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Revolutionary cleaning


At the core of the Xeros washing machine are the revolutionary little polymer laundry beads that make everything about this system possible. These tiny, spheroidal plastic chips are able to absorb stains, stray dye, and soil, carrying them away from fabrics, resulting in a superior cleaning process that uses less water and chemicals than traditional commercial washing machines ever could.

With these laundry beads, the Xeros machine washes fabrics at lower temperatures, conserving energy. By combining lower wash temperatures with the beads’ ability to absorb stray colours, you can minimise the risk of colour being re-deposited in your wash. This means that you spend less time sorting colours. For laundries that process large volumes each day, this makes the washing process more streamlined, reducing labour and improving productivity.


The origin of the beads

Xeros’ proprietary bead cleaning technology is the product of years of research and development conducted at the University of Leeds’ School of Textiles. When it was realised that certain polymers that absorbed dye could also be used to remove stains from fabrics, the future direction of commercial laundry was set.

The power of polymer cleaning - beyond laundry


During our research and development work to create the Xeros bead-based laundry system, we have identified many exciting new applications for which Xeros polymer bead technology will bring substantial performance, cost and environmental benefits to the operational environment. Each of these innovations is the subject of appropriate patents. As a company, Xeros is dedicated to protecting our significant intellectual property so that we may continue to invest in R&D to expand the beneficial applications of our technology.

Learn more about how the enhanced wash efficiency of the Xeros laundry bead cleaning system can benefit your business and your customers here.