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Crest0008As regulations on the dry cleaning industry become more stringent in countries such as the USA and the UK, dry cleaners are looking for ways to reduce both their operating costs and their carbon footprint. For example, perchloroethylene (or perc), which is the primary chemical used by approximately 28,000 dry cleaning locations in the USA, is also identified by the EPA as the only air toxin released in the dry cleaning process. As such, finding ways to reduce or altogether eliminate the use of perc in dry cleaning has become an important goal for eco-conscious businesses.

Xeros’ unique polymer bead cleaning solution makes dry cleaning laundry operations ecologically safer than ever before by providing an alternative way to clean delicate fabrics. From an environmental standpoint, this makes the Xeros machine an outstanding investment.

From a business point of view, the Xeros bead-based cleaning system provides a swathe of other benefits, including:

Xeros’ unique polymer bead cleaning solution makes dry cleaning laundry operations ecologically safer than ever before

garment-life-ntGentleness on fabrics

In a Xeros system, the aqueous solution is replaced by millions of tiny, stain-absorbing polymer beads. The unique interaction of these beads with our proprietary chemicals and washing machine ensures delicate fabrics are cleaned gently but thoroughly.

How does the Xeros machine accomplish such a thorough clean so gently? The beads provide a gentle tumbling action that reduces overall wear and tear on fabrics compared to the rough drop-and-slop motion of a traditional commercial laundry machine. The beads also provide support for the weight of bulky fabrics, reducing the chances that larger items will be torn by their own weight.

Crest0058Furthermore, the Xeros machine cleans fabrics at lower temperatures and with half the typical amount of detergent. In a traditional commercial laundry machine, the use of extremely hot water and copious chemicals produce extra wear on garments, causing colour fade and eroding the fabric of the material itself. With much lower temperatures and fewer chemicals, a Xeros machine produces less wear and tear on laundry than a traditional soap and water-reliant machine.

By reducing fabric wear and tear, the Xeros machine reduces the occurrence of lost buttons and other forms of damage that require post-cleaning touch up work, saving time, and labor.

Superior cleaning efficiency

In addition to being gentle on fabrics, the Xeros polymer beads provide a superior cleaning action, readily lifting grease, and oil stains that traditional washing machines fail to clean. This means that a Xeros machine requires less pre-spotting to extract tough stains, once again saving both time and labor.

cleaning-ntThe beads in a Xeros cleaning system are inherently designed to absorb stray dyes, which helps to prevent the occurrence of color bleed and re-deposition. This reduces the amount of laundry sorting that needs to be done with each load.

Increasing the efficiency of the washing process allows dry cleaners to process loads more efficiently, improving productivity. In short, with less time spent on sorting and pre-treating clothes and linens, a dry cleaning operation using a Xeros machine can complete more loads per day than they could previously.

More satisfied customers


One of the biggest problems faced by dry cleaning operations is that the primary chemical used in most of their laundering operations, perc, stinks. The odor has been known to put customers off of going to cleaners who are dependent on the substance. Not only that, but perc has been identified as a carcinogen and linked to numerous health risks, such as kidney or liver damage and even cancer.

As customers become more informed about the health and environmental risks posed by the use of perc in dry cleaning operations, they are going to greater lengths to avoid businesses that use perc.

Clothes that are washed in a Xeros system come out cleaner than with a traditional commercial washing machine. Customers enjoy the cleaner feel of Xeros-washed fabric, and the absence of perc’s chemical stink.

Launder the un-launderable

_DSC1717Using the Xeros system allows dry cleaners to handle wet side stains more effectively than with solvent or aqueous-based cleaning systems. Bringing Xeros into your dry cleaning operation gives you a machine that can handle many different types of fabrics and stains that would previously have been considered un-washable.

Watford Launderers and Cleaners Ltd, one of our test partners, were able to reintroduce a highly-delicate napkin product that they had previously written off as un-washable simply by switching from a traditional commercial laundry machine to a Xeros machine.

Everything you need in a single vendor

With Xeros’ innovative Sbeadycare program, dry cleaners can track and control their monthly operational expenses with a single source for maintenance, technical support, detergent, and beads. With a Xeros system, a dry cleaning operation streamlines expenses administration by eliminating the need to track multiple separate vendors for each requirement.

Our Sbeadycare CONNECT program also gives businesses access to a real-time analysis of their laundry operations. With access to metrics such as detergent use, keeping up with demand for supplies has never been easier.

Real-world results

Jeeves of Belgravia, which has been named “London’s Finest Dry Cleaners,” used Xeros machines in their cleaning process as a field trial of our technology. As a company, Jeeves is dedicated to being the industry leader in efficient, eco-friendly technology, and their participation in testing the Xeros machine has been an unequivocal success.

As stated by the Managing Director of Jeeves of Belgravia, “What we’ve certainly found, throughout the process, is that there is less pre-spotting needed to be done, and that, as a result of the Xeros cleaning process, we’ve rejected less work after the process.” With the Xeros machine, London’s finest dry cleaners are able to get more work done in less time and with a greater rate of success than with a traditional washing machine.

Crest0008The Xeros machine is also making a splash in the USA. Crest Cleaners, a retail laundry and dry-cleaning service based in Washington, D.C.’s metro area, has reported remarkable results from using the Xeros system. Over the course of more than a year of testing, Crest has found that they will now be able to clean new kinds of items using the Xeros system, such as athletic padding and stuffed animals that they could not process before.

Xeros recently partnered with GreenEarth Cleaning to help Kleen Inc., the largest retail laundry and dry cleaning operation in New Hampshire and Vermont, reduce their water and energy use. Dennis Kim, the CEO of Kleen Inc. stated that “With Xeros and GreenEarth Cleaning’s systems, we are able to dramatically reduce our water, energy, solvent, and detergent usage while delivering exceptional cleaning results that are safe for the environment and our customers.” By eliminating traditional dry-cleaning chemicals such as perc, Kleen Inc. is not only reducing their carbon footprint, but reducing the health risks posed by exposure to potent chemicals that their customers and workers face.

sustainability-ntA 'Greener' Laundry

The Xeros system uses up to 80 percent less water and 50 percent less energy on heating water compared with traditional commercial washing machines.  Because of the lesser consumption of water and energy that is inherent in our bead-based laundry system, dry cleaners using Xeros machines greatly reduce their carbon footprint while also saving on water and electricity utilities and related costs.

Now learn more about how the Xeros system makes commercial laundry better, faster, and more efficient.