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Hotel LaundryFor well over 60 years, hotel laundry has barely changed. For a long time now, the basic principle of consuming lots of hot water and detergent coupled with applying rough agitation to remove stains has been the way that things get done in the laundry. In that time, there have been some marginal improvements to the technology behind the washing machine, but the basic principles have remained the same.

Finally, there is now a more cost-effective and eco-friendly way to get your hotel’s linens cleaner than ever before. Xeros’ revolutionary polymer bead technology gives hotels the power to slash their utility costs while significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

How much can a hotel’s in-house laundry operation save on utilities? As much as 80 percent. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that as a whole, the lodging industry could save $745 million each year if they reduced their energy use by only 10 percent.

Friendly to both the environment and your budget

Save Money with XerosYou might be wondering how it is that the Xeros bead cleaning technology saves users so much in operational costs. The secret is in the eco-friendly polymer laundry beads in our hotel laundry equipment. 

By replacing hot water with stain-absorbing polymer beads, the Xeros washing system cuts the amount of water used in each load by up to 80 percent. That’s right, a Xeros hotel washing machine washes four commercial laundry loads with the same amount of water a traditional machine uses on a single load.

For example, if a typical 250+ room hotel spends $13,926 in water and sewage costs each year on their in-house laundry operation, with a Xeros bead-cleaning system, that same hotel spends only $3,482 in water and sewage costs over the same period of time. That is $10,444 a year in savings.

Naturally, your own savings will vary based on your utility costs and water rates. This is why, in the USA, Xeros offers a free “Site Impact Analysis,” where we collect some basic information about your current laundry operations and provide you with an analysis of how much you will save with a Xeros bead cleaning system.

Xeros SustainabilityMore than saving money, however, your business reduces its carbon footprint, becoming the kind of “green” hotel that many vacationers and travelers look for when they search for a place to stay. Proudly declare that your laundry is “washed by Xeros” and show your customers that your hotel is a forward-thinking user of eco-friendly technology.

Hotel groups such as Hyatt have a goal of reducing their water consumption by 20 percent per guest by 2015, and many other hotels are participating in initiatives such as the Green Key Eco-Rating Program or becoming LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) -certified. Saving up to 80 percent of the water used for processing laundry is an excellent first step in reducing water use and demonstrating sustainable, eco-friendly policies and practices.

Keep linens looking like new

Xeros Garment LifeOther than energy and water, one of the largest costs associated with any hospitality’s laundry is the constant need to replace linens and towels. Traditional washing machines wear out fabrics over time as hot water, copious chemicals, and rough mechanical action stress the material.

Xeros bead cleaning systems take the requirement for hot water out of the equation, reduce the amount of chemicals needed with each wash, and provide a gentle tumbling action during the wash cycle. This amounts to much less wear and tear on fabrics from the wash cycle, which makes fabrics of all kinds last longer.

The Xeros machine also gets more stains out of fabrics more consistently than traditional commercial machines, so there is less spot-treating of stains necessary and less need repeatedly to rewash your linens.

Reducing labor

Absorbs Stray Colors XerosThe use of hot water by traditional washing machines causes colors, especially red, to bleed in the wash. Because of this, laundry operations typically have to take the time to carefully separate the colored fabrics before each wash cycle can begin.

Xeros bead washing systems clean fabrics using lower temperature water, reducing the risk of color bleed. The beads themselves also absorb stray dye in the wash, helping to prevent stray dyes being re-deposited on your linen.

By minimising the possibility of color bleed, the Xeros bead washing system reduces your need to sort specific colours in the wash to such an extent. This means that your laundry operation can save time on each wash, which translates into fewer labour hours spent on each load.

Positive, real-world results

Xeros Hotel Laundry with HyattFor a real-world example of how effective the Xeros machine is for a hotel’s in-house laundry operation, look no further than the Hyatt Regency of Reston, Virginia. As an early adopter of the Xeros process and hotel laundry equipment, David Elsenman, the Hyatt Regency’s General Manager, is impressed with the machine, saying that “the Xeros technology is truly amazing… equally impressive is the company behind it. Xeros has absolutely delivered on the promises of savings and superior performance.”

With the Xeros system, hotels just like the Hyatt can save up to 80 percent or more on water utilities, 50 percent on electricity, and use only half the detergent relative to a traditional commercial washing machine. Beyond that, Xeros services, such as the Sbeadycare program, make it easy for our partners to resolve all of their commercial laundry needs by giving them one convenient source for maintenance, chemicals, bead recycling, and support.