than a century. Kleen is an environmentally dedicated company, always on the lookout for technologies that will improve their resource efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint. In their quest for superior cleaning performance paired with improved sustainability, Kleen turned to Xeros’ bead-based washing systems. As Dennis Kim, Kleen’s CEO, states, by using Xeros’ technology, Kleen Inc. is “able to dramatically reduce our water, energy, solvent, and detergent usage while delivering exceptional cleaning results that are safe for the environment and our customers.” 

Capital Athletic Club

capitolThe Capital Athletic Club, or CAC, is the premier athletic facility in downtown Sacramento, California. They are committed to providing their members the best of everything, from facilities to equipment. As a part of that commitment, CAC uses an in-house laundry service for their members’ towels and robes. However, the state of California is in the middle of a three-year long period of drought, so city and state officials are asking businesses to reduce their water use. Faced with the dual challenge of providing clean towels to customers and cutting 20 percent or more of their water use, CAC turned to Xeros’ bead-based laundry system. With water consumption savings of 75 percent or more on one of their largest utility expenditures, CAC is able to meet the demand to conserve water without having to sacrifice service to their members.

Watford Launderers and Cleaners Ltd

watfordWatford Launderers and Cleaners Ltd has long been a forward-thinking commercial launderer. They were the first company to adopt the continuous-batch washing machine, which is the industry standard today. They were also among the first to trial the Xeros bead-based washing system, with results that went well beyond their initial expectations. After putting the Xeros machine to the test by running the dirtiest examples of laundry that they could find, including heavily-soiled chef’s jackets and maintenance worker’s uniforms, Mark Johnson, Watford’s Production Director, found that the Xeros machine cleaned these items with ease. Better yet, the improved fabric care of the Xeros machine over standard commercial laundry machines allowed Watford Launderers to re-introduce an extra-delicate napkin product. While traditional machines either destroyed the fine fabric of these napkins or failed to get them clean, Xeros’ bead-based machine got the napkins clean without ruining the fabric.

Jeeves of Belgravia

Jeeves_LogoWhen using the Xeros cleaning system, Jeeves of Belgravia has found that less pre-spotting is needed and that they are rejecting fewer garments post-wash. With Xeros, they also enjoy the benefits of reduced energy costs and avoid generating bathfuls of waste water thick with spent detergent. As a company, Jeeves is always on the lookout for technologies that can improve efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint, and Xeros’ bead cleaning system has been a highly successful resource for them.


Watford Launderers and Cleaners Ltd


Jeeves of Belgravia