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Mike Ferrand, Managing Director, Cleaning Technologies

Mike originally started his career in Business Management working both in the UK, Middle East and Asia, setting up businesses in various countries including Pakistan and India in partnership with global brands like Nestle. From this Mike moved in to Sales Leadership in 2002 and working for Palstico as a Director of Sales managing both domestic and global sales teams as well as being involved in product design, manufacturing, distribution and marketing. Twelve of the fifteen years have been spent in Ecolab mainly involved in Corporate Accounts and large chain businesses, in the ware-washing and he laundry world. His role included managing teams to deliver new business, across multiple geographies, in multiple sectors to deliver a tailored cleaning solution.

Mike now takes the position at Xeros of Managing Director of Cleaning Technologies with the specific role of growing the business foot print globally and promote a wider Industry understanding and adoption of the technology and the sustainability the Xeros programme brings to Laundry environment.

Lance Hedquist, Vice President of US Operations

Lance oversees the Commercial Laundry Operations for Xeros in North America. He has over 20 years of commercial laundry experience including production, engineering, customer service, and leading sales teams to meet their goals while achieving company-driven initiatives. 

Prior to joining Xeros, Lance was an Operations Director for Angelica Textile Service. Lance also worked at Ecolab Textile Care where he gained extensive knowledge of washroom chemistry during the washing process. Lance brings great leadership to the Xeros Team. Lance is a graduate of the Eberhardt School of Business from the University of the Pacific with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. 


George Silvia, Vice President, Engineering

George joined Xeros as the Vice President of Enginneering in June 2015.  With 26 years of experience as an inventive mechanical engineer, George enhances Xeros’ operational capabilities. He provides technical support to Channel Partners, integrates Pulse dryer/washer connectivity, and provides leadership on US specific projects such as commercial laundromats.

George previously was Senior Vice President of NECL and Senior Vice President of New Business Development at ADC. George holds a patent for a unique Liquefied Gas Dry Cleaning system that he developed. George holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.


Steve Bass, Vice President, Sales, North America

Steve oversees identifying new customers and developing partnerships throughout North America. With over 18 years of sales experience, Steve has extensive knowledge and prior involvement with the sales, marketing, training, and services of the coin and OPL commercial laundry markets. Over the past 12 years, he has owned his own distributorship which gives him a unique understanding of the needs of his commercial laundry accounts.