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industrial laundryFor industrial laundering businesses, the commercial washing machine is an indispensable tool of business. Any machine used by a large-scale laundry operation has to be reliable, able to operate at peak capacity for long periods of time and clean a large variety of linen. Running costs are one of the largest expenses for an industrial laundry because of the sheer amount of water, energy, and chemicals that conventional washing machines consume during each and every wash cycle.

Because of the high volume of work that they have to process, progressive industrial laundry businesses are always on the lookout for new technologies to help them increase their efficiency and reduce the costs associated with washing laundry loads.

Changing the way laundry gets clean

Xeros polymer laundry beadsXeros’ new bead-based washing system is the single biggest innovation to hit the laundry business in over 60 years. This system changes the most basic operating principles of the washing machine by replacing the massive quantities of hot water used in traditional washing machines with beads made from a special stain-absorbing polymer.

By replacing water with polymer beads as the active ingredient for removing stains from fabrics, the Xeros machine typically uses up to 80 percent less water than a traditional commercial washing machine. For an industrial laundry business, that is a significant saving on utilities. Even better, the Xeros machine can get fabrics cleaner than a traditional commercial machine at lower temperatures, reducing the amount of electricity that is consumed to heat water for the laundry process.

water savingsWater and electric utilities are a large part of the overhead costs of any industrial laundry operation, and the Xeros system can cut those expenses by more than half.

Watford Launderers and Cleaners Ltd

Watford Launderers is an industrial laundering service that provides cleaning services to some of London’s finest hotels as well as other local businesses. From fine linens to heavy, stiff overalls, Watford Launderers has to contend with a wide variety of fabrics and soil levels on a daily basis.

To provide their customers with the best laundry experience possible, Watford Launderers are always seeking out new ways to drive quality and efficiency. They were the first laundry to trial-run the continuous-batch washer, a device that is now an industry standard.

In keeping with this eagerness to innovate, Watford Launderers decided to adopt the Xeros bead washing system and put the machine through the toughest tests that they could think of. They were intrigued by the potential savings in water, energy, and chemicals. The results of their testing impressed them greatly, to say the least.

superior cleaning

A superior clean

The team at Watford Launderers tested every kind of laundry load that they could think of in the Xeros system. In one trial, heavily-soiled overalls were run in the Xeros machine at significantly lower water temperatures than normal and they compared the results to one of their standard washing devices. The Xeros machine got the dirt-coated overalls even cleaner than the traditional machine with water that was at considerably less than 30° C (86 degrees Fahrenheit).

Laundering the un-launderable

Even more to Watford Launderers’ surprise, the Xeros machine is capable of laundering items that were previously believed to be unrecoverable.

xeros bead cleaningWatford decided to do a trial run of their specialized napkin product, many of which they had previously pulled out of circulation because traditional washing machines either could not lift the stains or, with the higher water temperature and detergency levels required, they destroyed the fragile fabric, rendering them impossible to wash and unusable. A Xeros machine’s gentler tumbling action, and the interaction with Xeros’ beads, provides superior fabric care compared to traditional machines, and the napkins that were once considered impossible to clean were re-introduced into Watford Launderers’ product line.

The advantages of a Xeros bead-cleaning system are proven in the results of partners such as Watford Launderers. Learn more about how bead-based cleaning with Xeros can improve your commercial laundry service.