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sustainability-ntThe Xeros bead cleaning system represents an incredible leap forward for sustainable laundry possibilities. Traditional soap and water-based laundry machines, even the so-called high-efficiency units, are reliant on water to act as the primary ingredient for cleaning fabrics. As a result, enormous quantities of water are consumed each year, even by very well-run laundry operations. For example, in the USA alone, hotels consume more than 1.5 billion litres of water in their laundry operations every day (rounded down to the nearest hundred million). That’s 552.6 billion litres of water used on laundry each year.


Replacing water with beads

Imagine if that number could be cut by 75 percent or more. Actually, you don’t have to imagine it because, with Xeros’ ground-breaking new polymer bead technology, hotels and other laundry-intensive businesses are able to process laundry while minimising water consumption.

How does the Xeros laundry system achieve this level of water conservation? Instead of using bathfuls of water for each laundry load, a Xeros machine uses millions of tiny polymer beads to remove stains from fabrics in the wash. Simply by replacing water with beads, the Xeros system offers better laundry sustainability and cuts water use by upwards of 75 percent with each load.

Reducing energy use

One of the other large costs of running the laundry is the electricity used to heat the water for the wash. The advantage of the Xeros bead-washing machine over traditional machines is twofold in this regard:

  1. The Xeros system uses less water, meaning that there is less liquid to heat in the first place.
  2. Xeros machines get fabrics clean at lower temperatures, reducing the need to heat the water.

Because of these advantages, the Xeros bead cleaning machine uses a fraction of the energy of a traditional commercial laundry machine to heat water.

Less detergent/effluent

Not only does Xeros reduce both water and energy consumption, detergent use is halved. The Xeros system uses a proprietary detergent formula that takes full advantage of the unique cleaning properties of the Xeros polymer beads. With this unique combination of beads and detergent, a Xeros machine washes fabrics with half the chemicals, which results in a 50 percent reduction in effluent from any given wash cycle.

Saving the earth with recyclable plastics

leaf-waterEnvironmentA question that many have about the bead washing system is whether or not they would simply be adding to landfill with polymer beads, effectively negating their savings in water and energy. Xeros’ goal with our bead-based washing system is to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the entire laundry system, not add to it. Ensuring that the Xeros system would have only a marked beneficial impact on the environment is one reason why our team of researchers have spent years carefully honing and testing innumerable formulas for our beads.

To minimise the environmental impact of the Xeros polymer beads, we ensure that:

  • Our beads are highly reusable, lasting for hundreds upon hundreds of wash loads before needing replacement.
  • The polymer used in the beads is 100 percent recyclable. Once the beads are taken out of circulation, they are recycled by Xeros.

The image below shows Xeros polymer beads at different stages through their use phase in the Xeros system – in this case, having trapped vagrant dye from hundreds of loads of dark blue or red work wear.


Xeros goes one important step further to help ensure the sustainability of the polymer bead washing system with our Sbeadycare program. As a part of the program, Xeros supplies all of the necessary beads, chemicals, and support to make the most of the Xeros system, as well as providing a reliable recycable plastics collection method for used beads to ensure that they do not end up in landfill.