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Xeros Sbeadycare

Xeros Sbeadycare is an innovative, fully integrated program that provides a worry-free solution across multiple laundry applications including industrial, hospitality, commercial, dry cleaners, work wear, and even athletics clubs and spas. Depending on your particular program, Xeros customers receive the machine, installation, financing, chemicals, polymer laundry beads, service/maintenance, training, and warranties, as well as access to our proprietary laundry management technology, Sbeadycare CONNECT. Best of all, Xeros Sbeadycare is the function of a single team, which makes the Xeros Sbeadycare program the first of its kind in the laundry industry.

No matter if you are in the market to replace old equipment or have new washing machines, a conversion to Xeros makes perfect sense.

Reduced laundry operating costsReward your business with up to 50% lowered operating costs as well as superior washing and care for your fabrics, while at the same time significantly reducing your impact on the environment. The Xeros Sbeadycare program guarantees that your business will enjoy the benefits while dramatically lowering the adoption risk of trying something new.

Sbeadycare benefits:

  • One team to work with for training, employee support and marketing materials. This gives you a single point of contact for all of your needs.
  • Ongoing supply and recycling of consumables including standard white polymer beads and chemicals. With Sbeadycare, you need never run short on necessary supplies while using a Xeros machine.
  • Single point of accountability for all issues; no need to work with multiple vendors.
  • One low monthly payment for everything; zero capital outlay1 (equipment, supplies, support).
  • ‘No downtime’ guarantee that includes same-day repair service and free offsite laundry processing in selected markets (check with Xeros for availability in your area).
  • Access to Sbeadycare CONNECT our easy to use cloud-based laundry management portal providing a 360 degree view of your entire laundry operation2.
  • Aligned partner who’s committed to making your job easier and your laundry even better. Xeros is dedicated to providing top-class support to our partners.

1. Sbeadycare Complete and Sbeadycare Perform are differentiated by the financing of the machine. Complete includes a machine lease fee & Perform involves a direct purchase. Each offers additional benefits indicated below, for a monthly fee that is more than offset by the savings that the system delivers.

2. Sbeadycare CONNECT includes management dashboards; real-time tracking of key performance data; utility rebates management; chemical and production information; machine service and operations reporting, as well as online access to interactive operating manuals, training and service bulletins.

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Sbeadycare Program Options and Features
(Program options vary depending on your region)







Xeros Machine




Service & Maintenance sm-check sm-check - -
Chemicals sm-check sm-check sm-check -
Polymer Beads sm-check sm-check sm-check -
Warranty sm-check sm-check sm-check -
Parts & Labor sm-check sm-check sm-check -
Licence to Run System sm-check sm-check sm-check -
Training & Support sm-check sm-check sm-check -
Customer Care Line sm-check sm-check sm-check -
Sbeadycare CONNECT sm-check sm-check sm-check -
Water Monitoring       sm-check
Energy Efficiency       sm-check
Reporting & Analytics       sm-check
Software Upgrades sm-check sm-check sm-check sm-check
Technology Support sm-check sm-check sm-check sm-check
Marketing Support sm-check sm-check - -