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What Xeros offers is much more than a marginally upgraded laundry machine.  It is a revolutionary new process for cleaning fabrics. The strength of the Xeros system lies in the fact that it fundamentally changes the way that laundry gets done. By replacing water with beads as the primary means of removing stains from fabrics, we have made the first true innovation in washing machines – and the wash process – in over 60 years.

Xeros cleaning process

Step 1: The beads

Xeros commercial laundry beads

With a Xeros washing system, specially-designed polymer laundry beads are used in place of large amounts of hot water to remove stains from fabrics. These miraculous little beads of polymer extract foreign stains from fabrics and carry them away – by means of both adsorption and absorption. Because water is no longer the primary means of removing stains, the Xeros system can get fabrics clean while using significantly less water than a standard commercial laundry machine would.

Step 2: The machine

Xeros industrial laundry machine

The use of polymer beads in the cleaning process also requires a special machine, and that’s where the Xeros washing machine comes in. This specially designed machine is built specifically to be used with the beads. By using special compartments to store the beads as well as introduce and remove them from the wash, the Xeros machine takes full advantage of the unique cleaning capabilities of the polymer beads. It takes a Xeros machine to use the beads, and unlock their power.  Only the Xeros system washes better while minimizing environmental impact.

You’ll be able to tell your customers with pride that your fabrics were “Cleaned by Xeros,” demonstrating your company’s dedication to providing excellent quality cleaning as well as setting a sustainable and environmentally-friendly course.

Step 3: Support

The Xeros system may begin with the beads, chemicals, and machine, but it doesn’t end there. After you’ve committed to using our system, Xeros offers unprecedented support to Xeros machine owners in the form of our Sbeadycare program, an all-in-one support service providing customers with everything that they need to get the most out of the Xeros machine.

Xeros Sbeadycare

Learn more about the benefits of the Sbeadycare program under the Sbeadycare section.

The Xeros system is a complete solution to your commercial laundry washing needs. Join the future of fabric care today with Xeros.