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Welcome to Sbeadycare CONNECT

For many commercial laundry businesses, the consumption of water, electricity, and chemicals are a large part of not only their daily operating costs, but their carbon footprint as well. Reducing the use of these resources is a critical step in minimising both costs and environmental impact. A Xeros bead-based cleaning system is an ideal way to save both money and the ecosystem, but just how much capital would you save by making the switch? How much water, electricity, and detergent does your laundry operation use, exactly?

Getting to know your laundry operation

Xeros’ unique Sbeadycare CONNECT makes it easy to put a solid, quantifiable value on the savings you experience by making using the Xeros syetm. Under the CONNECT programme, Xeros installs NSF certified metres to measure your water use (both hot and cold) as well as your electricity and chemical data for your entire laundry operation. Xeros collects this data through an online cloud-based application, where the information is presented to you, along with a measurement of your potential ROI and savings from the use of a Xeros machine.

The benefits of Sbeadycare CONNECT

The value of the Sbeadycare CONNECT programme goes beyond simply giving you a thorough sbeadycare_logo_regCONNECT.jpgpicture of the cost benefits of switching to Xeros, however. With Sbeadycare CONNECT, professional laundry operations gain:

  • Access to key laundry metrics – One of the key features of Sbeadycare CONNECT is access to data concerning your laundry operation at any time, day or night. The online information provided by Sbeadycare CONNECT is updated automatically, giving you real-time access to your laundry operation’s overall resource consumption and operational data.
  • Qualification for rebate programmes – Xeros’ meters are approved by major utility companies for their accuracy and reliability. The data collected as a part of the Sbeadycare CONNECT programme can be easily tracked and shared with utility companies to make the qualification process for receiving a rebate for installing a Xeros machine simpler.  (Note: utility rebates currently relate only to the USA).