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Xeros is an industry leader in providing ecologically-sustainable laundry systems to commercial laundry businesses, with operations in both the UK and North America. Our unique bead-based cleaning system reduces water consumption by 75 percent or more, with commensurate reductions in both energy and chemical use as well.

What we do

Our mission is to change the way people do their laundry by replacing traditional aqueous laundry machines with the Xeros polymer bead system. After all, water is a finite resource, one that needs to be conserved as much as possible. By replacing water with recyclable polymer beads, Xeros machines greatly reduce the water consumed for each load of laundry.


As commercial laundry companies seek to improve their water efficiency and engage in “green” energy initiatives, Xeros is uniquely positioned to provide an effective solution to the needs of the entire industry. Our bead-based cleaning system allows professional laundry services drastically to cut their carbon footprint while improving the quality of their cleaning processes.

With our exciting new approach to laundry systems and numerous patented technologies, Xeros is the sustainable laundry company of the future. Now learn more about Xeros, from our team to our partners, and how you can be a part of the future of the laundry industry today.