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Xeros is at the forefront of developing Xeros_35lb_Washer.pngbreakthrough technologies that address many of the most pressing issues impacting the business of laundry care. This revolutionary new commercial laundry system dramatically reduces water, energy, and chemical consumption compared to traditional washing machines by replacing water with XOrbs as the active ingredient for removing soils and stains from fabrics providing superior cleaning results.

The Xeros SM35 dramatically reduces water consumption by up to 80%, and reduces energy and detergent usage by up to 50%, all while delivering a superior clean that is gentler on fabrics.

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Important Equipment Features and Benefits

  • 35 lb/16 kg capacity
  • Soft mount design
  • Full-color 7" touch screen programmable controller capable of multiple languages – simple, intuitive operation
  • High speed extract
  • All electric valves – no air supply required
  • Large, easy-to-load drum
  • Easy-to-clean lint filter
  • Xeros Sbeadycare® all-inclusive service 

Machine Specifications:


Capacity Up to 35 lbs. (16 kg)
Cylinder Size 31.9”x 20.5” (810 mm x 520mm)
Cubic Content 9.6 cu.gt. / 71.9 gal. (272 L)
Water Inlets (2) 3/4" BSPT
Water Inlet Pressure 29-43.5 psi [43.5 psi Max] (2-3 Bar [3 Bar Max])
Drain Pipe 2.25" (57mm)
High Extract Up to 810 RPM
G-Force Up to 294 G
Heating (electric) 15 kw
Control 7" Touch Screen
Net Weight 2,470 lbs. (1,120 kg)
Width 45.3” (1150mm)
Height 60.6" (1540mm)
Depth 56.1" (145mm)
Drive Motor Size 3kW
Drive System Inverter / Variable Frequency Drive
Power 208-220 V x 3 ph x 60 Hz (US spec)
400 V (±10%) x 3 ph x 50 Hz (EU spec)
Programs Up to 25
Circuit Breaker (Max.) 60 A (US spec)
32 A (UK spec)
Door Diameter (Loading Aperture) 18.5” (470mm)
Door Height to the Centerline (Excluding Plinth Height) 37.3” (948mm)
Noise Level <85 dB (at workstation position)

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