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The Xeros system fundamentally changes the way that laundry is cleaned. As such, many people have questions about the system and the company that introduced it. To help with this, here are a few of our most frequently asked questions, and the answers to them:

About the beads:

How do the Xeros beads get out of clothes?

The beads are removed from the clothes during our bead separation cycle within the wash programme (see The Xeros Machine). The beads have been specially designed for this separation. Problem free bead separation has been proven in our commercial machine prototype trials such as the ones in our Watford Launderers and Jeeves of Belgravia trial site videos.

Are the beads recyclable?

Yes. Once the beads need to be replaced (only after hundreds of washes) they are never thrown away to occupy a landfill, but are collected and re-used by other industries. See Environmental Benefits.

Do the beads damage clothes?

No. The beads have a gentle tumbling action and they cause less creasing of clothes. What’s more, Xeros cleaning works at lower temperatures and with less detergent chemistry, so clothes washed with Xeros beads actually look new for longer.

Can I use beads other than Xeros beads?

No. The Xeros beads have been specially selected and designed after years of careful Research & Development at Xeros' dedicated laboratories. Their design has been optimised to provide superior cleaning performance and fast separation from garments. See Overview.

About the machine:

Do I need to buy a new washing machine to get Xeros bead cleaning?

Yes. The Xeros R&D team have developed a machine specifically designed to release beads into the wash, then collect and store them to be ready for the next wash. From the outside of the machine you will not see a big difference from a conventional washer, but what goes on inside is quite different. See the Xeros Machine.

When will the Xeros system be available to buy?

A Xeros Cleaning system for Commercial Laundry is available now for customers in the UK and North America. Please contact us if this is of interest to your business. A Xeros Domestic Laundry system will follow shortly. Please keep checking our News and Press section for further updates.

Is the Xeros cleaning system patented?

Yes. We have multiple patents granted or filed across the world and our Research and Development team continues to file new patents as one of their core tasks.

About the benefits of using Xeros:

Can Xeros cleaning save me money?

Yes. Xeros cleaning needs only a fraction of the water, detergent, and heating power compared to conventional washing and those operating costs are only increasing. So, the more you use Xeros cleaning, the more money you will save. See Cost Benefits.

What performance benefits are there beyond saving money and being environmentally friendly?

Xeros cleaning provides superior cleaning, especially on difficult-to-remove greasy stains. Also, because Xeros cleaning is done at lower temperatures and with less detergent chemistry it is gentle on your clothes too. See Overview.

About Xeros:

Who do I contact for more information?

For information about Xeros around the world contact details can be found here. For information specifically about the North American market please contact.

When will Xeros be available in countries other then UK and North America?

We are focused on these two markets for the moment but please contact us and we may be able to provide more specific information for your country.

I am a journalist with a media enquiry; who do I contact?

For media enquiries, please contact.