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Xeros Sbeadycare XTEND

Xeros Sbeadycare XTEND is a first of its kind product for the laundry industry combining physical and digital technologies into a comprehensive “phygital” solution that utilizes smart, connected washing machines, responsive cleaning programs, and new polymers designed to offer the most gentle and effective cleaning system available. 

With XTEND, commercial laundries no longer have to choose between cleaning performance or a gentler, less effective wash. 

Xeros Sbeadycare XTEND works in three ways:

Gentler Cleaning – Linens washed with XTEND are not subjected to excessive mechanical action, harsh chemicals, and hot water–which stress linen fibers and reduce their lifetime–found in traditional washing methods. XTEND leverages polymer bead cleaning that uses predominantly ambient water and proprietary soil removal methods leaving linens cleaner with less negative impact to the integrity of the linens.

Stained Linen Recovery – In recent tests, the Xeros reclaim program achieved up to 50% improved recovery rates when compared with traditional processes.  Traditional reclaim processes typically use harsh chemicals and aggressive washing.  XTEND offers the gentlest yet most powerful reclaim process available by combining new polymer beads, sophisticated digital programming, and targeted chemistry to remove the widest possible range of stains. XTEND removes tough stains more effectively and at a significantly higher success rate while still being gentle on the linens.

Cloud-Based Monitoring and Measuring – The Xeros Sbeadycare XTEND solution monitors and controls the entire laundry process to ensure each step is optimized to deliver superior yet gentle cleaning performance.

What do you get when you upgrade to XTEND?

New polymer beads – XTEND uses the new polymer beads which are larger and have a more elliptical shape than the previous generation beads, which provides enhanced performance.

Digital Programming – XTEND includes new washer programming to run unique XTEND cycles that have been optimized in the Xeros labs for their gentleness and cleaning power.  

Sbeadycare Recycle –Xeros provides XTEND customers free recycling of their rejected linens.  Xeros believes strongly in protecting the environment, and this is another effort along with delivering water savings, to provide eco-friendly solutions to their customers.

Sbeadycare CONNECT – A cloud-based system, Sbeadycare CONNECT monitors the entire laundry process to ensure all parameters are optimized to extend the life of linens.  A Xeros Sbeadycare technician will use real-time data to recommend modifications to laundry room operators in order to deliver continuous improvements to commercial laundry operations.  To learn more about Xeros Sbeadycare CONNECT, click here

Xeros Sbeadycare CONNECT
XTEND Dashboard

(Program options vary depending on your region.)

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