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machine-full-frontalWhat makes the Xeros machine special

At first glance the Xeros washing machine appears to be typical laundry hardware. The front-loading door is reminiscent of a high-efficiency washing machine, and the controls are designed to be familiar to a first-time user.


However, there is much more to this device than the reassuringly familiar exterior suggests. Behind the Xeros machine’s not-so-different façade lies a revolutionary new technology. This unique system gives the Xeros machine the ability to:

  • Wash laundry with special polymer beads.
  • Remove the beads from the laundry once the clothes are clean, ready for hundreds more wash cycles.
  • Save water, energy, and detergent on every load.

The proprietary Xeros polymer bead washing system includes several key Xeros-designed components that allow it to take full advantage of this bead-cleaning system:

2_sumpBead storage

The first step in utilising the polymer beads in the Xeros machines was to create a special storage system that would house the beads between wash cycles. This wet sump housing is mounted low in the machine and kept apart from the wash drum housing. Separating the bead storage from the wash drum helps the machine stay balanced during high-speed washing cycles.


This bead storage sump is specially designed to allow the beads to be carried up into the drum easily during a wash. The design of this storage sump also allows for the beads to be cleaned following heavy use, and makes hygiene control easy, which is a must for commercial laundries who need to complete large amounts of sterile laundry every day.



Moving the beads to the drum

While the sump itself is designed to make it easy to store and move the beads, they still have to travel upwards in order to get to the drum where the laundry is. Here is where the bead pump comes into play. This pump pushes the beads to the top of the machine using a small amount of water. From there, the beads and the water enter a special separator device that moves the beads into the drum and returns the water to the sump, where it will be used to transport more beads to the drum. This system helps to ensure that the Xeros machine is incredibly water-efficient.


Washing evolved

Once the Xeros polymer beads have made it into the drum, they are mixed with the laundry being washed. The beads gently lift the stains away from the laundry in the wash, like a million tiny hands performing flexing motions on the fabric of each item in the wash. The molecular structure of the beads allows them to absorb stains, reducing the need for large quantities of detergents. By using fewer detergents, the Xeros machine can keep linen looking new for longer than a standard washing machine. As an added bonus, this also means that the Xeros machine produces less effluent, making it more environmentally friendly as well. You can proudly stamp “cleaned with Xeros” on your website, knowing that it means less waste, cleaner laundry, and better fabric longevity.


Getting the beads out

Of course, you need to be confident that, once they’ve worked their magic, the beads are successfully removed from every laundry load, which is why Xeros has created a special bead extraction process to get those beads out.

Throughout the entire wash cycle, used polymer beads are cycled out of the machine’s drum through specially designed openings in its walls. These beads are returned to the bead storage sump to be cleaned and cycled through the wash process all over again. This ensures that fresh beads are constantly being added to the wash so that they can remove more stains.

nozzlesTo top off the bead removal process, Xeros’ washing machine uses a specially designed rinsing system to minimise the amount of water consumed during each wash cycle. This proprietary technology delivers superb laundry cleaning compared to more conventional rinse processes. If you are looking for a way to improve your water efficiency, then a Xeros machine is the perfect place to start.

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