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Learn more about Xeros with these informative videos. From how our bead washing technology works to partner testimonials, you can find plenty of reasons to love Xeros’ revolutionary technology here.

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Xeros: The Power of Polymer Cleaning Gets Rave Reviews 

Current customers Hyatt Regency of Reston, VA, Crest Cleaners, the Comfort Inn of North Shore, Sterling Linen Services, and Kleen, Inc. have adopted the Xeros bead cleaning system for their laundry, and they love it. From massive reductions in water and heating utility consumption, to the services that come with Xeros’ Sbeadycare, find out in this interview why industry-leading businesses can’t get enough of the future of laundry.

Xeros: Million Hands Video

Find out why beads clean better than water in this quick video.

Edison Award Winner: Xeros

The Edison Awards Steering Committee and more than 3,000 professionals in the fields of product development, design, engineering, science, marketing, and education have voted for the Xeros Cleaning System, making it a 2014 Edison Award Winner.

The following video interviews Jonathan Benjamin, Xeros President North America regarding the Xeros Technology and winning the Edison Award. 

Xeros: The Power of Polymer Cleaning

For years, major laundry retailers have been giving everyone the same old speech about how each yearly iteration of their hardware is “new and improved!” compared to last year’s model, without really meaning it. Watch the video to learn why the Xeros system is the single biggest change to laundry in over 60 years.

Xeros Time Lapse

See an actual Xeros prototype machine in action as Watford Launderers and Cleaners, Ltd. put our bead based system to the test with the dirtiest utility worker overalls they could find. Typically, these kinds of heavily-soiled uniforms would require multiple washes, but the Xeros system gets them clean in a single cycle. Watch the video to see this amazing technology at work for yourself.

C4, Home of the Future

See Xeros make spots run in this segment from a television broadcast featuring our amazing bead-based cleaning system. 

Xeros System Installation at Jeeves of Belgravia 

Jeeves of Belgravia is a well-established and respected dry cleaning service. See why "London's Finest Dry Cleaners" is astounded by the Xeros machine in the video below.

 Xeros at Watford Launderers + Cleaners Ltd.

Watford Launders are always looking for exciting new ways to provide their customers top-notch service, and the Xeros system wowed these experienced laundry innovators.

Company Intro and Latest Prototype Demonstration

Take a quick look at our company’s offices and learn what it is that makes the Xeros bead cleaning system truly unique.

Generation 1 Prototype Demonstration

See one of our earliest prototype machines tackle set in stains such as dirt, red wine, and coffee. As an added challenge, we tested the effectiveness of the bead removal process by pouring a cup of beads directly into a pocket before starting the laundry cycle. Watch the video to see the results.