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When people think of fitness facilities, laundry is not usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, without clean towels and clothes, a trip to the gym or spa becomes an unsanitary nightmare.

Fitness facility laundryMembers like to have fresh, clean towels to dry themselves off when they finish an exercise regimen or come out of the steam room. For gyms and health clubs that provide towels or robes, keeping up with the demand from customers means having a fast, efficient in-house laundry operation. In addition, the water consumption to handle this demand for laundry poses a significant challenge in terms of both the direct costs and the sustainability efforts of the facility’s management and owners.

With traditional washing machines, the cleaning of towels to any kind of acceptable sanitation standard requires large amounts of:

  • High-temperature water.
  • Strong chemicals.
  • Electricity (to heat the water).

Heavier stains also require lots of pre-treatment to get them out of clothes, which takes time and slows down the washing process. At least, that’s the case for the typical washing machine. Thankfully, there is a revolutionary new way to do laundry, one that is vastly more efficient.

A better way to do laundry

Xeros fitness facility laundryXeros’ unique polymer bead-based washing machine provides a whole new way to get towels clean while significantly reducing both monetary cost and your carbon footprint. This ground-breaking system fundamentally changes how laundry is cleaned by replacing the hot water that traditional commercial machines rely on with millions of tiny, stain-absorbing polymer beads.

These beads, which are reusable for hundreds of wash cycles, are added to the wash load by the Xeros machine where they gently knead the fabric of the towels, absorbing unsightly stains. The machine constantly introduces, extracts, and re-introduces the beads throughout the wash cycle.

The Xeros polymer beads consistently remove those tough, greasy stains left on fabrics that traditional washing machines struggle to get out. With a Xeros system, there is less need to pre-treat stains than with a traditional washing machine, which saves both time and labor during the wash cycle.

laundry savings

Efficiency that saves money and the environment

Because the Xeros system uses polymer beads in the place of water as the active ingredient in removing stains, the Xeros machine consumes up to 80 percent less water than a typical commercial machine.

The Xeros machine also uses half as much chemical detergent as a traditional machine, and typically consumes 50 percent less energy because of the reduction in hot water use. Not only does this greatly reduce the cost of your laundry operation, it also bears down on your carbon footprint.

laundry sustainabilityMany health and fitness center clients are environmentally aware, and will seek out businesses that distinguish themselves as being ecologically friendly. With a Xeros bead-cleaning system, you reduce your carbon footprint and are able to confidently announce to your customers that your towels are “cleaned with Xeros,” knowing that they’ll recognize you as a forward-thinking, socially-responsible establishment.

Real-world results

The Capital Athletic Club (CAC) is the premier athletic facility in downtown Sacramento. This 4,831 square meter health club offers their members the best of everything, including:fitness facility

  • State of the art fitness facilities such as weight rooms, saunas, sporting courts, and an outdoor swimming pool.
  • Top-quality equipment to compliment the facilities.
  • Services and amenities such as laundered towels.

Laundering the towels for every member of a large health club located in a major city such as Sacramento is a task that puts an enormous strain on the utility usage on a good day. In a state that is facing increasing water restrictions as a result of three consecutive years of drought, finding a way to reduce water use is imperative.

In their search for ways to conserve water in their in-house laundry operation, CAC came across Xeros’ revolutionary polymer bead-washing system. With its dramatically lower water, energy, and chemical consumption, the Xeros machine is the perfect fit for a business that is attempting to conserve.

xeros laundry beads save waterIn a press release about their adoption of the Xeros bead cleaning system, Rick Leonard, the executive director of the CAC, notes that “Xeros’ green and sustainable laundry system enables us to dramatically reduce our water, energy and detergent usage while delivering exceptional cleaning results for our members.” By using Xeros’ bead washing system, the CAC is saving water while improving the quality of their laundry washing process. Reducing water use is especially important in light of the water shortages that the state of California faces right now.

State agencies in California are urging residents to cut their total water use by 20 percent, and to hedge against over-use, California’s State Water Project is refusing to ship extra water from their reservoirs to other organizations that distribute water to millions of Californians. Xeros’ water-saving bead washing technology makes it easier for businesses to meet the sometimes stringent water restrictions imposed by local droughts without sacrificing service.

Even without the occurrence of a drought that requires careful rationing, water is a vital resource that should be preserved carefully. Learn more today about how the Xeros bead-cleaning system works, and help shape the future of sustainable laundry initiatives.